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What Happiness Means to Me

What Happiness Means to Me

One of the features that all people in the world share is their striving to be happy and content with their life. However, there is no universal definition of happiness, which will cover all people, because for everyone this mysterious concept means different things. Moreover, many people fail to spot happiness even when it’s already present in their life due to the fact that they are too busy with different mundane problems.

Happiness is a combination of different things that are defined by individual’s personal life priorities. For some people happiness comes with a big family while for others a successful career is the pinnacle of happiness. However, at the end of the day, real happiness is granted for those who have a conviction to be happy and for those who can be grateful for that.

Only few people in the world obtain happiness out of the blue, for others it’s a result of hard and continuous work. Some are lucky to have a foundation, on which they can build their happiness, while others need to create it completely from scratch. In addition, this can be done only if the person decides that he/she is going to do their best to become happy. Life never comes easy after such a decision; it prepares many challenges and mishaps that make happiness appear non-existent. Only those who keep on believing in better times will reach them.

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Being grateful is another thing that invites more happiness into our lives. It’s really easy to be consumed by the daily troubles of exams, jobs interviews, bills, conflicts with others, etc. The more hardships a person experiences, the easier it becomes to forget about the things that make our lives amazing. As it goes in one song, “how rare and beautiful it is to even exist”. We can be grateful for having alive and healthy parents, for having a hobby that makes us happy, for having a chance to love and be loved, for waking up in the morning and having a purpose in this world. Finding something to be grateful for is already happiness.

Happiness is often defined by how you spend your time and who you spend it with. Having a job that fulfills you and being surrounded by people who have your back and are there for you is already enough to be happy. Unfortunately, many people can’t say that they have both, since often a career is pursued not because of a passion, but because of something being highly requested on the job market. The same goes about personal relationships. Many people end up in a toxic environment, as they feel like they need to settle down with the first option they are given, because they won’t get more. Being able to cherish yourself is the first step to happiness.

To sum up, happiness is the result of hard work. However, it also means that everyone is capable of building their own happiness if they commit themselves to it. Moreover, every single person in this world deserves to be happy.

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