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Custom Geography essay samples

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Aboriginal Cultural essay

Perpetual existence of Aboriginal cultural identity does not mean survival of all cultural aspects of the Aboriginal culture. The government has changed from its policy of trying to change aborigines from their traditional culture to a completely ...

African Geographies essay

Introduction African binderies were determined largely by the European colonists who divided the African continent into many units of administration which would make the colonists have an easy way of sharing the continent. The continent has very ...

America and Its Discovering essay

Christopher Columbus claimed to have discovered America as early as 1492. However, dozens of cultures have their respective tales on who made it to America earlier before Columbus. Archeological sites have been analyzed, ships rebuilt, routes traced ...

An Artifact in Egypt essay

The Narmer Palette is an artifact found in Egypt and is the subject of the research. The research is conducted from the perspective that art is a continuation of the practical. Even though often it is very difficult to determine what was the ...

Bermuda Triangle essay

Introduction and Brief History The Bermuda Triangle is portion of the Atlantic Ocean where ships and airplanes are believed to have disappeared mysteriously over time. It is triangular in shape and located between Bahamas, Bermuda and the East Coast ...

Biomedical Science Disease Report essay

Geographical Locations where the disease is found The pathogen Naegleria fowleri thrives well in warm, bodies of stagnant freshwater (Craun et al. 243-62). This is more in particular during summer. Primary amoebic Meningoencephalitis was ...

Blizzard of 1977 essay

A blizzard can be defined as a severe winter storm condition characterized by minimum temperatures, strong winds, and heavy blowing snow. The gale-force blizzard of 1977 also known as ‘The white death’ can be termed as the worst and ...

Canadian Shield Economic Activities essay

Mining of gold, diamonds and tin among other metals is a fundamental economic activity that has employed high human geography resources along the old volcano Canadian Shaft that extends from Canada to the United States. The Canadian Shield is the ...

Cartography essay

Cartography as an art can be thought of as the discovery of mapmaking, the process of exploring the world. Early forms of cartography gave beauty to their products with all kinds of pictorial embellishments and decorations. Modern cartography is ...

Causes of Zonation on Sheltered Rocky Shores essay

Overall aim: in lectures you will learn about the influence of major environmental and biological processes on the patterns of distribution of rocky shores communities; you will learn how classical and recent experiments have been done to understand ...

Chesapeake and New England essay

Chesapeake and New England were settlement regions for two sets of communities with diverse objectives for their new society. Entrepreneurs from Virginia Company, which was a joint-stock firm, colonized Chesapeake region. Every original settler had ...

Chinese Immigration essay

Chinese immigration and their challenges have a long history. Most of the Chinese immigrants started making the difficult and costly journey to America in the early 1800’s. The second wave of immigration was between 1949 and 1980s. Another ...

Community of Kelsey City essay

The city of Kelsey is described as a county that comprise of a diverse group of people. It is located along the South Coast in Florida. It has people from various parts of the world. It was started by Kelsey and it became a first organized ...

Contemporary Junior Geography Curriculum essay

Geography as a secondary school subject allows students to explore and understand the relationship between people, places and events through the study of space, place and environment. Students are able to understand about the relationship of the ...

Cultural Behavior Portugal essay

Portugal is a country in Europe, located in the southwestern part of Europe, borders the North Atlantic Ocean and is t the west of Spain.  The country gained its independence in the 12th century from other kingdoms that were in the Iberian ...

Cultures in the Middle East essay

Middle East countries include Israel, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, Algeria, Armenia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain. These countries are a centre of world affairs (Goldschmidt 1). The ...

Deserts of Arizona essay

The most interesting place you can ever visit on Earth is the deserts of Arizona (TS). Contrary to most people’s expectations of a desert as hot and sandy, Arizona hosts the Grand Canyon and more interesting deserts with unique animals, plants ...

Desjardins Canal essay

Desjardins canal was constructed with an aim to give Dundas an easier access to North America’s great lakes system mainly Lake Ontario. It was named after Desjardins Pierre, who was its famous promoter after he formed the company that built ...

Destination essay

There are many tourist destinations around the world that offer different tourist experiences. Depending on the tourists involved, the experiences could include physical or social activities or both. Tourists migrate from their native locations to ...

Discovery of America essay

Contrary to what many people believe, America might have been discovered by Polynesians long before Christopher Columbus made his voyages to the continent. Researchers have been working on this matter in order to establish the factual information ...

Dominican Migration essay

Dominican Republic immigrants form the bulk of immigrants from the Caribbean. These immigrants are willing to lose their lives as they seek greener pastures. The Dominican Republic is located in the Island of Hispaniola together with Haiti. The ...

