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Writing an Essay

An essay is a combination of words that contains information on a given topic of discussion as given by the college lecturer. When one is in college, individuals are required to learn on writing an essay as one of the units in a semester. The grade one gets in the essay is used to rank the students on the graduation performance list hence one has to pass. Writing an essay can be difficult for students who do not have any guidelines on essay writing; fortunately one can search online and get help on it. The act of writing is carried out by a dealer who may have employees charged with writing complete essays for their customers or providing them with help on writing essay paper for a certain specified fee. For one to go online and to order writing an essay for college, Internet is required; therefore, one has to pay a price for it. One can access the Internet through a modem or wireless connections. The price is cheap and affordable to all who are willing to pay for it.

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During my college days there was a competition on writing an essay on college life; students were required to include the advantages and disadvantages of being in college. I decided to take part in writing an essay for college; this became difficult not as I expected since had no idea on how to write a good essay. Luckily a friend of mine advised me to go online and look for help writing an essay; this had to come with a price since for one to access Internet money is required, and I had to pay for the services rendered before the writer gave me the feedback on the essay.

During my third year in college our language lecturer involved us in writing essay paper and the marks we scored would contribute to our grades. Unfortunately he did not provide any guidelines on how to write a good essay. I decided to go online tolook for a writer who would help writing an essay or write any essay for me; this became so easy since it saved a lot of time, which could be used to search reference material from the college library. The writer helped me hand in the essay on time which the other students never did. Our information technology tutor taught us on how to access information online and get in touch with dealers. The dealers helped us in writing essay paper, which proved to be very difficult. They provided us with custom papers which we would buy at a cheap price. The price was negotiable and affordable to most of the students.

Internet acts as a medium of communication among customers and vendors. One can get answers on writing an essay or order “write any essay for me” service through it. Vendors provide answers on difficult essays; unfortunately this makes college students to become lazy since they can buy everything online at a cheap price. When my cousin was in college, he used online writers to carry out his assignments, this made him sluggish, hence ended up indulging himself in negative activities like taking alcohol. When he graduated and went to look for work, he did not recall any thing taught during the four years of college, hence failed job interviews. Many of the students use all their pocket money to buy custom papers, which are cheap, hence end up living beyond their means. Dealers provide employment to the idle youth who assists in writing an essay. After graduating most of my fellow students did not get any jobs, hence they became essay writers. This has helped them sustain themselves without borrowing money from their parents.

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