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Free Custom «The New Testament its Background and Message» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The New Testament its Background and Message» Essay Paper

) Luke's genealogy starts fromAdam, through a minor son of David called Nathanand apparently toJoseph the father of Jesus. In the contrast, Matthew's genealogy commence withAbrahamand then from Solomon, King David's son, follows the line of the kings throughJeconiah, toJoseph who was the legal father ofJesus. From these differences, it can be argued that “the authors relied upon independent memories or two different source documents”.

2) Both mark 1:3 and Mathew 3:3 talks about the coming of Jesus Christ while Luke 3:6 talks about what will happen after the coming back of Jesus Christ. The Lukaism theme heightened in Mark and Mathew is about the salvation.

3) The Lukan equivalent to Matt. 5:48 is Luke 6:36. The Lukan theme highlighted is doing right to please God.

4) Mark 6:4 states that a prophet cannot be respected and honored in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own households while in contrary Luke 4:24 states that no prophet is welcomed in his own hometown. The lack of honor by family members is eliminated by Luke because Jesus was honored by His family members.

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5) The temptations that Jesus faced in the desert after being baptized are mentioned only briefly in Mark’s Gospel. In Mathew and Luke Gospels, Jesus was confronted with the same three temptations, but they differ in the order. The Lukan element heighted by the contrast is of being faithfull.

6) Both Mark14:3-9 and Matt. 26:6-13 gives the same story, but Luke 7:36-50 contradicts the two. In the Gospel of Luke, the woman was said to be a sinner which is not the case in Mark and Mathew’s Gospel. Also, in Luke’s case the woman wet Jesus feet while, in Mathew and Mark’s gospels, she poured the perfumed oil on His head. Also, in Mark and Mathew Gospel the disciples complain that the woman is wasting the oil which could have been given to the poor while in Luke’s Gospel, they complain that the woman is a sinner. The Lukan element highlighted is of forgiveness.

7) Luke’s portrait of Jesus is heavily indebted to the Jewish models. Unlike Mathew’s and Mark’s Gospels, Luke’s Gospel emphasizes on present Jesus in a way that would probably make some sense to Greeks and Romans to some degree. Luke presents Jesus as a compassionate saviour who is a friend to both the oppressed and the poor. Mark portrays Jesus as the suffering son of man who is abandoned by His own disciples while Mathew presents Jesus as the promised messiah who is to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies.


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