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Free Custom «Important Materials for Design » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Important Materials for Design » Essay Paper

Designing means planning for a construction of an object, this can either be applied in circuit diagrams, architectural blueprints and sewing patterns. The study below considers some of the common and most important materials for design in British Columbia. This is one of the most upcoming nations because of the stability in its economy and the skills of doing things. Apart from the financial conditions, there are other external factors which enhance the human activities taking place hence the availability of many materials for designing these activities. Architectural activities, graphic designs materials and clothing designs are some of the activities utilizing the most important designing materials in British Columbia.

Design materials for architectural in Columbia

There are many and different architectural designs which are coming up with the increase in the market competition hence various companies are trying to come up with ways of making their products unique. The Architectural Institute of British Columbia is the largest body that is concern about architectural design. The program is aimed at producing the most qualified professionals in architectural by monitoring all their activities and updating the knowledge and skills of doing things depending on the interests of the public. The old designs of constructions are diminishing and being replaced by the new ways of doing things. Under the Act of the Architect, the legislature of Columbia has set aside the title “Architect” only to the professionals who are admitted or registered members of the Architectural Institute (Beall, 25-31).

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The materials which are commonly used to design most of the activities considered by the current architectures, these include: graphics, site design, selection and arrangement thereof among the others. The law requires that no one should be allowed to go on with any building and constructing activity without having a design. The designers decide the plan of the building depending on its purpose; this is assumed to be reducing the incidences of accidents such as that of fire, lightening or collapsing of the blocks. The commercial buildings cannot have the same design as that for domestic use because they are likely to get fire due to changes in the human activities and the handling of the highly combustible substances like oxygen in cylinders used for commercial activities such as welding.

The ideas of the constructor are represented on drawing paper or board through a drawing using some scales to represent the real measurements of the building. The designers also need materials to survey the site so as to better design the place. Various architectural departments are involved in the process of designing a construction, these include: surveyors, building industry, building services engineers, developers, builders and property managers. The designers should consider the ideas of all the departments before coming up with a building design (Ballard, 46-49).

Technological advancement has brought about change of the materials used in architectural design. These are more perfect than most of the manual materials which were used initially, this has reduced time spend by the designers as well as energy. The data to be used in fed in the computer which is instructed on what to do with them. If the designer is keen on the operations, he should be certain of perfect results. Much of the mathematical formulas are used especially in the measurements of the sketches used to represent the entire structure. Some of the architectural models may not only be visible but also be tangible like the models used in the show o presentation. These are models designed for the construction of some common buildings like the commercial blocks which are expected to be similar in many ways. These are efficient for a three dimension understanding of a design because they are able to represent all sides of the block. The most common materials used to make such designs include: cardboard, polystyrene, wooden blocks, foam boards and foam among others (Lerner & Williamson, pp 3).

The architectural and building materials have really changed with the various forms of advancements in the field. The unbaked bricks are no longer considered as constructing tools for permanent walls and terracotta for the roof tiles. There are many roofing materials which have been discovered and are suitable for all weather condition, for example, snap and lock metal roofing or concrete and clay tiles are the commonly used roofing materials and are very common in many of the show rooms. These changes are mostly enhanced by the changes in the weather conditions hence the need to adapt, for example, the iron sheets were found to be uncomfortable in the hot weather hence the tiles were discovered which have come up with various forms and designs. The stone walls were the only ones considered to be strong enough to support the weight of the tiles thus changes on the roof enhance that of the building blocks (Burden, 57-61).

Graphic designs materials

Graphic design companies are most common in British Columbia. They mostly specialize on Brochures, Business cards and marketing materials because of the increased competition in the business world thus the need to create public awareness of the existence of some products or services or show their uniqueness from the other related thus attracting the attention of the public. Graphic design refers to the artistic and professional models which are centred on the visual communication and presentation. There are various methods which are considered using different materials to combine various symbols, words or images hence communicate an idea or message. Thus a process of designing must be considered with the use of the best materials so as to come up a good final product of design which effectively communicates the intended message (Graphic & print design, pp2).

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The commonly used materials to effectively design and communicate the intended message include; advertisements through the electronic mediums of communication like radio ant television, magazines, product packaging and web design, an example of the product packaging may include use of logo or other works. The commonly used materials of graphic design includes: drafting papers or boards, pencils, colours and shapes as well as other materials like communication mediums both print and electronic (Graphic & print design, pp3).

The materials used in the graphic design must be appealing to the eyes of the targeted audiences since most of them are used in marketing and advertisement. For example, the materials used to make brochures and business cards should be of the best quality thus the targeted audiences should be comfortable to handle hence take time to decode the intended message. These are mostly made from the hard Manila paper but the most necessary thing is the choice of the colours and the font used for the best appearance. These materials should be long lasting although very cheap for modification in case of changes in the market. These materials are available in the in most of the British markets because of the wide market of the products hence the need and de4mand of the materials to be used. Some of the materials especially those used to design graphics like logos are very varied for the production of unique designs. The logo of the business gives the first and the most important impression of the represented organization to the public. These graphics should be made of the best materials, for example, if printed the colours used should not easily wear out and the materials on which the print is made should be of the best quality such that the organization of the company will be represented (Heller & Ili%u0107, 26-28).

