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How Weather Affects Our Educational Process and Productivity

How Weather Affects Our Educational Process and Productivity

Due to different reasons, a lot of people are considered to feel depressed, be inactive, and even under the weather. In most cases, a major underlying cause is not our laziness but the weather conditions. It sharply affects your overall state, productivity, and your educational process respectively. Although autumn has already sprung and the cold, gloomy months of winter are around the corner, it`s not the reason to give in to despair. Let`s talk this through together.

Does Weather Affect Your Well-Being?

Most of us intuitively think the weather conditions have quite a strong effect on our mood. Are we hard-wired? In case you didn`t know, scientists haven`t determined so far the fact of the direct relationship between the weather and mood swings of the human beings. The most common conclusion of their works was that there is little or no genuine connection. However, in 2008, German researchers have proved the opposite. Out of 400 study participants, the weather was likely not to impact on the moods of half of them, but the other 50% were indeed afflicted. Through this study of the effect of the weather conditions such as temperature, the wind, sunlight, etc., four distinct types of people were distinguished:

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  • That lucky 48% of unaffected. The effects of weather on mood are limited or absent.
  • Summer lovers prefer warm and sunny weather (17%). Fair weather fans feel more excited, less shy, timid, and irritated on days with more sunshine and higher temperature.
  • Summer haters who like cool, overcast days that means less sun and lower temperatures (27%).
  • Rain haters whose mood is not affected by the change in temperature (8%). But they suggest that these are rainy days which can easily cause a depression.

So, what is your weather personality type? Are you unaffected by the weather or vice versa feel strongly about it? Take into account that men and women respond differently to weather changes. Furthermore, 15-20 % of the human beings belong to the group of highly sensitive people. That`s why rain/cold/heat affects them more than the other people. Hope, you do not belong to them.

Weather, Mood, Productivity, and Educational Process

Do you often excuse you laziness hiding behind bad mood, headache, pain in legs, or dizziness? Sometimes you refer to the wrong weather. Unbelievably, one new research reported that a decrease in sunny weather is directly linked to an increase in educational efficiency. In fact, the diversion created by the temptation of outside entertainments is truly what causes a decline in productivity of students on most sunny days. Studies also indicate that we tend to spend, on average, about an additional half an hour studying on rainy days versus sunny ones. Nevertheless, the sun has an effect of both positivity and negativity when it comes to productivity. The bright light helps to keep students` brains awake, alert, and attentive as well. However, despite the weather, try to be as right as rain! Every cloud has a silver lining, so if it rains, for example, take an umbrella, go outside, and remember that every raindrop holds the promise of regrowth.

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