Earthquake in Haiti essay

Introduction The Haiti earthquake was chaotic, traumatizing and horrific. I was in Haiti during the earthquake on then the earth started shaking I was going back to the hotel shortly after 5. It was so scary because I at first thought the world was ...

Earthquakes essay

An earth quake can be described as a shaking of the Earth’s crust. It is mainly a movement of the whole crust that originates in the center of the earth. Earthquakes happen when the underlying rock suddenly shakes or breaks off. The moving of ...

Ethiopia is a Lovely Country essay

Ethiopia is a lovely country any person would dream to visit. This is because of many reasons. To begin with Ethiopia is one of the African countries with richest histories. Such histories help one touring the area to broaden his or her mind. The ...

Ethnic Group in Ireland essay

Irish travellers have been a part of the society for centuries. However, it was only in the late 1990s and early 2000s that they received legal recognition by the society (Hayes, 2006). The community has been ostracized from the mainstream society ...

European Expansion essay

Culture recentering is a process that results from the units of the society socializing in the global modernized culture that originated in two different centuries in the West. The rise of empires and European Colonization period in the seventeenth ...

Exploring Another Culture essay

The Hispanic people living in the United States mostly come from Mexico and other Latin American countries. They make up a significant number in the States, and as it was found in 2003, they form the largest minority group in the country. The mother ...

Fight over Fresh Water essay

  Fresh water   would be defined as to have a low concentration of salt with the levels normally below 1%.  These fresh water areas could be divided into ponds and lakes, streams and rivers, as well as wetlands.  ...

Financial Outcomes and Models essay

From the report published by SEC, the most captivating initiative that Microsoft Corporation is the adoption of the cloud model of communication. In this model, Microsoft intends to connect PC’s, cell phones, and other communication devices ...

Geo-Careers essay

Introduction             Geography is the study of the earth as an environment of humankind and the human activities on earth. The physical geography and human geography are branches of ...

Geographic Perspective essay

Geographic perspective refers to the methodology used by geographers which involves firstly, the use of all data and tools available to find out the spatial distribution of the subject in focus, secondly, investigating the underlying causes of the ...

Geographical Causes of Poverty essay

The sub Saharan Africa is a region associated with extreme levels of poverty, high levels of HIV/AIDS, diseases such as malaria and hunger. But the levels of poverty are higher in this part of the world than anywhere else in the world. Over half of ...

Geographical Perspectives essay

Geographical perspectives refer to various view points that are employed by geographers to understand the surrounding world. Such understanding is important in helping people comprehend the interrelationship existing between the earth’s ...

Geography and Economic Performance essay

Geographical characteristics of a nation play a critical role in determining its economic development.  There are 42 landlocked countries in the world. All these countries are affected by high rates of poverty and have been termed as (LLDCs), ...

"Geography as a Motivation and Opportunity" essay

Present day generations live in an assorted society where many ethnicities and cultures cohabitate. As a result, many scholars and academicians have raised many questions over this cohabitation. Many of them wonder; is ethnic conflict inevitable; ...

Global Climate essay

According to the author of the article, the world is becoming colder. Therefore people should not be worried about change of climate. This is more than a theory by cynics. Currently, much attention has been given to global cooling; in the media, in ...

Globalization essay

Globalization is the integration of countries for a common objective. There are several goals that can make nations unite. Some of them include economy, information technology, education, politics and social ambitions. Different authors have given ...

Hawaii essay

Hawaii is the only state in less than 200 years whose government has sequentially progressed from feudal absolutism, through constitutional monarchy, independent Republic, territory of the United States, and lastly the FiftiethState of the Union. ...

History of the Cherokee Indians essay

The word Cherokee according to a Cherokee descendant means aniyun-wiga, when translated the name means real people or people of the mountains. However, the Europeans referred to them as the Tsalangi or the Jalagi meaning the people of the caves. The ...

Hurricane Katrina essay

Hurricane Katrina was an Atlantic hurricane that affected New Orleans and other parts of the world in the year 2005. It was the most expensive hurricane in terms of cost that has ever rocked the United States. In addition to that, it was one of the ...

Immigration essay

Immigration is the act of foreigners moving into a country that is not theirs. The reasons for immigration are usually political unrest, economic hardships, war among others. A few authors and poets give and discuss their views on immigration. There ...

Immigration in the US essay

The United States is commonly known as a state of immigrants. Nearly all citizens in the United States come from a bloodline of immigrants. Immigration to the United States has often been a central cause of population increase and cultural ...

