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Custom Economics essay samples

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A Case on Opportunity Cost with Budget Constraint essay

Opportunity cost refers to the cost of overlooking an activity over another. It involves foregoing one item for another. It involves sacrificing a good opportunity that is available to an individual for another. Opportunity cost often involves ...

Accounting Career essay

Introduction The public perceives CPA holders as qualified, independent and competent professionals. But for one to remain competent with the changing business environment he/she should specialize. Areas of specialization are discussed ...

Adam Smith to Economics essay

Adam Smith (1723-1790) in his quest to unearth how the economy works is habitually regarded as the forefather of modern economics (Buchan, 2006, p. 2). He did so by stating the law of demand and is notably known for his major works, namely, The ...

Alfa Telecom Cellular Communication Service essay

Alfa Telecom is a Cellular Communication Service and Major GSM mobile phone operator in Lebanon. Alfa started under the name of Cellis. In 1993, a French committee, charged of designing cellular network and radio stations, made a BOT (Build Operate ...

American Industrial Revolution essay

Effects of American Industrial Revolution and Rise to Market Economy to Family and Labor The industrial revolution led to separation of the workplace from home and altering the division of labor between men and women. It destroyed the family economy ...

An Economic Look at Slavery in the United States essay

Introduction Millions of people from Africa were taken to America especially southern USA to work as laborers in the farms in America. These people were treated badly while others were treated very well although some of them they treated as ...

Applied Problems Week 4 essay

Background Information: The theory of diminishing returns In the production theory of Micro- Economics, when we focus on results, we talk in terms of returns. This means that production with no returns would not be worth the investment of factors of ...

Bilateral Trade Agreement Between United States and Israel essay

A bilateral trade agreement is a contract of an economic nature between two countries that is aimed at improving economic imbalances between nations. Israel became the first country to sign a Bilateral Free Trade Area Agreement with the US in 1985. ...

Biodiversity and its Influence on Economy essay

In the not so distant past, the free-market environmentalism has been the sole approach to the preservation of the environment in the wake of huge industrialisation and encroachment. The argument in support of this method has always been that with ...

Business Cycles essay

A business cycle is a description of the vicissitudes of economy. A business cycle explains the decline and growth of economy via four phases, namely: prosperity phase, recession phase, depression phase and the recovery phase. 1.Prosperity phase A ...

Business Protection essay

In the recent years, many businesses are adopting legal measures and other constraints in order to protect various business presses from investigating the activities of the business and publishing critical articles about business affairs. These ...

Coca-Cola India essay

Coca Cola is the largest soft drink manufacturer in the world as well as the most highly rated brand in the globe. In 1977, the company was forced out of the Indian market after the Junta government required the company to reveal its recipe and ...

Cost of Living in Hong Kong essay

Introduction For centuries, Hong Kong has been the most pulsating and lively city in the world. Many people who have been wishing to live cheap but high quality lives have preferred Hong Kong to other cities. This explains its rich history as a ...

Data Work With Excel essay

In reference to the averages and standard deviation of the portfolio the strategy employed will not work for the best to the investor, in that, the average between the entire portfolio’s rates of return is -77.225 meaning that it is greater ...

Democracy and Resource Curse by Michael L. Ross essay

Michael L. Ross is a professor at the University of California at the department of Political Science (US). He authored this article with the sole interest of identifying factors that lead to autocracy, mainly in the Arab world. The political ...

Developing World Economics and Politics essay

The politics surrounding economic policy reforms have majorly affected the distribution of wealth in many of the developing countries. This phenomenon applies more in domestic politics but also in international politics. For instance, the one of the ...

Developments and Changes in the American Economy essay

It’s in 1920 that the number of people living in the cities surpassed those that lived on the farms. This ushered the era of social ferment, great changes in art and ideas, the economy, technology and science. It’s this period that ...

Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development essay

SECTION A (a).Countries should only export if they have an absolute advantage in producing a good. N  The argument that countries should only export if they have absolute advantage is not true. A country‘s absolute value is an indication ...

