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Custom Life essay samples

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Al Pacino essay

Al Pacino is an out standing American film actor, and a creative genius of all times with a career in film and stage spanning for over 40 years. He is an Oscar Award winner, and an eight times Oscar nominee with over 30 films under his belt. He is a ...

An American Man at the Age of Sixteen essay

John Smith is a sixteen-year-old teenage man who lives in the suburbs of California. He is a well build white young man with strong muscles. Additionally, he has a broad chest due to the several workouts in the gym. Smith has a pointed nose from the ...

Angelina Jolie essay

General Overview Angelina Jolie first became aware of the world wide humanitarian crisis while filming Tomb Raider in Colombia. This made her turn to the office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).  Her quest was to ...

Australian Life style essay

There are many things in the world that impact on the life of an individual. These are the concepts that have brought about the change in human nature and its operation. In Australia, there are variances of things that affect the lives of the ...

Barrack Obama essay

Introduction Barrack Obama is a household name in the United States of America as well as in the entire world. He came into the limelight by winning the 2008 presidential elections in the United States of America and becoming the 44th president of ...

Celine Dion: An Agent of Change essay

This paper presents the life and mission of Celine Dion from a factual and analytical perspective. The biography of this pop diva shows us, how an artist can struggle against major emotional setbacks and compassionately accomplish his/her social ...

Chamber Player Series by Culture Shock essay

The Culture Shock’s Chamber Player series was an amazing experience. Directed by Robert Davidovici, the FIU chambers presented Ida Bieler. Ida is a renowned violinist and is a German-American. She performed three partitas by J.S. Bach for the ...

Charles Manson essay

Charles Manson is a renowned American criminal who was born in the year 1934. He was a co-founder of a gangster group which was named after him. The criminal group was called the Manson Family. Charles Manson was found guilty conspiracy to commit ...

Chris McCandless essay

McCandless was the first of two children of Walt McCandless and Wilhelmina "Billie" Johnson. Chris was born in El Segundo, California, and had a sister named Carine. It was in 1976 when the family settled in Virginia after Billie was employed as a ...

Cohabitation essay

Cohabitation refers to a situation where two people in an intimate relationship decide to stay together for a long time or permanently. Different people have different reasons why they choose to cohabit. This paper will discuss the disadvantages of ...

Councilor Krespol?s Life essay

When Krespol’s student went to live in H-, he found him to be the oddest man he had ever met. The whole town knew Councilor Krespol as a clever, learned lawyer and a skillful diplomat.  He was in the midst of one of the craziest schemes. ...

Creation of One?s Own Reality essay

An individual creates own reality through one’s thoughts feelings, choices and beliefs. It seems that Miss Brill lives a life of false reality. In my opinion, her real life is one of loneliness and isolation. Her closest companion her fur coat ...

Cultural Norms essay

Harris (2004) observes that cultural norms shape the ways in which every person conducts themselves in their daily life. The morality derived from these norms defines what the society perceives as right or wrong.  The cultural background of ...

El Lissitzky essay

El Lissitzky is a renowned Russian designer, and his ideas are considered to have innovated and inspired the graphic identity and topography in the 20th century.  Russia’s post World War I and movements, such as suprematism, ...

Eliezer?s Struggle to Keep His Faith in God essay

Elie’s faith undergoes tremendous transformation from total devotion to God to questioning the existence of such divine power. In his early age, his life is carefree with Elie’s unmovable faith strengthened by his studies in the ...

Emily Dickinson essay

In 19th century America there were only a few poets that can be considered as brilliant and as prolific as Emily Dickinson. Her output as well as the quality of her work, makes her worthy of the recognition, as one of the greatest American poets who ...

End of Life Care essay

Ann Nolcher is an old woman aged 84 years who represent typical type of women who is sick of lung cancer. She believes that death is her only solution for her disease.  She is against invasive treatment when doctor suggests one. Finally she ...

