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Free Custom «Confidence Without Attitude» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Confidence Without Attitude» Essay Paper

The most important principle to me is confidence without attitude. Confidence without attitude is the middle point in a continuum with one extreme being low confidence or low self esteem and the other being overconfidence or arrogance. I view confidence to be the major difference between leading a successful and happy life and not leading one. A good dose of confidence not only helps me improve my social relations but also increases my chances of succeeding in my undertakings. For instance, I have found out that if believe in my ability to complete an academic task without being arrogant about my chances, I always successfully complete the said task.

Confidence without attitude is a result of having a positive outlook. These two go hand in hand. I have found out that by having a positive outlook, I am giving myself confidence. I have learned to maintain my confidence without attitude character even when my confidence is being challenged. I do what I believe regardless of the resistance I meet and still listen to advice. I work towards having the strength of character to take risks and go the extra mile, acknowledge errors and gain knowledge from them. To avoid being over confidence I always acknowledge compliments graciously with the full appreciation of my achievement but without downplaying or exaggerating my part in the matter. A positive outlook has always enabled me to avoid patterning my thoughts and actions to those of people around me. It has also inspired me to get out of my safe comfort zone and avoid exalting my self-perceived merits without waiting to be acknowledged (self-importance). I avoid being over confident by not fanatically linger on my part in a triumphant situation. Although I have established that, it is tricky to find a balance between low confidence, confidence and over confidence the rewards to be incredibly pleasing.

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Confidence without attitude is such an important principle to me in life since there are various benefits of having it. In business, confidence is a key factor to being offered a job and promotion. It is the natural that when I am confident, people are provoked to have confidence in me. One is more likely to receive support for an undertaking when they present information on the task in a clear and confident manner. This will satisfy the audience even when some of the solutions are not known. From my personal definition of success, i.e., setting a goal for myself and attaining it, I have found confidence to aid me to be successful. Being confident without having an attitude helps one know what a reasonable goal is for them, attain the goal, and know when they have attained the goal to celebrate that as success.

Lastly, the other benefit that is associated with confidence without attitude is a greater level of social relations that it brings. When one is confident, they do not use a lot of time scrutinizing themselves and their reactions and relations. Instead, one can center on the experience of people around them. By centering on others, one sends a signal to the people around them that they can handle external issues gracefully and with self-assurance. A confident person has the power to focus on the requirements of his friends and family and even workmates. This makes these people feel better and more confident than before. This is why some individuals are constantly seeking confident people to make them feel better. The greatest benefit of all drawn from confident without attitude is that it enables one to look back over their life and be content with their progress so far. That is being happy. Confidence that fosters happiness allows one to gain self-acceptance and work with both their strong points and the never missing weaknesses.


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