Free Custom «Lullaby» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Lullaby» Essay Paper

Lullaby is a short story from Leslie Marmon Silko?s novel Storyteller which was written in 1981. The short story Lullaby depicts the painful story of elderly women Ayah who became the victim of exploitation. In the story she has to face great sufferings. The story presents the misunderstandings and the huge losses of Ayah. Her life is full of grief as she has lost the most loveable relations of her life. She has much to grieve for the death of her eldest son named Jimmie, the deaths in infancy of other children.

In addition to these loses she also loses her husband, Chato. Her life is full of tragic events all of which seem to be precipitated by the intrusions of white authority figures into her home (Silko, 1981). In this story, Ayah wants to avoid thinking about her son Jimmie, she recalls he weaving and the way her mother had done it. It is because these were the happiest moments of her life.

By these her life had become memories. She starts recalling the happy events of her life when she was child. She also remembers her mother and the old woman who helped her give birth to her first child, Jimmie. She avoids thinking about the death of the son and starts thinking about the happiest moments and strength which she was provided by her mother and grandmother. Similarly, there are many short stories by Paley such as "Goodbye and Good Luck" and "The Used-Boy Raiser, by Walker and by Silko in which art has been presented in such a remarkable way that it helps in resisting grief. By recalling and remembering certain arts, the person goes in the memories of great time and forgets the pain and loss which he had suffered in his life.

Silko is a great story writer who has a great experience of writing the originality of the events. In the Lullaby, Silko has presented the effects of alcohol on Ayah's family and world.

He writes that alcohol is the major cause of destruction. It is the one, by which one loses hope and goes in the destructive path. This thing is shown tremendously in Lullaby, when on one night, Ayah loses her husband, Chato just because of drinking alcohol. He emerges from the bar with having bottle of wine on the road and than has a death. This shows that it is alcohol which destroys the relationship between Ayah and her husband, Chato.



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