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Free Custom «A Focus on the Plays of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysmans» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Focus on the Plays of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysmans» Essay Paper

Oscar Wilde and Joris-Kal Huysmans are two among the most celebrated novelists of their time. Undoubtedly, their works have been considered to the foundation of written entertainment and developmental-comprehensive reading. Through the works that they have done, the pattern for bettered presentation of plots and protagonists have been developed and have been used by other interested novelists of the said time.

Among the works of both authors that captured the interest of many readers is that of Wilde’s The picture of the Dorian Gray and Huysmans’ A Rebours. Basically, it could be sensed that these plays almost follow a certain pattern although they represent two different structures of novel creation. In his story, Wilde used the Faustinian theme that practically provided the readers a feel of a gothic horror story that roamed around the life of a single protagonists extending to other people living around him. Considerably, on the other end, Huysmans used the Symbolic aesthetic approach and breaks from the pattern in the latter part of the story which brought about the existence of decadent literature.

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One particular comparison that could be noticed between the two plays is that the authors both chose to use single protagonist who both became the focus of the story and the central actor that commanded the existence of the other characters that existed along with him. For instance, Lord Henry Wotton was presented by Wilde in a rather composed state coming from a well-living family giving him some certain power to identify the elements that he would include in his life or not. An example of this is that of his possession of the picture of the Dorian Gray. The painting was rather considered expensive and was not that easy to own unless the owner is really willing to spend the money to purchase it. It is from this particular portrait that the realization of Lord Henry began pushing him into doing the things that he did. On the other hand, Jean Des Esseintes of The Rebours was presented by Huysmans to be an individual born to wealth but was grown in independence. Likely, his experiences as a supposed “rebel” in his family was the very reason behind his success in life and his success in doing what he actually wants, collecting art works that are of extraordinary features. Being a numismatic individual who adored eccentric beauty in crafted arts, he was able to define himself as a human being who wants more out of life than that of the things that were expected of him to go through.

Given the characteristic of both protagonists in the plays being examined, it could also be noticed that both plays directly refer to “art” as a defining aspect that shaped the personality of the main characters. Their decisions and personal developments resulted from the impression that they have on the connection that they experience with art. Truthfully, both authors of the plays made it certain that the elements they use in their play would be of great significance to the entire completion of their novels. Both taking place in France, Wilde and Huysmans could be observed to have used the local colors of the said country to be able to give identity to their characters and to their story’s plot as well. All in all, it could be said that the authors of both plays provided a vivid identification of what and how arts was able to complete the essence of the plays that have been presented by the said authors. Considerably, their effective use of the colors of locality and the native touch on the plots that they used provides the novels’ a feel of effective consideration on the part of the most important part of the story that brings about the chance for the readers to connect with the character who carries the entire story.


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