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Clothing designs

British Columbia is considered as the leading cloth and fashion designers. This is the art of the application of the aesthetics and design or the natural beauty to accessories and clothing; this is mostly influenced by the culture of the people and social attitudes. This is varied over time and place, the fashion designers in British Columbia work in a number of ways in designing clothes and accessories. This is increased by the demand of the different designs attributed by the public pressure of fashion shows and other related contexts.

The materials used to design clothes are varied depending on the season and the need of the garment to be made. The fashions of the design of clothes are considered to be the most flexible because they are influenced by both internal and external environmental factors. For example, the curiosity or need to seek public attention by a certain group of people like the university students my lead to a certain dress code which can be assumed to be a fashion especially if adapted by the other members of the public. The external environment can also lead to changes in fashion, for example, during the summer people are forced to wear light or short dresses while during the winter warm and full dresses are considered. Thus the fashion designers should think of designs which are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to the targeted audiences. The materials considered to design various clothes’ fashions should be well decided so as to serve the intended purposes, for example, women are interested in designs which are completely different from men. They create the look, style and the overall pattern of the garments to be worn (Ryan & Conover, 23-26)

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There are some companies of fashion and design which are considered to be better than the others. This is depended on the materials that are used to design them in terms of quality and appearance. These use similar cloths just like the other companies but the differences are determined by the materials that they use to design the fashion. The companies have combinations and wide range of materials to work on as they design the patterns with the range of colours, styles and patterns. Although the clothes which are worn on the ordinary days are classified under the same narrow range of styles some of the garments are specially sort for occasional purpose, for example, evening dresses and sports (Eskilson, 45-48).

The fashion designers work in different ways, some may sketch their ideas of the design they want on a piece of paper while others may make a sample of the design. After coming up with the kind of fit, the designer consults the pattern maker who sketchers the pattern fit for the garment. The job of the pattern maker is very specific and the fit of the garments that they finish is dependent on their accuracy. The colours used on various articles have motives, for example, the red colour is used to represent valentine day while black represents a mourning mood. The flowered articles are preferred to be casual thus worn during the evening parties and other joyful celebrations. London has been set aside as the capital of United Kingdom industry of fashion and comes up with most of the foreign fabric designs related to the most modern styles of British. The distinctive fashion design is considered to be smart but original, the design still remain although sometimes modified to fit in the current needs and wants of the modern life. The materials used to make these designs are also modified from the manual ones to the digitalised thus their products are better than they were long ago.

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The style and design of the clothing has a role to play when judging the personalities of the individual, gender and occupational. For example, various uniforms can be used to determine the authority figures such as air force, military and administration police. The patterns used on the design can also identify various occasions such as weddings or church functions. The fabrics which are designed and patterned with ornaments and jewelleries can be used for wedding s while those which are plain white and long are found to be suitable for the church functions (Beall, 36-38).

The materials used to make most of the fabric design include: wool, fur, natural and synthetic fabrics and woven materials. These materials are considered depending on the purpose and the use of the fabrics to be designed. For example, the articles designed for the cold weathers are best made from wool or fur because they are a bit warm while those intended for the dry weather and activities such as sports require to be made from the natural and artificial fibres thus they are comfortable for the hot weather and still absorb heat. The materials used to make or design clothing fashions in British Columbia are mostly natural and artificial fibres like cotton and polyester because wool and fur are rare to get; the prices of those available are very high hence most of the people may not afford them. This is why the warm clothes like pullovers and coats are very expensive and of less designs compared to the others whose designing materials are less expensive hence more available in the market.

The clothes made from the natural or artificial fibres are the most available in the market especially the second handed because the raw materials can be obtained at low prices hence their final products are very cheap. The dense population of residents in Britain have affected the availability of the natural raw materials such as wool and fur because there are no spaces to rare animals for this purpose. People are also engaging themselves in other social and economic activities different from those of raring animals thus they can only obtain natural materials such as wool by importing which are very expensive (Ballard, 52-57).

The designers of the clothing fashion mostly plan for the fabrics which are made from the artificial raw materials although they sometime obtain the natural raw materials like silk from the silkworm and others from importation but only for special purposes for example, at the eve of the winter seasons when they know that the demand of the warm clothes would be high thus they make them to meet the needs and desires of the public. During the summer, the designers concentrate on the materials which make the light fabrics suitable for the dry and hot weather since they are highly demanded in the market.

These designers are also keen to keep informed on the needs and desires of their target people so as to consider them when designing their fabrics for the purpose of satisfying them. They can carry out a market research to identify the interest of the most influential individuals to the public, for example, the youths in the public universities who are the great role models to the others in the community. The materials used should be suitable for the intended purposes of the fabric designed.

The British Columbia is one of the biggest provinces in Canada and is well known for its natural beauty. It has the best designing materials especially in the things which contribute to its visible beauty such as architectural, graphics and clothing. The structures are well and uniformly designed such they look appealing to the eyes of the viewers. The enlarged marketing of goods and services has led to enhancement in the field of designing the graphics like brochures, business cards and marketing cards. Clothing designs are also very common British Columbia due to the changes in the fashion enhanced by the changes in the weather and other external environmental factors. Varied raw materials are therefore available in this province for the design of various activities.


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