Free Custom «Isabel Allende» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Isabel Allende» Essay Paper

The author of the short story is a female named Isabel Allende. Based of the writing approach depicted in the art work, the author expresses more empathy for the whole story of Rosa. The empathically approach shows the likelihood of the author being a female. From her biography, Isabel Allende is a Chilean female author famous for most novels as well as short stories.

From the text provided in this analysis, it can be realized that the narrator is a male artist. The first evidence about this ideology is based on his statement about her daughter. In his statement, he says that the last person to survive will take her daughter’s key. In addition to taking her daughter, he will do to her the necessary. Based on the evidence provided about the roles of women and those of men, it was clearly explained that giving out women was a responsibility of fathers. In response to that, it can effectively be deduced that the narrator is a male. In addition, the narrator is equally referred to as Rosa’s father. The fact that the narrator is realized is a father qualifies him to be a male.

Women have various roles in the society as shown in the text. Firstly, women were considered to be symbols for deriving pleasure. In the art work provided, Rosa suffers a victim of circumstance by being raped. Rape itself shows that the society does not care much about what women go through provided satisfaction is derived. In this point of view, Don Todeo forcefully rapes Rose and further goes ahead to kill her father. The implication is that women are lesser in the society and so assumed not to have emotions. Don claims his love for Rose but still goes a head to rape her. This action justifies that the society observes women to be objects who can just be used for pleasure anyhow.

Another portrait about the women in the society as observed by author is in regard to the dances performed by women. During the time when dances were to be presented, women were used as tools for entertainment. Women can also be viewed as sources of hope to the society. This is evident when Rosa commits suicide leaving wedding plans with Todeo. In response to the whole idea, Todeo suffers a lot of emotional pain. This is as a result of the pain gap left by the death of Rosa. Women hold a very vital role in facilitating hope and drive throughout the society.

Women characters form the minority of the entire story. In control to the expectation, the main character is a woman amongst the few women. Rosa appears to be the main character throughout the article plot as well as settings. Based on the plot of the short story, the wider capture portrays few women in a land vastly dominated by men. Rosa demonstrates that she is just but one of the few females in the male world.

There are vast numbers of applications involving stereotypes in the article. Some of the stereotypic characters of women in the short stories include pleasure when praised. A case in point is realized in the article pointed out during the dance. The queen is seen to engage in a vigorous dance at the expense of praises hauled at her. Another stereotype characterization realized in the story deals with love. In the article, Rosa falls in love with Todeo despite all the revenge zeal initially groomed. Rosa is very much aware of the fact that her father was killed by Todeo. Besides that, she knows that the same Todeo raped her forcefully. It is normally true that stereotype women would fall in love and forget all about revenge. Rosa eventually forgets about the revenge game but finally commits suicide so as to forget all about her father.

It is equally clear from the suicidal approach taken by Rosa that she is a stereotypic woman. Mostly, a woman would feel no reason for life especially when seriously angered. Her main reason for committing suicide is based on the desire of forgetting about her late father’s pain.

Men have expressed various attitudes against women in the article in a number of places. Firstly, men consider women not to having any rights. A case of importance in this scenario is realized when Rosa is raped and no action. In case women could have been considered to be worthy of their rights, serious action could have been taken against Todeo. Based on the senators’ information pertaining to the battle, he quotes “The last man to remain alive will automatically qualify for the key to my daughter’s hiding room to carry out his duty." This statement justifies how senator perceived her daughter to be a token meant for the winner. His ideology can be magnified to cover the entire society in terms of men’s perception of women.

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Following the styles of literature applied in the story, the author comes out to express her ideologies concerning women throughout the article. Isabel gradually shows positive attitude throughout based on her empathy towards all the women. With specific interest, she feels angrier for all the actions done to Rosa. Isabel was a niece and a goddaughter to Salvador Allende. Salvador was a former president of Chile but was assassinated. Based on this piece of information, Isabel felt more disappointed about the assassination. In return, she strongly understands what Rosa went through when he father was killed.

The theme of feminine imagery is well portrayed by the author in his article in various ways. The best example is the use of “act of vengeance”. This shows an approach given to the female characters in the story. This being the main theme of the book, it expresses an essence of more females versus fewer women in the society.

The female characters speak differently than do the male characters. The base upon which they speak is pegged and based on the cultural perceptions as well as the societal norms. Most of the women believe that they are being mishandled by the men. Men on the hand believe that they are just but fair in all their endeavors.

The frequency of speech by the female characters differs much with the frequency of speech by the male characters. In a comparison platform, the female character frequency greatly outweighs the frequency of male speech in the article. This difference is based on the frequent gossips realized about Rosa’s rape case. Most women advised her to look for another place and settle. Men characters were however very reserved in their speeches contributing to a smaller frequency.



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