Free Custom «Job Search Strategies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Job Search Strategies» Essay Paper

Canadian immigration has opened new doors for the people to come and have a good living standard and opportunity to work and earn more relatively from their home countries. Having a growing economy and a strong infrastructure makes it a dream to place to live. The immigration has not only caused the population to grow but also has allowed the good use of the unused resources and consequently helped in creation and provision of jobs. But there are several problems that a new immigrant faces when he first comes here. The problems can be called as genuine but self created which limits the ability of the foreign skilled worker to get professional job here on a good salary package. That allows different workers to apply for different jobs at different levels and that is where these workers just move away from their profession.

The ethnic economy in Canada has taken good part in the economical growth. From nearly all the countries people have immigrated into Canada. People from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are in major numbers and due to their traditional and cultural aspects they quite easily form bonds between their people and work together . This is not limited to these three countries as other countries also have similar ethnic groups that work closer to each other and at certain time they are the ones who welcome new immigrants from their country and help them find work for them. This culture has quite effectively changed the way of the Canadian labor market.

The land mass of Canada is second only to Russia and the resources are in abundance. The science and technology field works in conjunction with UK and USA that makes them superior as well. The education system is very well organized as well. The telecommunication sector has progressed over the last decade as well stating a point that the country is having a good impact from the skilled and family migrations but the statistics have shown that the labor market has stuffed up as well. The labor market is formed of the professional migrants. The engineers and management professionals are given permanent residency on the basis of points but when they get here they are obliged to catch up ordinary jobs because the job in Canada demands either Canadian education at the professional level or the Canadian experience. There is a very less chance that a Canadian firm will hire someone who is a fresh immigrant even if he is well experienced. The benefit is taken by these firms as they employ these professionals at much lower salary packages which these professionals are obliged to offer. This is a rare case as well because most of the professionals have to work in the labor sector.

The ethnic groups on the other hands have different perspectives. They not only give respect to those who belong to their country or ethnic group and help them out in whatever way possible.

This is quite obvious if we go through the Canadian labor market we will find that the majority of them are the immigrants because these ethnic groups have established businesses which are not much professional in their approach but are earning good business and they give these new immigrants fairly competitive salary packages as well . They even help the out in finding the job if they don?t have one at their own disposal. This thing continues all the times and the welcoming of these people is done with great patience and respect. These are things that are according to the South Asian cultural traditions who feel safer in an environment like this. The situation might be little bit different for the people from different ethnicity but the concluding results are the same that the ethnic groups are the ones that help out the new immigrants rather than the Canadian natives.

There are various other factor involves in the decision of choosing the ethnic economy rather the main labor market. The job search sometimes becomes a very messy procedure which includes applying the jobs according to various requirements as per jobs. These jobs are primarily based on the skills and consume lots of time. New immigrants because of the scarcity of the resources don?t have the time to consume on these jobs as the stereotypes state that they will not be preferred then why spending time. This allows them to search their reference and describing them with their skills and the need of job. This has become more effective way for the searching of job. This unconventional way is therefore the only way by which the new immigrants get the job and therefore most of the times they are not interested in doing a time consuming searching of conventional job which most of the times go in vain.

The important point that arises after all is that is this shift towards the ethnic economy better for the Canadian labor market or not. Canadian immigration was started to make it a cultural center for the people of other countries who could come here and live and work becoming an active part in the economical growth also helping the increase of population but what really happened is that the versatile labor market is not getting enough attention. New immigrants always prefer jobs from those who are one of them rather than working for a stranger. This has negative impacts on the labor market as well because there are various other skills that are left vacant because no one is willing to do work there. Wherever the problem lies, it is not helping Canada as much it was expected. This holds true for the recent changes in the Canadian immigration system which has become more compact in requirements and they now only require experienced financial managers and experience IT managers.

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The reason for this change is quite obvious that the new immigrants are more willing to work unconventional jobs and the labor market which basically requires professionals remains empty. It makes a clear indication of the internal policies that the Canadian authorities have used and have been unable to stop the ways the employers? exhibit against these new employees . An engineer who virtually had a bright future in his own country sometimes lacks the skills that are required to prosper in Canada and this certainly lower the number of the professional migrants. In order to avoid these circumstances it is imperative that government should employ some training programs for the new professional immigrants which should help them understand the working culture and the required skills of Canada and also force employers to work with the new immigrants in order to provide them the professional experience that is very much needed in Canada. Only by doing this the professional migrants will no longer do low level jobs much lower than their skills and fill up the major portion of the labor market which was the main reason behind the immigration policies of Canada. This will encourage these immigrants to feel at home not only when they are active part of their ethnic economy but also when they are working for someone else not from their country. This will considerably help Canada grow in a much better and organized way.



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