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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery refers to an exclusive service, which we offer to our clients. It helps to cope with complicated and large papers (more than 20 pages double spaced and more than 10 pages single spaced).

Pros of this exclusive service are as follows:

  • Clients have an opportunity to monitor the writing process since papers are sent in a form of a draft or in parts to the clients to receive their approval prior to the last deadline.
  • Clients have 30 days to ask for free revision service (a regular order can be revised for free within only 2 days).
  • Your order will be assigned only to the top writer and the most experienced editor.
  • The order will be monitored by a personal manager in order to make sure that the paper is completed successfully and communication between the client and the writer is effective.

 Paper drafts are provided in the following order*:

  • when order urgency is 4 days and even less – the draft can be provided when 50% of the deadline passes (for instance, if the order deadline is 4 days, paper draft can be provided in 2 days) in 25% of total paper volume (for instance, if the paper is 32 pages, the client can receive a 8 page draft);
  • if order urgency is 5-11 days – 2 drafts can be sent in 25% and 50% of the total order completion deadline in 25% and 50% volume of the paper.
  • orders that have 12 and more days urgency – 3 paper drafts can be provided in 25%, 50% and 75% of the total order completion deadline in 25%, 50%, 75% of the whole paper volume.

Progressive delivery costs +15% to the total paper price.

* when a client wants to get his/her paper done in a different way, an individual plan can be created on the basis of client’s preferences and his/her paper peculiarities. Under such circumstances, each and every detail of the order will be discussed with the order manager.

Additional Services for Orders with the Length less than 20 Pages

1-Page Summary

Summary writing is an additional service. It is created to receive a 1-page summary of the whole paper. In such way, clients have an opportunity to get the main paper points. Summary is required for clients who have to report on the researched topic.

Paper Draft

When a client orders this service, he/she will be provided with a one-page draft (if the paper is double spaced, draft will comprise of 300 words, if the paper is single spaced, draft will be written in 600 words) of the paper when 50% of the order completion deadline passes. For instance, when client’s order urgency is 5 days, he/she will receive a draft in 2,5 days.

Extended Revision

We provide free revision service to all papers within 2 days after order delivery. Extended revision helps to prolong revision timeframe to 2 weeks (14 days).

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