India essay

India is an ancient urban culture country. It is one of the most developed countries, and recently became of the most powerful. Thus, there are few reasons for its fast development. Firstly, India`s population is very bug. In ...

Jakarta essay

The information is indeed relevant to the case study on Jakarta, Indonesia Case Study. For instance, there has been an indication that the large population present in the city is being faced with a major challenge in terms of clean water. The sewage ...

Kurdistan Independence essay

Iraqi Kurdistan is a semi-autonomous region on the north of Iraq. The region borders Iran, Syria and Turkey to the east, west and north respectively and the remaining south borders Iraq (Aziz, 2011, 7).  The Kurdistan regional capital is known ...

Landslides essay

Landslides take place in a wide range of settings such as intraplate settings; transform vaults, volcanic arcs, and subduction complexes. The effects of landslides can be costly and deadly and therefore, for people wishing to purchase a house in ...

Migration in China essay

The income inequality in urban area is never a new topic (Kuznets, 1955).  Previous researches on income inequality have shown three prominent characteristics. First, income inequality is ubiquitous. The rising income inequality has become a ...

Mountains beyond Mountains essay

Mountains beyond mountains is a Haitian wise saying and a metaphorical phrase on the challenges of life. According to this adage, once you have scaled a mountain, you will see more mountains farther away.  In this book, Paul Farmer climbs ...

Narmer Palette essay

The subject of discussion in this essay is the Narmer Palette, an inquisitive and interesting artifact found in Egypt. The art as an extension of the practical is the logical concept to use when studying the art object. Erwin Panofsky suggests that ...

New York essay

New York City is one of the most populous areas in the United States and the world in general and is the center of the New York Metropolitan Area. New York puts forth a considerable impact upon global finance, commerce, media fashion, education, ...

New York City essay

New York City is one of the most populous areas in the United States and the world in general and is the center of the New York Metropolitan Area. New York puts forth a considerable impact upon global finance, commerce, media fashion, education, ...

Pakistan essay

Pakistan is a country in Southern Asia. It was officially created in 1947 and has since struggled to find a clear identity and role as a Muslim dominated country in the world. Politics in Pakistan has been characterized by chronic stability. The ...

Panama Canal essay

Panama Canal is an artificial bridge system used for vessel passage through regulating the level of water. To maintain the canal operating for years, the project requires fresh water to be supplied. Streams and rivers in this region provide the much ...

Phenomenon of Zonation essay

Tides are caused by rising and falling of ocean surfaces owing to the moon’s tidal force. This tides results in changes in the water level. The intertidal zone is exposed at low tide and submerged at high tide. The spray zone which is never ...

Physical Geography Issues essay

Introduction This essay focuses on Physical geography issues that affect processes and patterns in the natural environment, such as biosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere. The issues facing societies are climate change, meteorology miss ups, ecology ...

Post Colonial Human Geography essay

The surface of the earth is divided between many countries. There many relationships between these countries. There are also many differences between these countries and they are an integral and necessary for working together of these countries. ...

Real Lives in North Korea essay

Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea is an account of experiences in North Korea, under totalitarian rule. Narrating from a first person perspective, the author describes experiences of six defectors, who managed to ...

Regional landscapes of the US and Canada essay

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is mutual relation between farmers and supporter on a vegetable growing program that aims to bring farm produce closer to the consumer. Most of the US agricultural products travel for over a thousand miles ...

River Nile essay

River Nile is the longest river in the world, which covers thousands of miles from Lake Victoria in eastern Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. Nile consists of Blue Nile which is in Ethiopia at Lake Tana, and White Nile which is around Lake Victoria ...

Riyadh City essay

Geography and location The city is located at the central part of the state, five hundred and thirty miles by the road from Jeddah on the red sea and two hundred and forty miles from Dammam on the Arabian Gulf.  Along the road to Jeddah, about ...

Saudi Arabia essay

Measure of the national economy in the Saudi Arabia with how to balance the rich and the poor and how it is done in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is an economic independent county in the Middle East region with a population of 28 million and an area of ...

Sentosa Island Singapore essay

Tourism in Singapore is the main contributor of the country’s economy. Sentosa means peace, and tranquility and it is an island resort in Singapore. Its attractions include five-star hotels, Fort Siloso, two golf courses, and a two-kilometer ...

Shorelines essay

By definition, shorelines (also called water’s edges) are lines that demark the exact boundary between water and land. The position of the shoreline changes regularly as the level of water tides change and as a result, they are said to be ...

Snake River essay

Form the above considerations, “of the three locations of the river rafting business location proposal”; each of the locations has its demerits as well as merits. Following the naming of river Colorado as most of the endangered rivers in ...

