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Custom Comparison essay samples

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A Comparison of the Thirteen American Colonies essay

The thirteen colonies of the American empire were founded during the 16th and 17th century, from the need to communicate their opinions and fight those who did not share them. They were founded in the Atlantic coast of North America and they were ...

A Focus on the Plays of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysmans essay

Oscar Wilde and Joris-Kal Huysmans are two among the most celebrated novelists of their time. Undoubtedly, their works have been considered to the foundation of written entertainment and developmental-comprehensive reading. Through the works that ...

Alginates and Hydrofibers essay

This paper is aimed at reviewing the paper, “Randomised clinical trial comparing hydrofiber and alginate dressings post-hip replacement” by Ravnskog et al.(2011). It was published in the journal of wound care. Ample background ...

Article Summary essay

This journal article by Hetzman and Siddiqi (2008) give a comparison of the Canadian health care system with that of the United States. In the article, the authors point out that there is significant difference between the healthcares's of the ...

Books Comparison essay

The book “lives of girls and women” by Alice Munro is about Del, a young girl in rural Canada. It is more of an autobiography though not factual. The book chronicles Del’s growing up in a rural canadanian town called Ontario and ...

Change Management and Conflict of Interest essay

Conflicting of the interests in institutions or organizations occurs when there are preceding situations and events that cause someone to make fair/unfair decisions and conclusions, only because they anticipate benefits from the said decisions. It ...

Comparing of the Aristotle and Hobbes essay

The two famous political philosophers, Aristotle and Thomas Hobbes are credited for shaping the political believes that are held by different people in the present world. They sought to show the origin of civilization and how the factors that ...

Comparing Two Historians essay

Tacticus (2000) and Stephen Ambrose (2005) are perhaps the most notable scholars in both their genres of writing. Each has taken a distinct path in the production of literary works but their mutual love for writing unites their very diverse ...

Comparison between Security Personnel and Police essay

Security   personnel’s are primarily bound to the duty of maintaining order and enforcing regulations at public events and within institutions. They are also involved in control of access to some places and in transportation of ...

Comparison Between US GAAP and IFRS essay

General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are accounting regulations used to plan, present, and report financial statements for various business entities while International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are principle-based values, ...

Comparison of Disney?s Peter Pan to the Return to Neverland essay

The classic tale of “Peter Pan” has been continued in Disney’s sequel “Return to Never Land”. This was a movie that was produced in 1940, when the world suffered by World War II, this one of the best animations of Peter ...

Comparison of Editorials essay

Introduction Hundreds of articles have been written about Ashley X, the pillow angel. Five years have passed since her devastating encounter came into public domain. Her controversial case generated heated public debate. The proponents argued that ...

Comparison of Kings David and Saul as Political Leaders essay

Introduction King Saul was the first ruler of Israel, and king David was the second ruler of Israel. King Saul failed to advance Israel due to his inherent weak will. During his reign, Saul left many goals unaccomplished. Those goals were achieved ...

Comparison of Nike and Adidas Websites essay

This paper analyses two website, http://www.nike.com and http://www.adidas.com that are concerned with the advertisement of two sports’ companies, the Adidas and Nike. The Nike home page, features a radial structure where the links have been ...

Comparison of the Political Ideas of Plato and Aristotle essay

Politics implies ensuring prosperity, happy and peaceful life of the people. There are several versions and definitions of politics. Nevertheless, the ancient and quite unique definitions of politics had been presented by the philosophers in very ...

Comparison of Travers and Newton-Francis Articles essay

Introduction Travers and Newton-Francis are scholars whom their articles are based on the criminal justice in the society. In the articles, their main objective is to address the issue of criminal justice. They try to address the meaning relating to ...

Comparison of Two Pieces of Artwork essay

This paper is a comparison of various creative aspects found in Greek vases as depicted in their appearance. It is a correlation between different aspects from the black figure-figure Panathenaic amphora with wrestling (‘pankration’) ...

Comparitive of Marinol vs. Natural Cannabis essay

Like any other controlled substances, the use of cannabinoids that are meant for medical use face the public-health regulatory controls which are administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services ...

Durkheim and Talcott Partons essay

Emile Durkheim, reagrded as the father of sociology, was a very influential French sociologist. He is also considered one of the primary founders of modern social science together with other notable academicians, such as Max Weber and Karl Marx. ...

