Free Custom «The Man in a Black Suit» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Man in a Black Suit» Essay Paper

This is a very captivating fiction story which, in 1995, won the world fantasy award for being the best short fiction story. It was authored by Stephen King and has been published in a number of books and also adapted in a film with the same name as the story. This essay seeks to give a critical review of the story.

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My Point of View

Reading through the story by Stephen King, I could not stop wondering what the similarity which stood out between the story  events and the real world that we live in. This story bring up issues which may seem to be simple but might actually be taking place in the very society that we live in. the issue of children being haunted is clearly brought out. We are informed in the story that though Gary finds out that his mother is not dead he is haunted all his life. The story also brings out the theme of love. As much as Gary is scared of bee sting, the story depicts him as being nostalgic about the death of his brother. This shows love attachment to his late brother. When told of the death of his mother, he is touched showing that there are some love and emotional connection to his mother. The story also brings out in a very clear way the issue of insecurities; at his old age Gary is not sure who will take him the man in a black suit or God to whom he has prayed to for all his life. Similarly the world we live in is filled with a lot of insecurities; we do not know what awaits us tomorrow. The global economy is deeply escalating and tensions are rising high every moment, the Middle East issues are getting out of hand. I view this short story as a true depiction of the current world situations. In my point of view, though fictitious work, the story is a true representation of our society.


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