Free Custom «My Life as a Pirate» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Life as a Pirate» Essay Paper

Captain Millieur was vicious of new discovery. He had in the past had of the various mysteries of the islands inhibited by the Sinbad the famous assailant of all time. He shouted to his crew to take cover of the expected war. Captain Millieur felt the dysentery caused by the intense fear but could not show it off to his followers. Suddenly one of the crew members drenched into a thick liquid that felt smelled blood. They both retreated the they track in anticipation of attack as Captain Milleur tried to hasten his pace to get a clear glance of the ditch.

The trench led in an enclosure that was packed with human skulls and invaluable ornaments probably belonging to the last victims of Sinbad. All the crew were dilly-dallying behind Captain Milleur even as he tried to enter trough the opening in the cave that led to unknown destiny delaying the anticipation. Led by the acquiescence, Captain Milleur entered the entourage unaccompanied but reemerged again with a gleeful smile on face. It is nothing you cowards he flattered his followers.

Suddenly there was a big bang from the inside. The crew rushed out as the precautious captain Milleur reached for his sword. He reached for his gum and formidably held made an attack to unseen enemy. He shot more that twice into the air redoubling the fears of his crew. A furious voice emerged and he too felt that the monster was apoplectic.he rushed out immediately falling on the skull as he tried to recollect the fallen treasury he had earlier on stuffed in his jacket.

The engines propulsion shocked Captain Milleur, he imagined that the crew had decided to take off leaving him on his own. He moved toward the ship as he heard the reverberations.

Captain Milleur knew that his sword was infalliably placed in his waste but he kept on searching for it. Looking, straight ahead of him he saw a doleful figure on the water he run for it and to his surprise it was a boat. Captain Milleur reached for it and reached. He peddled strait on and caught up with the ship. He got into the ship and found the crew carousing by the ship.

He could openly read the immense fear on the faces of his crew members but he managed to persuade to go back with him to overhaul the tomb. He held the map and cut it through the margin. The crew agreed in derision to go back and attack the monster.



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