Experimental Paper essay

Spanish culture has more than just the bullfighting, flamenco music and dances. Spaniards say that Spain is different in comparison to the rest of the world cultures. Spanish’s culture is generally European culture based on a number of ...

Farm or City essay

New York City is the busiest city in the world.  The city exhibits the largest population among all the states of America and worldwide. Most people in the city use public transport more than personal vehicles. The public transport system ...

Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me essay

Super Size Me is a documentary movie that was acted and directed by Morgan Spurlock in the year 2004. The entire movie runs in a thirty day period in which the actor only eats MacDonald’s. Within this period, Spurlock body physique changes as ...

Father Knows Best essay

In the past, most TV series, for instance, Father Knows Best portrays the family as a perfect union between a female mother and a male father with well-raised children. Their relations were the source of admiration for audiences across America. ...

Federalists and Anti-Federalists essay

The creation of the constitution took a lot of time of debate and conciliation, and even upon completion, some delegates were still discontented. The duty of fixing the ailing Confederate government was not yet complete and therefore every state ...

Gender Comparison Between ?2001 Space Odyssey? and ?I, Robot? essay

At the beginning of the movie “I, Robot” (2004) there was a scene where Det. Spooner makes way for the main female character Susan Calvin. This is the common display of good manners towards the women let me recall the origins of this ...

Herbert Marcuse and Louis Althusser essay

The development of societies has been explained by a number of scholars. In most cases, scholars in the recent past have either furthered the line of thoughts of their predecessors. This has been crucial especially in making ideologies more ...

Hobbs? Political Philosophy in Comparison to Other Eminent Classical Philosophers essay

Thomas Hobbes’ political philosophy has been viewed by theorists as one that sought reconciliation of equality of justice with equality of wealth, status and education (Sparks & Isaacs 83). As argued by Hobbes’ advocates, he placed ...

Immigration and Immigrants essay

When we talk of the issue of immigration and immigrants, it is clear that different groups do go to different countries as a result of various reasons. These reasons may at times be similar, but there are other incidents were differences do exist. ...

Jacksonian Promise essay

Daniel Feller’s book titled Jacksonian Promise is a perfect introduction the major themes and topics that highlight the social and political landscape of United States of America during the period between 1815 and 1840. This book attempts to ...

Jeffersons Views over Hamiltons essay

The decision to support and implement the views of Jefferson and not Hamilton is based on considerations of the situation facing the current government and considerations of the potential ramifications in utterly supporting Hamilton’s views. ...

Kevin Wang and Kally Chan Liang essay

Evaluating the two essays from classmates Kevin Wang and Kally Chan Liang, I will start with Kevin Wang’s essay titled ‘Medical Inflation and its Critical Implications for Recovery’. As much as they are both talking about the same ...

Literal Comparison of ?Trifles? Versus ?A Jury of her Peers? essay

 A Jury of her Peers is an adaptation short story from the drama trifles written by Susan Glaspell. The drama is written in a play version while the short story is written in prose. The short story is written from a narrator’s point of ...

Living with Pets essay

Pets have been human’s companion since the beginning of life on planet earth and are still close to human beings in the present world. They are human’s favorite selected creatures from other wild animals and tamed for specific benefit. ...

Mac vs. PC essay

The comparison between a Macintosh and PC is a complicated comparison. The Windows supporters will argue that Mac is designed for the video chatting, music, and other cool features that are not suited for the business suited PC clients. These ...

My Country Versus Me essay

The core approach of My Country Versus Me is to look into the way bureaucracy can run over people in general. The authors are very particular about defining and justifying their point and thus, add real life instances to prove the same. The prose ...

NCU Policy and Business Ethics essay

This dissertation presents a comparison between NCU policy for Academic Integrity and business ethics. Both NCU policy for academic integrity and business ethics are codes of conduct. Can they be compared? Do the two have any similarities and ...

Oedipus and Augustus essay

According to Aristotle, a tragic hero is basically a character who arises three key elements including emotional attachment, fear and pity. In the first account, the audience gets emotionally attached, secondly, they for fear what could happen to ...

Photography essay

This analysis of the comparison of artistic work, is going to try and compare how two different artists have employed the use of the same set of images to express the same ideas (one kind of imagery, one theme), how artists have used different sets ...

