Free Custom «?The Last of the Mohicans?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?The Last of the Mohicans?» Essay Paper

Cooper tends to juxtaposition two different cultures; the Indian culture and the white people. These two cultures vary in the manner in which they portray the women. In the novel, Cooper asserts that the attitude of men towards is a point diversion between the two cultures. For example, cooper uses two male characters, Magua’s and Heyward’s, to show how women were treated differently. The two male characters seem to be interested in the white women. However, granted that the two characters in question ail from different cultures, the manner in which they express their interest to her differs evidently. It is worth noting that Cooper figuratively names characters based on their culture.

We can see that Magua tries to threaten a woman so as to win her over. Heyward, on the other hand, displays a high level of civilization by going to the woman’s find and expressing his interest in his daughter and the primary objective of marrying her. Such diversion in expressing interest is attributed to the historical background of each character. Magua is an Indian and Heyward is a white American. This difference can also be attributed to the systems of the society that each character ails from. Magua is an Indian whose society is governed by patriarchal system of rule which depicts women as objects that can be used to fulfill one’s own interest with no regard to the interest of the women. Heyward ails from the white culture which is governed by a high level of civilization development. The white culture identifies women are virtuous beings that equally needs respect, protection, and admiration.  Nevertheless, the action of Heyward of going to seek the consent of a woman’s father shows that women have no decision making rights. In both cultures, cooper outlines that women depend on the men to make major decision that affect their lives. The demand of Magua that he will only release Alice when Cora agrees to marry him shows that Magua has no respect for women. he sees women as objects that can be used to fulifill the selfish desires of men. In this case, Magua wants to marry Cora not because he love and respects her, but rather he desire to revenge against Munro since Munro was among the assembly that had whipped him when he arrived in the camp drunk.

Cooper presents Indians as people who are highly connected to nature than the whites. The Indians who were the native occupants of America were closely connected to nature than their European counterparts.  Such connection to nature allegorically represents motherhood. They derived their food, shelter, as well as their God. The cordial relationship between Cora and Alice shows a strong mother-daughter bond that has characterized their relations throughout the novel. Throughout the movie, Cora always hid the face of Alice which demonstrates the undying protection that women need in life. Cora tends to assume the role of a mother in offering protection to her sister Alice. She seems to be fully in control of her gender capacity and this is clearly evident in her interaction with other characters.  Cora has greater influence on the male characters in the book and this is depicted in awareness of the importance of her female sexuality. The moral decadence among women is clear shown when Cora shy away from motherly notion at the time she exercise her sexuality as a woman.

Cooper constantly refers to the motherly instinct of Cora especially at the time her sister was in need. She is portrayed as very caring. In other words, women are a source of protection and care for the family.  For instance, when Alice demonstrated fear and doubt, Cora would quickly come in to assure her that she is safe in her hands.  For instance, Cooper outlines that “For several instances the elder sister greatly cared for the younger, with expression that faltered, with dominant and challenging emotions.  She always spoke for long, despite the fact that her tones did not have their affluent and composed fullness, in a look of kindness that was always motherly (109)”. In this case, cooper outlines the powerful attachment between Alice and her sister Cora.

Another instance where women are portrayed as creatures that need tender care and protection is when Alice coils in the arms of Heyward Duncan. Cooper show immense respect for the women when he describes Cora using very beautiful characteristics that lifts her self-esteem as well as prowess as a female character. Cooper contrasts the motherly instincts in Cora with her sexuality. Many male characters perceive Cora as a powerful woman that threatens the ego of men. Cooper clearly highlights that Cora was fully aware of sexuality even during her interaction with male characters. Sexuality is a powerful tool for exchange. Cooper demonstrates the importance of purity, sexuality, motherhood, and eroticism.

Women are less regarded in the community. The killing of the last male person was termed as the end of the Mohicans. Even though women still exist in this community, a declaration is made to the effect of end of lineage. Women still exist but they are not heirs according to the traditional customs. Men are regarded more than women. The title of this book is equally gender inclined. The author claims the end of the Mohicans. This declaration comes at the death of the last male person from the tribe. Principally, even the author believes that women cannot carry the genealogy of a people to the next level.

Women are not brave to fight. The death of the last son was termed as the death of the last worrier. Never again will there be any other warrior to fight for the wise tribe of Mohicans. The death of the last male figure is equally termed as the end of wise tribe. Even though women still exist, they are not regarded as wise. Wisdom is only attached to the make persons. Bravery is also attached to the male specie. All warriors are dead! This is the claim that is raised at the death of the last male. Women cannot be warrior. The tribe of Mohicans will not have warriors again. Even kings and leaders will be extinct. Such a declaration only emphasizes the fact that women are weak and unable. Alice and Cora are escorted by Heyward. The women do not have the courage and bravery to pass the forest without a guard. This shows that women are weak and vulnerable. Cora however appears to be braver compared to her sister. The truth however is that women are weaker. The weakness of ladies is further evident in the encounter between Hawkeye and Magua. A lot take place. Hawkeye and his friend even plot to kill Magua. The women are calm and do not utter a word. It is also true that women have lower physical strength compared to men. This must have contributed to Cora and Alice’s position of calmness. They needed to be close to their father but needed reinforcement. The ladies did not research to discover that Magua was a traitor. He volunteered to take the ladies to their father but had his ill motives.

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Alice admires the Indian runner. Women are very emotional beings. They easily get happy and sad depending on the prevailing situation. Cora is so attracted to Magua that she even feels romance towards him. Such a relationship is however new to the society. The author uses this moment to illustrate that women easily fall in love. Small favors can make women to feel love towards men. This design actually illustrates women as weaker vessels. They do not have patience enough to test the actual character of a man before engaging in any serious affair.

Women do not have a voice. The encounter between Magua and Hawkeye leaves the women quiet. Hawkeye and Heyward work to kill Magua. He later escapes with a bullet wound. All the occurrences at this point go on without any word from the ladies. They do not utter a word when Hawkeye and Heyward appear. They keep silent when Magua is pursued. They still keep quest when the colt is killed for making noise. Even though most of the events in this chapter could have annoyed the two women, none of them speaks a word. The ladies are later led into a canoe across the river. All these events illustrate that women would rather keep quiet than speak whenever controversy arose.


Women have a very powerful consoling power. Many people will tone down and soften their stands whenever women are involved. Gamut and the women sing biblical hymns to an extent that the whole assembly is lifted. The author reveals that the song impacts powerfully on the life of Hawkeye. The song makes him feel good and relaxed. This was probably so because of the existence of female voices. Even crying children are made to relent whenever a mother is called upon. Women have always helped to create peace. Even though some female beings are also known to be trouble blazers, many are peace ambassadors. 



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