Free Custom «Ivanhoe Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ivanhoe Essay» Essay Paper

Ivanhoe is a novel written by Sir Walter Scott. It was written in 1819 and set in 12th century England, an example of historical fiction. It is an adventurous story. It has high drama in which there is kidnapping and lots of dangers. One of the greatest thing about this book is that it was written and published during a period of increasing struggle for Emancipation of the Jews in England. They made a significant struggle because theere was a lot injustice against them. The most important and objectable aspect of the novel is that all the characters behaved disguisely in any way.

Prince John is the one who is the most imporatnt character of the novel who has shown the disguise. He did all the things by which he could hide his hatred against his brother. He wanted to tell his brother, the Kind Richard that he loves him and wanted to save him from the imprisonment of the Australians. Actually, the Kind Richard was kidnapped by the Australians when he was returning from the crusades. In the beginning of the novel, he pronlonged the efforts of raising the ransom monies to win his brother's release.

He did not want his brother to be released, he was deceiving his brother. Prince John is disguise because if he was sincere with his brother than he could pocket the loot. But instead of doing so he waited for his brother to die so that he could be crowned king. He is disguised because he deceived his brother King Richard just for the sake of having a crown. The character of Prince john is relevent to the real person in this way that even today all the people are running towards the fame and money. They even do not care that how much their decisive acts will effect the other people. Prince John could save his brother from the imprisonmnet of the Australians but he did not do that. He was showing the people that he is trying to save his brother but actually he was not doing so. The character of Prince John fits in the disguise charaters of the novel as he was cheating his brother and the supporters of the King Richard.

Ivanhoe is another character of the novel who is a disguised.

He showed his disguised behaviour by hiding his identity. He was the son of Cedric the Saxon, of Rotherwood. He was in love with the beautiful Saxon Princess Rowena. He had been away from home for many years and was fighting alongside of King Richard. His father Saxon was against him for supporting King Richard and for falling in love with Lady Rowena. He hid his identity in the whole novel. In the end he was able to make his way home but he did so in disguise, in order to secure his own inheritance that had been stolen by Prince John, and to take the necessary steps to ensure that when King Richard will return to England, Prince John will not kill him before he could retake his throne. The Black Knight" was the disguise that Ivanhoe uses at Ashby. Not only this, he visited his father?s house disguised as a pilgrim where he saved the life of Isaac, a rich Jew of York. His character shows that he was also one of those people who achieved their aim by cheating and hiding the truth. He uncovered himself twice in the presence of his father at the tournament and at Coning burgh. The reason for hiding his true identity was that his father had disinherited him. He wanted to take revenge from his father by supporting his enemies and going against his plans.

Cedric is the third character who very remarkably in disguise. He was outcasts and wanderers. He was the representative of the disinherited race. He was in disguise because he was jealous of everyone. He was proud, fierce and irritable and did not want anyone to come against him in power. He disinherited his son just because of his pride. His son was the one who was in love with Lady Rowena while on the other hand Cedric was in desire to marry with Rowena. When Cedric saw the Ivanhoe?s love for Rowena, he disinherited his son because Ivanhoe?s love for Rowena had threatened his plans. His character is very similar to the present nature of the real person. It is because the real person can cross every limit for getting the love and fulfillment of his plans.

The novel Ivanhoe is the one which was sold at a phenomenal rate. It was mainly about the disguises of different characters. It has presented the different aspects of the past and present world. The different characters were in disguises because they wanted to achieve their aims. All the characters of the novel went into a lot of dangers but they did not step back from their mission. The major reason behind their disguises was gaining the power. It is quite evident from the above three mentioned characters in which Prince John have deceived his brother Richard for obtaining the crown on his head. On the other hand, Ivanhoe is another character who was in disguise because he wanted his inheritance back. Similarly, Cedric is the most object able character of the novel because he disinherited his son just because he thought that his sons? love for the same lady to whom Cedric also love will bring a lot of danger to his plans. Therefore, by wearing the mask of disguise one can achieve his aims no matter how much their disguise will damage the other people of the society.



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