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Cite a Research Paper

In making a research paper, cite the works before final submission. When a student quotes a statement from another document and gives credit to the source that is referred to as citation. It is one of the most vital parts of an academic paper; without it the paper could be pointed out as plagiarized work. Plagiarism is copying the work of someone else without giving due recognition. This is why citations come with the quoted text and the source information.

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Rules for Citing Papers

To construct a formal research paper, cite the sources, including the in-text citations and the references. The bibliography is a separate page that lists all the cited documents. Most instructors check out the bibliography first. There are standard formats to be used. In-text citations include the last name of the author and the date of publication. At other times, the page number of the quoted text is given; it depends on the citation style being used. Instructors are particular with the bibliography because it tells them whether the student committed plagiarism or not. To avoid this, review the research paper, cite the sources properly and then submit the final work.

Referencing is based on the same idea as citing: quoting a text and then giving credit to the source; however, referencing has many ways of being presented. There are various styles that researchers can use. For instance, the paper is quoting Augustus Clarke, an author. The Harvard style would require the referencing to start with “Clarke explains” or “Clarke states” (the phrases can vary according to how the researcher wishes to present it) and then followed by the direct quote inside quotation marks.

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In using APA style, the format is quite the same but the tense being used will be different; instead of “Clarke explains” it will be “Clarke explained”, and so on. When introducing the author being quoted, the tenses will vary depending on the style being employed. It is advisable then, that in your research paper cite the references with a guide to the citation styles; these are usually found in manuals or websites. Simply follow the formats so you can write the bibliography properly.

How to Cope with Citing Papers

Citing a paper can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you are on a tight deadline. Students who are not familiar working with the citing styles often us up a lot of time learning it. To avoid hassle and have plenty of time making the actual research paper, you can ask for professional help to assist you.

Citation is required of every research paper for without it, the work can lose its integrity. If you are not sure about citing on your own, you can ask help from EssaysExperts.com. It is a writing company that has policies on customer accommodation and satisfaction. Rest assured, this website can help with your research paper cite the documents you used as reference. All academic levels are welcome to ask for assistance in writing papers, no matter what topic it may be. Try consulting with them today!

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