Public Libraries Compared to Private Business essay

Problem Definition This essay focuses on public libraries and their consequent improvement through embracing current technology that has been largely ignored but highly implemented by rival private libraries. Public libraries are non-profit avenues ...

Quantitative and Qualitative Research essay

There is an increasing doubt of research in recent years that have the tendency of integrating qualitative and quantitative researches. Most researches have the tendency of incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods in the research ...

Research on Education in Countries Around the World essay

Research has had a lot of impact on many fields around the world ranging from the medical field to the education systems. In connection to this, research has really improved the education systems in the U.S as compared to the rest of the world. So ...

Scripted Reading Programs essay

Education makes the pillar of the modern society. Development in any society is premised on an effective education system (Wilson, Marten & Poonam, 2005). An effective education system is one that caters for diverse needs that student and ...

Sexual Attitude Comparisons between Mexico and the USA essay

Sexual attitudes refer to the general feeling of the people in matters of sexual relation. These attitudes could be modern or conservative thus aiming at observing past cultural values in relation to. There has been a tremendous change in attitudes ...

Sitcom Desperate Housewives essay

Introduction This essay compares a character from a sitcom to a character that I know, in this case have chosen the sitcom Desperate housewives. The character in focus is Bree Van de Kamp- Hodge played by Marcia Cross. She is one of the house wives ...

Solidarity and Punishment essay

The term solidarity refers to the level and kind of integration that is exhibited by a certain group of people or simply society as a whole. Solidarity is composed of social relations that often bind individuals to one another. The basis of ...

Sublime essay

According to Wheeler (2008), the sublime is not a pure or rational concept, nor is it an institution, since it is not known through comparisons (p. 35). Sublime is not required in the thing pertaining nature, however, it is required only in the ...

Taxation essay

Fiscal policy is the use of taxation and government, in order to control and influence the economy. This paper will focus on Apple Inc., which is a firm that deals with consumer electronic goods. Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and sells electronic ...

The Coca-Cola Company or PepsiCo essay

The Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are competing companies that manufacture and distribute soft drink beverages across the globe. With the increased competition, each company has come up with clear efforts on the ways to attract and retain competent and ...

The Family Comparison Essay: 1941 versus 1975 essay

According to the Tampa Museum website, “Romare Bearden establishes the important concept of family with his 1941 work entitled The Family (Tampa Museum). Over the next forty-five years Bearden returned over and over again to this significant ...

The Meadow at Eragny and Riverbank at Lavacourt essay

Painting as an art may at some point be recognized as one of the most complex procedures of expanding and expressing a painter’s understanding of life. This is the reason why most works pertaining to painted art are expected to be analyzed ...

The Research on Football essay

The two articles are about the research on football. They were done to address the financial issues of the side of the football clubs and the sponsors. They have however taken different directions in their mode of research. The first article ...

The Sunni and the Shiite Muslims essay

The word Muslim is related to the word Islam and means "one who surrenders" or "submits" to God. The Islamic religion was started by Allah’s revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) in the seventh ...

The Tempest and The Seagull essay

The Tempest is a famous play written by William Shakespeare. The beginning of the play is set twelve years after the arrival at the island. Due to his powers, Prospero along with Antonio, Alonso (the King of Naples), and Ferdinand his son manage to ...

The Woman of Willendorf essay

This is a small statue believed to be one of the oldest human statues. The statue has a height of 4.5 inches and was dated to be curved around 25000 years back. The statue was curved out of solid limestone that was yellow in color. Archeologists ...

Travers and Newton-Francis essay

Sociology is so comparative and requires that various methods be used in acquiring data. The main methods used to collect data in these two articles are in a large extent similar. They however differ due to other factors that are influenced by ...

Treatment of Community essay

Community as a social set up is shaped and constrained by different forces. This set up has received several definitions. According to Kabeer it can be defined as a group of people that share a lot in common and influence each other in terms of ...

Website Comparison essay

For this assignment, I am comparing two retail clothing websites. One is an American-based website called RevolveClothing.com, the other is a China-based website called Milanoo.com. These websites have several similarities and differences in regard ...

White Collar v. Blue Collar essay

White-collar versus Blue-collar crime White collar crime is a crime committed by a person of high social status and respect in the course of his occupation. This crime involves actions like cheating, bribery, misappropriation of funds, identity ...

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