ECON-195 essay

What are the main functions of a bank? The main functions of commercial banks are: Acceptance of deposits; commercial banks accept deposits from their clients both individuals and firms. To accomplish this, they offer different types of accounts to ...

Economic Protectionism essay

In the last three decades, most world economies have expanded their production and increased their volumes in terms of trade. Most importantly, globalization, which encourages free trade among nations, has brought about rapid increases in trade ...

Economy in Italy essay

Introduction Italy is one of the world’s largest economies, attested by the fact that it is a member of G7 group of countries. Its economy is mostly industrialized and is largely categorized into two: a highly developed industrial northern ...

Effect of International Organizations on Nation States? Economic and Social Policy essay

Introduction Globalization is the process through which the social, economic, political, cultural and technological aspects of countries are increasingly loosing territorial boundaries and independence as they get infiltrated with other foreign ...

Effects of Economic Problems Caused by the Recent Crisis essay

The recent crisis in the banking and financial industries have caused various economic problems consequently resulted into diverse effects on various sectors of the economy. Business firms have observed a tremendous increase in interest rates ...

Encourage Economic Growth essay

Singapore and Hong Kong have great similarities with respect to their economic systems. Lately, the two ports have been referred to as ‘‘East Asian Tigris” following a six percent increase per year in their entire economies. During ...

Examination of Price Setting essay

Introduction Price-setting is analyzed from three points of view: the way firms take into account price market competition in setting their price, the way they use price discrimination, and the proportion of them that incorporate expectations when ...

Explaining the Importance of Studying Economics in the 21st Century essay

Introduction Economics is a social science that involves studying the way in which people make choices about allocation of scarce resources (Wessels, 2006). Scarce resources may include land, equipment, time, energy, and the knowledge needed to ...

Financial Statements essay

Introduction A financial statement is a compilation of data, which is logically and consistently organized according to accounting principles. Its purpose is to convey an understanding of some financial aspects of a business firm. It may show a ...

"Flat Tax" Rate essay

Tax refers to a levy or a financial charge upon an individual or any other legal entity i.e. a nonhuman entity regarded by law to have the status of a natural person such as a legal name and rights. This levy is normally imposed by a government, or ...

Foreign Exchange Memo essay

To predict the value of the Euro for November 15th 2010, the first step will be to get the current exchange rate and the current inflation rate for the two regions. The current rate for 1 USD = 0.7146 Euro (using yahoo finance currency ...

Foreign Exchange Rate and Commercial Banking essay

Introduction The notion of the world has greatly shifted from being a large sphere to a global village as communication and travel channels continue to improve making access of places and exchange of information fast. This has necessitated ...

Global Finance, Local Intelligence essay

For the last two decades, the world economic blocks have been hit by major economic events that have led to change in global factors, especially in finance sectors. Despite the global recession and many other issues that have shaken the world ...

Globalization Tendencies to Negative Effect on Culture Diversity essay

Introduction Over the past few years, world has witnessed massive revolutions in terms of trade, communication, political ideologies among other remarkable changes. It is for that reason that the world has become a global village a term some people ...

Gross Domestic Product essay

This paper will assess various economic indicators in the United States, including real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, Consumer Price Index, Industrial Production, Interest rates, change in Nonfarm Payrolls and unemployment rate. For every ...

Immigration in the United States essay

Introduction The United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigration issue is hotly debated and various experts are trying to come out with ways of ending the problem There are different public opinions concerning immigration whereby the proponents ...

Overtime Pay essay

Overtime Pay The call center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today because many companies are outsourcing their customer service representatives in order to provide for the needs of the growing clienteles. The work ...

Income essay

AGI, that is, adjusted gross income is defined by section 62 of the Internal Revenue Code as gross income from all sources. AGI is creator of tax code and therefore its components change over time as the tax law changes.  AGI however can be ...

Industrial Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company essay

The global business environment is facing drastic changes every day. Changes in operation costs, customer preferences, technology, political settings and competition are posing major threats to various operators. To stay in and possibly expand their ...

Inflation in America essay

Many countries all over the world are facing inflation; United States, not being an exception, has continues to experience inflation year after year. This has led to lose of money value coupled with high prices of basic commodities such as food and ...

