Free Custom «Harlem Renaissance» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Harlem Renaissance» Essay Paper

Harlem Renaissance is a movement that involved diverse cultural practices between the 20’s and 30’s. During the elapse between the two decades, Harlem Renaissance was technically referred to as the New Negro Movement (NNM).  NNM concept was based on an Anthology introduced by Alain Locke in 1925. Even though it was focused to cater for the Harlem community in New York, Harlem Renaissance influenced French African and Caribbean writers found in Paris. Many ideologies of Harlem Renaissance lived to be influential for a very long time after its inception. Majority of the people who formed part of the initial Harlem Renaissance movement were south immigrants. This group of aliens settled in the North which offered better living standards. On the contrary, the south was characterized by racism. In order to derive peace, the immigrants opted to settle in Harlem.

Harlem renaissance resulted to a community made up of people drawn from various backgrounds. During the early twentieth century, the Harlem district was inhabited by the middle class Americans. Later the middle class Americans migrated and left the richly constructed amenities, houses, and world class grand avenues.  Invasion of Europeans, who settled in the developed district constructed by middle class Americans, turned the city a community.

Negro movement was founded on intellectual and cultural associations based in New York immediately after the First World War. The NNM mainly raised up various contentious issues in regard to the African Americans in various ways. The styles used include movies, music, sculpture, painting as well as protests. The entire idea later ended during the great melancholy in 1935. Even though Harlem Renaissance ideology started in Harlem, the impacts were felt far beyond the nation. Amongst the major people who were affected by the movement included writers, sculptors, artists and musicians.

Harlem renaissance resulted to a community that was best defined by smooth integration. With time, the interactions occurred between people from various lingual affiliations which led to the rebirth of a new culture. A major concept in the new culture was art displayed in diverse forms. The art from different artists flourished and its effects were globally felt. Major artistic designs were literature, songs, paintings, acting, dancing as well as stone carving. As a result, the people became one in a peaceful community that consisted of several ethnic families.

Impacts of the Harlem on Housing

Just before formation of the New Negro Movement, there used to be vast competition for the few housing facilities that could be found. This was as a result of civil uprisings and racial rates observed during Red summer period. Based on the initial inhabitation of the Harlem city by the whites, suspicion for increased population led to the construction of more housing facilities. In Harlem community, people lived in houses which were initially built by the middle class Europeans. After establishing settlements in Harlem, various houses were later renovated and became accommodative to all kinds of people. As a result of good will, Payton Philip encouraged the African Americans to consider staying in Harlem.  The first attraction rang to these desirable housing facilities that had been put up.

 Currently the houses in Harlem are rented at high prices and for accommodation they are competitively booked in advance. However the population in Harlem city increased and with time the crowds were unmanageable. The town was so small to accommodate the swollen populations. Additionally, the neighboring whites dejected the black Americans. They resisted and never gave a hand of help to construct more houses in harem. Thus housing became a great challenge among many families and Harlem was turned to ghetto.

Impacts of Harlem on Education

There were various effects that were realized in Harlem in regard to education.  The education sector had a lot of impacts on the African Americans. In the1920’s all the African Americans showed deeper interest in schooling. In response to this educational zeal, Harlem attracted a greater number of the blacks from the West Indies and the south. New York completely prohibited the discrimination of African Americans on academic grounds.  The sole result of this legal frame work led to the increase in educational opportunities in Harlem. The vast group that was attracted towards academic goal achievement in New York later joined the Harlem Renaissance.

Nonetheless the people in Harlem were able to access basic education without much struggle. Most of the black Americans migrated to Harlem in order to access good education. Parents and children were very interested in acquiring knowledge and eliminate ignorance. However, the Supreme Court was initially reluctant to offer equal chances to the African and white Americans. The court suggested that the Africans attend school at their own segregated places.

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On the other hand the white Americans took their children to their schools of choice in order to get the best education. Plight to education discrimination led the New York to pass a law that outlawed segregate school. In return the education stakeholders Harlem changed their perspective about Africans. The education standards improved since all children were allowed equal education opportunities. Consequently the whole population became a part of the great cultural movement known as the Harlem renaissance.