South Korea essay

Korea was under Japan’s imperial rule for thirty five years starting from 1910. In 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allied Powers which signaled the end of the Second World War. At this time Korea found itself under the rule of the Soviet Union ...

Suez Canal essay

A canal will bring honor to France as a nation in terms of significant economic, political, and military benefits. Due to the size of the project, a lot of resources will be needed. There are two types of canals that can be constructed at Panama ...

Taiwan essay

Many factors affect most countries in the world in the contexts of economy, social, culture, and even development. One of these countries is Taiwan and the geography of most regions of Taiwan has different impacts on it as a nation. Geography of a ...

Texas State Parks essay

There are numerous Texas State Parks across the Texas’ landscape. Due to their numerous numbers, one has to use the available links in locating a state park in Texas’s seven geographic regions. For easy navigation and location of a state ...

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake essay

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was a magnitude 7.0 catastrophic earthquake with the epicenter located approximately 16 miles west of Haiti’s capital. The devastating earthquake was recorded on the 12th of January, 2010 at 21:53 UTC. At least 50 ...

The African Culture essay

The African culture is rich of different Africanized version of beauty and other aspects in life that is worth documenting. This is a selection of the fetish artistic impression based on the sculptures, it personifies beauty and the sexual being of ...

The American Native Reserves essay

Land reservations are the land parcels reserved for the Native American tribes that the American government of the 19th century drew out to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between the native Indians and the white settlers. In 1988, when the ...

The City of Riyadh essay

General Information The city of Riyadh or El Riyadh is strategically located at the center of the world’s continents and has been the center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city is also situated in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula ...

The Country of Liberia essay

Liberia is a small country located west coast of Africa, which was built through the use of the help of The American Colonization Society (ACS). The country was established so as to place all the freed blacks in the old times of the slavery which ...

The Global Warming Controversy essay

Global warming has remained a very complex and controversial topic over the recent years. There is an increasing number of scientific evidence showing an increase in global temperature since the 1800s, and there has been a unanimous consensus among ...

The History of Puerto Rico essay

Puerto Rico is an archipelago of islands that forms a nation found in the West Pacific. This country has been an autonomous commonwealth in an alliance with the United States since 1952. According to Pitzer and Tara (34), this nation has close ties ...

The Louisiana Purchase essay

Louisiana Purchase qualified the United States as a pre-eminent world power, which could stand for its rivals from Europe. It involved acquisition of land, approximately 828,000 square miles which was under the control of France and was done in ...

The Mars essay

The major objective of this essay is to closely relate the orbits of Mars to that of the Earth. The Mars orbit has an axial tilt approximated to twenty five and nineteen degrees. The scientists say that it is quite similar to the earth’s tilt. ...

The Mississippi Delta Earthquake essay

The scientist predictions continue to warn of an earthquake equivalent to that of Haiti along the New Madrid fault in the next 50 years. Historically, the strongest earthquake in the United States occurred in Missouri along the Mississippi river in ...

The Phenomenon of Zonation essay

Tides are caused by rising and falling of ocean surfaces owing to the moon’s tidal force. This tides results in changes in the water level. The intertidal zone is exposed at low tide and submerged at high tide. The spray zone which is never ...

The World Population Growth essay

The World’s population keeps growing as time goes by. This paper seeks to describe the trend of the world’s population growth from the year 1985 – 2011. It also intends to examine the factors influencing the trends the ...

Troubling Geographies essay

The work of David Harvey highlights and criticizes geographical knowledge as hypothesized by many philosophers. Harvey came to tabulate that geographical knowledge can not related to a single disciple. Several disciplines are involved in making up ...

Turkey essay

Turkey is located between the continents of Europe and Asia on the Geographic coordinates: 39 00 N, 35 00 E. It neighbors Iran and Iraq to the east, Greece to the west Russia to the north and in the south is the Mediterranean Sea (Bureau of European ...

Vancouver essay

Vancouver is a coastal metropolis situated in the minor Mainland of British Columbia; Canada. The name originated from British leader George Vancouver, who discovered the region in the 1790s. The name Vancouver comes from the Dutch meaning van ...

Venice City essay

Located in northern Italy, Venice is arguably the most fascinating city with reference to its beauty when it comes to its architecture, settings and artworks. Venice forms the capital of Veneto region explaining the more than 270,098 residence ...

Western Australia essay

The Island is home to the larges population of Birds in Western Australia widely marked by large colonies of little penguins. The island is therefore surrounded by the ShoalwaterIslands marine park. Tourists frequently access the island and other ...

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