International Trade essay

Despite the fact that free trade creates losers and winners, the virtual unanimity among the economists is that international trade is a definite net gain for the global society (Blinder, 2004). Whatever their position on other ideological issues, ...

IOUSA essay

Produced in 2008 and directed by Patrick Creadon, IOUSA is a documentary film that centers on the outlook and impact of the national debt of the United States of America. The movie explores America’s shocking present fiscal condition and ...

Korean Auto Insurance essay

What would be the net income of the Taejon branch as of 2007 and 2008 if the headquarters’ overhead costs were allocated by the current method? Calculate the amounts of revenue and direct and indirect costs of the Taejon ...

Labor Union essay

A labor union is also called trade union. This is a group or an organization of workers or employees that have come together to accomplish a common goal, for instance better working conditions and a better pay (Krueger, 1995). The leadership of the ...

Marketing of a President essay

Barack Obama has rewritten the history in prestigious US elections: A man who changed a history of US recently in president elections was Barack Obama. The day, November 4 2008 has getting more specials after the astonishing win achieved by ...

Microeconomics is Concerned with the Study of Behaviour essay

Microeconomics is concerned with the study of behaviour of how individual family units and firms make their choices on allocation of inadequate resources. Microeconomics is further involved with assessment of market dynamics which help to mark ...

New Tax Policy in Latin America essay

Latin America has faced various economic challenges in the past few decades, such as high rates of unemployment, high inflation rates, decrease in gross domestic product (GDP), high foreign exchange rates as well as increased capital outflows. The ...

OPEC essay

Perloff (2007), observes that Monopoly is an enterprise which is a sole producer of a particular good or service. These goods and services do not have close substitutes.  A monopoly has total control of a certain good or service. It is possible ...

Opportunity Cost essay

Occasionally, people experience dilemma in choosing a meal against another due to cost of the two types of food. In an average family set up two options of foods are available are a 2killogram packet of flour as well as 1killogram of rice. A mother ...

Perfectly and Imperfectly Competitive Markets essay

Introduction The assumption of Perfect competition theory  in economic theory, is one among other markets that then to show that  no association under the theory are large enough to hold the market power, that set the prices of comparable ...

Persuasive Message and Analysis essay

This essay discusses persuasive message delivery through a study of a real-case scenario of GB Financial Corporation and further goes on to analyze the effectiveness of the delivery of the intended message through rhetoric analysis as a means of ...

Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution essay

This paper is going to address the marketing plan for Wimsy Iced Tea Company. The topics to be appraised are; the pricing strategy to be used, pricing tactics, legal and ethical issues related to the pricing tactics, marketing distribution channel ...

Shelf Space Price Discrimination essay

Rationale for Shelf Space Price Discrimination To understand the rationale for shelf space price, the concept of price discrimination should be elaborate. This is because the concept is applied to determine the price charged for the different ...

Social Calculation for Economists essay

Despite popular belief among the socialists, economists do not belong in a capitalists world only but also in a socialists society. This perception stems from the understanding that economic problems that affect the society as a whole have the same ...

Store of Value essay

The demand and supply for gold as store of value has been fluctuating in the recent past due to a number of factors identified in the article. Factors affecting demand of gold are seen to affect the willingness and ability of a potential buyer to ...

The 2008 Economic Crisis essay

“The Financial Crisis, Its Economic Consequences, and How to Get Out of It” (Asensio and Lang, 2010) is an article by Angel Asensio and Dany Lang. In the article, the author’s present an argument that “mainstream ...

The Airline Industry essay

The Airline industry is first of all a service industry dealing with transport service. It is a seasonal industry that is highly labor intensive and also capital intensive. The labor and capital intensiveness’s is directly proportional to the ...

The Analysis of Exxon Mobil essay

Introduction This paper explores the Analysis of ExxonMobil -history and mission, generic strategy positioning. It also focuses on the corporations key resources and capabilities, core strategy, detailed strategy, business model, value chain. The ...

