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Tips on Writing Your College Application Essay

Tips on Writing Your College Application Essay

It may seem really challenging to write a college application essay. But if you use these tips, you will definitely feel more assured and do a nicer job!

Best Tips on Writing an Excellent Essay

Make it Unique

When you`re writing a personal essay, you need to allow the admission officers to hear your voice. Everyone enlists his/her academic achievements and extracurricular activities, but few people let themselves shine through their piece of writing. If you reveal your personality, you will make your essay stand out among the dozens of others. So, don`t hesitate to write in your own personal voice.

Choose a Topic that Matters

It doesn`t have to be something extremely emotional or too impressive. It just should be the topic you really care about. It can be an essay about your mom, about the day you met your best friend, or about your core values. Before you begin to write, brainstorm the ideas and then pick the topic through which you can manifest your personality.

Begin Writing

Stop staring at a piece of paper or a blank screen. Just start writing something to avoid dozing off or going to Facebook. When you write at least several words, it will be much easier to keep yourself going! It doesn`t matter if these first words are actually stinky. You`ll fix them later.

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Write a lot

Make sure to write as much as you can. Let your consciousness flow on the page. When you check it afterwards, you will delete everything that`s not needed there or that you don`t like. This is how you eventually get the word count you need.


No great masterpiece was written in a single draft. So, make sure to revise your essay and rewrite it, maybe even several times. Read it out loud. Fix everything that seems to sound weird or boring. Rewrite your essay until you get your story told in the best way possible.

Show Your Essay to Others

Give your essay to your mom, teacher, friend, or whoever you know and trust to read it. Even though you feel awkward to let others read your essay, it`s a good thing to do. These people will look at your paper from a different perspective and tell you if there is something wrong with it. Don`t be afraid of criticism. It is actually a good way to make improvements. So, use their advice and make your essay stronger!

Make Sure You Like it

If you don`t like the essay yourself, rewrite it again. Start from the beginning, if you think that it`s been written really badly. Choose a different topic, in case you consider the previous one unsuccessful. It`s completely okay if you have to do this. Don`t panic or underestimate yourself. Keep on working. Make all the possible improvements into your essay until you really like it yourself.

You`re bound to be successful in writing your essay, my friend!

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