End of Life Decisions essay

The issue of prolonging the lives of seriously or critically ill patients with an intention of preventing death has not only become a common occurrence in the modern society, but it has also become the point of contention and debate across various ...

Examine and Develop Definitions of Leisure essay

Leisure is a concept that has personal implication to individuals, whereby, the individuals choose their leisure activities freely, the activities have some intrinsic motivation to them and the individuals enjoy in anticipation, in the activities ...

Fredrick Douglas essay

Frederick Douglas is the son of a slave black woman and unknown white man. He was born in a slave cabin located in the small town of Easton on Maryland Eastern shore in February, 1818. His name at birth was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, but ...

Gabriel Garcia Marquez essay

Latin American writers are known for writing fiction novels using their life experiences as the basis of their prose development. The ideas and concepts in most of their novels are mostly their life experiences as Latin American citizens. Their ...

Golan Levin essay

Golan Levin is one of the new American media artists a performer, composer and an engineer. He had great interest in developing artifacts including events that explore flexible, new modes of reactive look (Tribe & Jana, 2006). In the year 1994, ...

Interdependence Between Plants and Animals essay

Plants and animals require each other for survival. Animals acquire food and oxygen from plants whereas plants obtain minerals and carbon dioxide from animals (Leveque, 2003). Oxygen is necessary for respiration and is needed by both plants and ...

James Clerk Maxwell: His Science and his Faith essay

Introduction James Maxwell was a renowned scientist who was born in the year 1831 and died in the year 1879. He was born in the land of Edinburgh in Scotland. He unfortunately died at the age of 48 in the land of Cambridge in England. During his ...

Jason Statham essay

Jason Statham was born on 12th September, 1967.  He is a renowned American actor who has appeared in several films as a lead actor. He has also played supporting roles in several movies. He is especially known for his roles in The Bank Job, The ...

Langston Hughes Music and Poetry essay

James Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri in 1902 on the first day of February. When he was a small child, his parents divorced and his father left them and moved to Mexico (Dickinson, 6). He was best known for the “Harlem ...

Larry Winget essay

Introduction It is unimaginable for an individual to be born in extreme poverty, and yet dream of having tremendous riches. Most individuals concur with the idea that they will finally get rich, but it never clicks on their minds that they could ...

Life Coach Training Techniques essay

Coaching is a procedure of giving power to individuals that would assist them to archive personal or professional goals that would enable them to use available resources through acquired skills to better their current position. Life coach training ...

Life Course Theory essay

To begin with, Life Course Theory is among the latest explanations of crime and deterrence in the contemporary society. In simple words, the theory assumes that there is a relationship or a correlation between early life offending and future ...

Life History Paper essay

Part I Describing Briefly, Interviewee's Life Chronologically while Highlighting Events of Major Importance The object of the interview or the interviewee is Prof. Avram Hart* (the actual names of the interviewee and those within his social circle ...

Mahatma Gandhi essay

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Gujarat in 1869; he grew up to become one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century. His life ended abruptly when he was assassinated on 30th January 1948. Gandhi was among the most successful leaders ...

Marriage essay

The analytical principle “Single Minded” presents a viewpoint that today individuals have an option “to stay single and live full lives and be just as, to put it directly, morally significant as married couples” ...

My Best Friend essay

One of the things I cherish most is my best friend Jack. I met Jack in a restaurant one of the days that my father had taken me out for lunch. He was with his mum and we shared the same table at the restaurant. I remember his mum introducing him as ...

My University Life essay

In our society, we all yearn to leave a mark that will indeed be felt with several generations to come. My aspiration is to give back to the society in terms of my dedicated service. Several learning institutions give us an opportunity to grow and ...

Nature vs. Nurture in the life of John Edward Pough essay

There exists a controversy as whether criminal behavior is a function of either biological/genetic or environmental factors. Criminal behavior is a predisposition of certain elements that an individual has encountered during his/her lifetime. The ...

Neil Young and Edward Hopper essay

An artist refers to as a person producing either drawings or paintings as his/her occupation or a leisure pursuit. It can also refer to a person who does creative arts, for instance a sculptor, an author, lyricist, or a filmmaker. Artists are ...