The Budget essay

Introduction Many different definitions have been suggested to explain what a budget is. However, there is no conclusive definition of this term since different scholars have diverging opinions on the topic. For our discussion we will mainly focus ...

The Civil Engineering essay

Civil engineering is broad, but majorly involves specializations in planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures, or public works related to earth, water, and general civilization (ScienceDaily, 2008). The author of this article ...

The Developing World essay

Africa and Latin America happen to have vast resources natural that if exploited would leave many other nations in envy. Talk of the mineral resources and the wide forest covers. However there have been a number of factors which have greatly ...

The Effects of Globalization and Information Technology essay

In the wake of globalization, many industries in the United States such as the computer industry underwent tremendous transformation. With increase in praise of globalization and information technology, the computer industry has embraced them with ...

The Global Financial Crisis essay

Introduction The global financial crisis has exposed very serious weaknesses in the economy of the world as well as in the global economic governance. Countries have enacted stimulus packages that are aimed at helping the countries in meeting their ...

The Global Financial Crisis and its Economic Impacts on Greece essay

Introduction By most economists, the world financial crisis of 2008-2009 is considered to be one of the worst crises after the Great Depression that occurred in the 1930s. It led to the collapse of many financial institutions across the globe with ...

The National Credit Union Administration essay

The National Credit Union Administration is an independent federal agency that charters, regulates and supervises federal credit unions. With the backing and credit of the U.S. Government, it manages and ensures proper operation of the ...

The Relationship between Savings and Investment essay

The Great Recession of 2008-09 and the global financial crisis became a nightmare to many Americans. During this period, the stocks value plunged, credit was unavailable to many people, mortgage foreclosures increased to its highest and the global ...

The U.S. Economic Crisis essay

The United States has not been spared from the great recession that has hit many nations across the world.  The U.S. economic crisis has been attributed greatly to the current debt crisis, which is considered as the worst financial crisis since ...

Three Distinct Processes of Globalization essay

This article outlines three distinct processes of globalization. First, capitalism, which aims at reaping maximum profits from each and every venture, is depicted as the core initiator of globalization. In the article, Kovac (2011) outlines that ...

Tiger Economy essay

A tiger economy can be described as an economy of a country, which is characterized by fast growth. According to Barry (1999), an economy, which is described as tiger, is usually followed with better living standards because of industrialization, ...

Tobacco Industry essay

Tobacco industry is composed of all people and corporations that are involved in the expansion, sale preparation, promotion, and distribution of tobacco, as well as tobacco-related products. Tobacco is globally recognized since it can be planted in ...

Unemployment in Mexico essay

Introduction The unemployment rate in Mexico was reported to be at 4.8 percent in 2011. From the year 2000 to 2010, Mexico’s unemployment rate averaged 3.45 percent and even reached a historical high of 5.93 percent in May 2009.  This ...

Unemployment on our Economy essay

Unemployment refers to a microeconomic situation which affects individuals. When a family member becomes unemployed, the members feel it in the loss of income as well as a decreased living standard. Most average consumers in the macroeconomics realm ...

Economics essay

The structure of any given industry is usually measured by determining the value of its four-firm concentration ratio (CR), which indicates the size of the firm relative to the industry at large. In other words, a concentration ratio is made up of ...

United States Federal Reserve System essay

Since its commencement in 1931, the Federal Reserve System has faced numerous criticisms. Great criticism amongst the general public was a key characteristic of the 2010 midterm elections and furthermore, they opposed the bailout of main banks, ...

Why Good Employees Can Be Bad Managers essay

It is a fact that the not every employee will be a good employee. It is not a generally accepted fact that the best employees need not be a good manager. Managing skills are different from the Employer skills. One of the important thing is good ...

Work and Women essay

Women have always worked whether paid or unpaid. All the same there is a big difference between men and women in work. In almost every country in the world, working conditions, working hours, and payment there is a blatant disparity. While women ...

Yiwu Small Commodity Markets essay

Yiwu is a small town in the middle of Zhejiang province of China. It is the world’s well known small commodities market. Yiwu small commodities market deals with various types of small commodities. Yiwu market is distributed across the city of ...

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