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The magic formula handbook simply referred to as The Little Book that Beats the Market is written by Joel Greenblatt. The author presents wonderful principles of putting up valuable investments in any market set up. The book widely exposes simple but important principles about business investments. Joel Greenblatt emphasizes on the importance of establishing a business with value attached to it. This is because the markets are sometimes frustrating and thus volatile. Therefore, for one to cope and overcome the frustrations, he/she should have great value for the business in order to put more energy into it. As the name suggests, the book is small and presents ideas in an exquisite but simple manner. The small book beats the highly competitive market and thus, becomes the most preferred.

The Little Book that Beats the Market is a book that intensely expounds on the formulas on how to sustain the pressures of the highly competitive market. The market is filled with all kinds of business personnel. There are vary many principles provided by the various business personnel in the market, and it becomes impossible for the rest of the investors to choose the best. The diverse ideas vary from theoretical to practically implemented methods. The investors have been moving for several years to various places in order to look for solutions. However, the formulas provided in The Little Book that Beats the Market have helped boost various businesses.

The author explores the challenges facing the business, which in return affect the permanent establishment of a company. Failure to establish permanent companies has made the business sector retard and eventually fall away. In cases where business people have failed to sustain market pressures, they end up despising investments. Many other people have completely rubbed off their intentions to establish income generating activities and thus, failed to achieve their dreams. Therefore, due to such kinds of unfortunate situations many other people have come up with book to help alleviate these challenges in the market.

In the investment sector, various people have also got stack midway of their investments. The reason of stacked as well as failed stock investments is the inadequate knowledge that many investors have concerning business formulas. The formulas provided in The Little Book that Beats the Market have successfully overcome the test of the market pressures. The author successfully presents the value for businesses including the large and small companies. Therefore, sentiments that continually rise from the investors show that this book is the ultimate solution to the big challenge of establishing permanent companies.

Joel explains how the success is achieved by first appreciating the personal ability in the business sector before starting up an establishment. The essence of knowing one’s ability enables the person to keep on regardless of discouragements. Additionally, the use of The Little Book that Beats the Market allows the entrepreneur to strike adequate balances in times of financial hardships. The person is also able to know the necessary formulas to use at diverse business seasons. All these formulas are provided in the book of Joel Greenblatt.

The author continues to expound on the need of having value for the various businesses set up every year. There are many people who go out of their way to sell virtually all that they have in order to start up large instant businesses. However, the formulas outlined by Joel reveal that simplicity is the best way out to large destiny.

The beginning of the present large businesses in cities is a result of large capitals. This, however, according to Joel, can be achieved in the lives of small entrepreneurs if they gradually grow their result. The formula of the growth of large company provided by Joel starts with a small establishment. Joel asserts that the entrepreneur should have a specific target. With this, he/she should passionately start with the elementary stage of the business and then gradually increment the capital using the profit accumulated.

The effect of the small beginning has been mostly significant in the small businesses. This is because the large entrepreneurs find less time to read the wonderful book written by Joel. The entrepreneur is encouraged to keep focused on the initial target. Additionally, the target ought to be spread over an appropriate period of time. The time allowed for various businesses is different dependent on the specific needs as well as profit gained.

The new procedure includes changing marketing methods as a response to the demand trend. Various zones have diverse needs and demanding situations, which also mean that the solutions are different. Some strategies include reduction of prices and improvement of the standards gradually. Conversely, the large businesses established operate at fixed prices and prestigious packaging designs. However, the magic business book describes the importance of packaging according to the prevailing customer needs. By packing in the preferred quantities and prices, very many customers buy and end up bringing more of their friends. Selling at subsidized prices attracts more customers, which in return increases popularity. Additionally, attracting more customers help the business increase it competitiveness among the other similar large businesses.

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The author through great wisdom reveals how the magic formula can be used by all ages of people, whether old or young. The entrepreneurial procedure has proved difficult for many people, but it takes patience. Additionally, passion is very critical since the continued daily evaluation is very tasking. The entrepreneur is expected to carefully evaluate every procedure used for marketing and put into practice the only one that seems to work for him. The side formulas include employing extra workers to help work in the appropriate areas according to the weight of the business.

The author of the book describes how stock investors develop knowledge under the choice of which strategy to take. The two strategies provided are professionally managed, and the second one is self managed. The two strategies are developed in order to separate the people according to their feelings. Sometimes, the effect of the choices made by different people brings a different result after a given period of time

Joel, however, took time to evaluate the depth of the USA stock market process of evaluating investors. As a result, he matched his findings with the formula provided in his book. In The Little Book that Beats the Market, there were listings about the various companies. It is from these companies that many people would choose. The people were expected to choose from the top ranking stock market listings. His findings revealed that the outcome from the company choices was slightly different. The result of the stock company choices from either the self managed or professionally managed is closely compared.

The different categories to choose from as outlined were established for different classes of people. The difference in classes depended on the knowledge each client had on the patterns of the stock exchange. Those with less information were assisted to choose while receiving instruction on how often they were to review their choices. The choice of which company to buy stock from varied occasionally and many other times remained constant for some period of time.

The Little Book that Beats the Market is, therefore, important for most professionally managed stock accounts. The stock market conditions would fluctuate over time and cause various effects in the stock curve. The people sometimes sell all their cumulated stock and after a while, buy much stock in case they sell well again. The cause of fluctuations in the stock markets is generally affected by economical changes in the country. Knowledge about the variations in stock prices is, therefore, very important to the investors.

The deductions expected of every investor are always indicated in the stock firm’s choice. The Little Book that Beats the Market, however, explains the various fees expected of every investor in the various companies of choice. This was done by Joel in order to make it easy for the investors who would need assistance. The book also outlines the most preferred periods an investor can take before spending on the already purchased stock.

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Consequently, the author outlines the depth of one strategy referred to as ‘investors doing nothing on purchased stock’. The investors are expected to set out a period of purchasing stock up to desired amount. The next step required is to seal up the deed and write out a set period of reviewing the stock. The preferred period of time, according to Joel, is a minimum of two years. Therefore, after two years, the investor is expected to visit the stock exchange firm in order to carry out an evaluation. In case he/she finds need to withdraw by selling all the accumulated stock, he/she is free to do that. On the other hand, there is an option to retain the stock gained and then to continue purchasing more.

Thus, the author carried out evaluation on this strategy in order to test its visibility. It was discovered that this strategy worked out better than all the other self managed accounts. The other self managed accounts were interrupted by selling and purchasing after short durations, so it caused a reduction in total profit accumulated. Therefore, most of the strategies provided in this book proved better than any other formulas in the stock market.



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