Free Custom «?The Wild Iris?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?The Wild Iris?» Essay Paper

This essay is a description of close correlation among similar poems in Louise Gluck’s collection “The Wild Iris”. The paper focuses on the affiliation of themes depicted in the poems, artistic devices applied and the effectiveness of the poet to portray aspects of life. The essay is composed of several paragraphs presented under specific subtopics. It begins with an introduction that: briefly introduces the poet, outlines the various subject maters in some selected poems and depicts correlation in the poems. The paper also consists of a thesis statement justifying the correlation in the selected poems. The body of the essay is a detailed description of life, death, religion, among other aspects as depicted in the poems. The paper also contains a critique of the art outlining certain weaknesses evident in the piece of work. The essay comes to a close with a conclusion, fairly summarizing the view of the writer about life as depicted in her pieces of art.


The poet, Louise Gluck, is a renowned writer and poet born on the 22nd day of April 1943 inNew York. This particular collection of poems “The Wild Iris” was published in 1992 and reprinted a year after .There exist a close relationship among most of her poems particularly: “The Wild Iris”, “The Untrustworthy Speaker”, “The Silver Lily”, “The Gold Lily” and “Vespers”. “The Speaker” in these poems is the poet who addresses various aspects of nature in a uniquely similar voice. Conspicuous in these poems are her woes here on earth, her inability to control time and her address to an unspecified god. There is also great similarity in the artistic tools used in these poems, symbolism is central and present in all the poems.

Thesis Statement

There exists a very close relationship among the poems outlined in this essay. The poet in all the essays is the speaker though she takes various forms for various poems. The poems are written from the first person’s point of view. Similar artistic tools are applied; metaphors for example have been used such as: diverse flower, clouds, sun among others. The poems refer to similar life aspects and are all written in the same environment. A garden is chosen as the poems’ environment, a symbolic image that describes the life of a human being.

Themes Addressed

The most conspicuous theme in all the poems is that of suffering: In “The Wild Iris”, for example the writer refers to survival as a terrible endeavor. Similarly she depicts suffering in the “Untrustworthy Speaker” with broken heartedness. She generally portrays life as a hardship one in which things pass without her control over them. In “The Silver Lily” she illustrates this hardship by depicting tears even after which joy that may follow is meaningless. The poet describes life to consist of two aspects the spiritual and the material aspects. There appear particular differences between the various aspects with death and rebirth mentioned as ways of crossing over from one world to the other. In the world of Iris she paints an image of a flower that emerges certainly it comes from the other world .This is used by the poet to depict a connection between these two worlds.

These poems develop a relationship between life before death and life after. The poet outlines different lifestyles in the first life yet all are characterized by similar occurrences. Time, seasons, toil, disillusionment, change among other aspects of life are uniquely mentioned to define the world.

Spiritual Aspect

The poet includes the presence of a supernatural being in all her poems. This aspect of life seems to be in control of certain natural occurrences. She depicts her inability to control time and attributes it to this being. She is only able to interpret time, not to control it. She views life to consist of two worlds which are described differently in various poems. In “The Silver Lily”, for example, she doubts her certainness regarding the end. In the “Vespers” she speaks of the dead and the living. In “The Wild Iris” she points out about the other world. To the poet life is composed of various seasons, a mention of seasons, months such as August, the end, summers among others demonstrate aspect of life she has no control of despite the various forms she takes in the poems. She occasionally communes with the invisible god.

The Material Aspect

It is in this aspect of life where Gluck depicts suffering, a  good illustration is when she speaks of the toil in the garden; illustrated in the poem ‘vespers’; where she reports failure in her assignment. In the same poem she mentions of a dark spot and doubts whether such a term exists in the site of the invisible god.

Other themes depicted in these pieces of art include: religion and disillusionment among others. All the themes portrayed in these pieces of art serve to qualify the various aspects of the life of a human being .The writer uses a unique style of symbolism and imagery to depict these aspects.

Artistic Tools

The poet applies diverse styles of art to effectively develop her themes and communicate to her audience. She uses a unique style of imagery. The most conspicuous among the images applied by the poet include: clouds, water, flowers, garden and sun among others. Imagery has been used by the poet to express a real life situation.

In the poem “The Wild Iris” various images have been applied. The sun for example is symbolic of a god. This god is depicted as a supernatural power that poses control over the universe. The wild Iris itself is a symbolic image of life. The Iris sprouts from the other world and the new colors attained are symbolic of new life. Other images used in this poem include voice, darting birds among others.

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In “The Untrustworthy Speaker” imagery is also uniquely present. Silence for example, is symbolic of death. The poet uses this symbol to connect life between the living and the dead. Other symbols applied by the poet include: broken heart, sister among others.

In the poem, “The Gold Lily” the writer is once again symbolic of life and death. The lily itself is symbolic of man a representation of his life. The father and master are symbols used to represent the invisible god. The use of the symbol master symbolizes authority and control over the universe. Just like in other poems silence is used to symbolize life in the world of the dead.

In “The Silver Lily”, the poet is careful to depict the glory of life with images. The moon is symbolic of life and the moon’s light its glory. Silence is again applied to symbolize life among the dead. The end is used to symbolize death. All these and other unique symbols have been used by the poet to depict certain aspects of life both here on earth and in the silence of death.

The entire poem is basically an imagery of a garden setup representing the woes of life. The poet presents to the audience a tomato field basically to symbolize the responsibilities of life. The seeds sprout with such vigor just like a new born child coming to life with a great enthusiasm. Heavy rains and cold nights spoken of are symbolic of necessary challenges that must come in one’s life.

Other conspicuous artistic tools include dialogue and irony humor among others. Dialogue has been used to intertwine various poems, qualify different themes and give the pieces of art a realistic tone.

Critique of the Art

The writer often fails to uniquely identify her voice as the speaker in the poems. It is difficult to clearly demarcate from what point of view she speaks. This is especially so because as the god of the universe and as a human she often sounds similar. The writer also applies poor imagery with certain symbols difficult to identify .The use of blue water, for example, may be symbolic yet lives a lot to be desired.

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These pieces of art are the clear representation of the write’s unique way of describing circumstances of a real life situation. The writer applies the use of imagery to describe life situations. She successfully applies this style to communicate to the audience about the undivided attention she pays to life without failing to demonstrate her religious beliefs. This work of a creative mind depicts various themes that characterize man’s life on earth. The poet shows her obsession with a supernatural being clearly depicting the inability of man to control all aspects of life. In the different poems, she takes various forms to uniquely communicate diverse messages to her audience. In some, she communicates to the audience directly while in others she chooses to speak with the invisible god. The poems are a summary of man’s life, often characterized by fear, disillusionment, supernatural forces and uncertainty among other aspects. Life as depicted does not culminate in death, though death marks the end of the one stage and a gateway into another. There is often the guidance of a god who at times seems absent in the course of life.



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