Pele - a Golden Player essay

There are many fabulous football players in the world, but only one of them was voted in 2007 as the best football player the history has ever known. In modern times, many believe that players from Manchester United or Chelsea are the greatest ...

Social Change and the Family essay

My name is Raquel I am the daughter of Adelaida & Alexander. My grandparents from my mother’s side are Aida & Enrique.  My grandparents on my father’s side live far up country but those from my mother’s side live with ...

Student Survival Guide essay

A guide to student survival is very practical and valuable tools every student whose aim is to excel and are pursuing academic goals. A guidebook normally serves as a functional roadmap for the student to accomplish the desired outcome in his or her ...

Success essay

For one to  be successful, you must initially define what you understand  success is. Different people attach different meaning to success. To some, it may mean a huge salary or living the American dream of a fancy home and priceless cars. ...

The Accomplishments of John F. Kennedy essay

John F. Kennedy is considered to have accomplished several things that no American who came before him had done. He was the youngest and the first catholic to be the United States president. In this position, he called the Americans to diligently ...

The Good Life of America essay

In the pursuit for good life, Americans have had to go through a lot of challenges. These challenges range from political, socio-economical to cultural challenges. These challenges to place in a chronological order. Since the formation of the United ...

The Health Care Bill essay

The passing of the health care reform bill has been viewed as an historical event in the United States since it overhauls the whole health care sector in the nation. Many people are not able to afford insurance cover hence the sensitivity of the ...

The Life and Work of Stephen Wolfram essay

Stephen Wolfram is a famous physicist, scientist, inventor, author, and business leader. He is the creator of Mathematica, the author of A New Kind of Science, the creator of Wolfram|Alpha, and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. His career has ...

The Life of Ernest Hemingway essay

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in the morning of July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois to Dr. Clarence and Grace Hemingway. He was the second born in a family of six but was the first son. His father was a physician, and his both parents were ...

The Life of George Washington essay

Currently, George Washington is celebrated as the founding father and the first president of the United States of America. Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in the northern part of Virginia. His future prospects of getting an education were ...

The Outline of the Life and Career of Michael Jackson essay

This is to inform the audience on the life of Michael Jackson beyond the stage. At the end of this presentation, the audience should be able to understand how Jackson’s life was surrounded with controversies despite his humble beginnings as a ...

The Turning Point essay

Life, in general, has its ups and downs. Some moments are full of joy while others are sad and demand a lot of reflection, courage and self-determination so as to overcome them. Some events may take place that change one’s life entirely. ...

Turning Point essay

The unpredictability of life is what contributes to twists of fate, which result to turning points in a person’s life. The turning point in my life occurred while I was at a tender age of sixteen. It resulted to my departure from home, which ...

Turning Point of My Life essay

In my life, I have undergone turning points that have changed my life. These turning points are the twists of fate that have separated me from the home of my childhood. Most of my happy memories are rooted deep into my childhood. When I was a child, ...

Understanding Racism through the Group Phenomenon essay

Most scholarly studies on psychology are mainly dedicated towards the understanding of racism as an individual engagement with regard to prejudice and discrimination. Traditionally racism has been viewed within the context of individualism; how it ...

Wernher Von Braun essay

In his days (1912-1977), Dr.Wernher Margunus Von Braun, a German native, was a space super star rivaled only by a few earlier astronauts and sometime later by Neil Armstrong; thus posthumously acquiring the title ‘the greatest rocket scientist ...

The Daycare for Working Parents essay

The realities of the postmodern life burden women with additional responsibilities. The growing number of single mothers and the increasing importance of gender equity trends result in the situation, when women have to combine their workplace and ...

Woodrow Wilson essay

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on the 28th day of December in 1856 to the family of Joseph Ruggles Wilson and Janet, a family of Scottish-Irish immigrants. Wilson had a brother and two sisters. Wilson’s father was a Presbyterian minister, a ...

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