Impacts of Harlem on the Types of Jobs

The Harlem city attracted African Americans to the North. The sole drive for employment was as a result of better job opportunities realized. Initially, the blacks suffered as a result of forced labor in the south which denied them opportunities to enjoy their rights.  Before they came to Harlem, Africans suffered heavy depts.  Harlem offered booming employment opportunities enough to attract the blacks from the South. Most employment opportunities that attracted the blacks included numerous industrial jobs realized in the city. As a result, the sole factory owners sought for the employees who could help serve in their industries. In addition, Harlem offered variety of job opportunities in music and art industries. These in addition to literature participation in acting boosted the job sector of the entire Harlem.

The major activities which captured the fun moments in Harlem included both active and passive activities. Professionally, a lot of Africans realized a great potential in music and literature arts. Whenever they performed, a lot of fun would be derived from their involvement. In addition, the presence of quality class of social amenities facilitated steady rise in the fun industry.

Employment was abundant in the North during the Harlem renaissance. People who once lived in the south as slaves were attracted to the north by the booming employment opportunities. It became evident that as numerous as they were employment was still available for the black Americans. In the north, the commonly available jobs were in the industries. People flock the industries and were offered jobs at the appropriate wage dependent on their education qualification. The whites however complained that the African’s huge population led to reduction of wages.

 Additionally, the remaining population of the black Americans participated in artistic work while the top elite were taken in management positions. Some of the artistic jobs the people did were fun moments. Some of the activities the people did for fun include taking out the whole family the swimming pool. Another is watching a movie at the social halls and public places. The people also participated in passive listening of music and reading of influential books from prominent writers.

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Art of the Renaissance

The major categories of art classification in the Harlem constituted Writers, Artist and Musicians. Based on the performances, there are various influences that they had on the people. A case in point cited involves Claude McKay who stood steadily in his Jazz music to inform the Africans about their rights.  Jean Toomer on the other hand used his short stories, poems and plays to expound on his times spirits. Another musician who electrified his audiences was Armstrong and Langston Hughes. In their stage performances, Africans and white Americans were caught in a jazz fever.

The Harlem community was filled up with highly gifted people major areas of the artistic operations were writing skills, composition of songs, singing and dancing as well as acting. Poets were also very important in Harlem renaissance. The government was noted to take very strong stands in protecting the artists. “The brains in Harlem were to be protected since they carried wealth and knowledge” said a government official. He asserted that the artists highly influenced the general public. Claude McKay is a true example of musician in the Harlem renaissance.

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Claude is noted of making tireless public and private effort in singing jazz music. Most of his compositions are very informative. For instance the most recent one he sang was informing the Africans on their rights. Notably, only few people who know their basic rights regardless of their age, social class as well as the education status.

On the other hand, Jean Toomer used short stories, poems as well as dramas. He tactfully uses them to communicate to the people the need to change from one era to another. Other outstanding musicians are Langston Hughes as well as Armstrong. They stand out as unique because their stage performances always captivate the audience and cause them to be left longing for more. The performers were African however, the crowds attracted comprised of Americans and blacks as well.

Challenges Faced by African Americans.

The first problem that was faced by the African American included initial discriminations in the education sector. In addition, most African Americans were not offered free job opportunities. This was as a result of fear by some Americans that the blacks were interested in taking away their wages.  As the population increased, the Americans did not help them to expand their accommodation facilities to cater for the growth.

Life after Renaissance

The peasants became more influential to the entire movement granting them more freedom. In every aspect of living, the blacks were at a position to bring about incorporation of religious growth. The white Americans in turn changed to respect the blacks leading to cultural integration.


Harlem renaissance originated from the zeal in the 1920’s to movement that would help bring consolation after the American Civil Wars. Harlem renaissance forms a significant turning point for many black Americans. The Harlem community consisted of many black Americans who were migrating from the south to the north and west. The conditions in the north were more favorable and people’s lives got transformed drastically. Eventually the hardships they experienced in housing, education, workplaces and career were all elevated. Therefore the result is a new city with diverse but peaceful cultural integration. After successfully escaping the oppression in the southern America they settled into a haven of peace in the north. The Harlem district became favorable for settlement since it had been left empty by the rich white Europeans. Critically speaking the township was referred to as to capital of the world.



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