Free Custom «Dante?s Apocalyptic Vision» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dante?s Apocalyptic Vision» Essay Paper

Dante embarks on a pilgrimage journey that is headed towards the mountains. The mountains here symbolize salvation and happiness. This journey becomes difficult as he progresses due to the many obstacles that he encounters. The shade of Virgil, however, comes to his aid to guide him up the mountains. They pass through hell and finally reach the Purgatory. This journey enables him to meet many other characters that represent different states of mind and soul. This apocalyptic vision by Dante has effectively put in use the elements that define the vision literature (Purgatorio, XXVIII).

First and foremost, it should be noted that Dante, the writer and the vision bearer, is male. He embarks on a journey to discover more of what happens to life after death. He seeks to understand the life journey to eternal life or to hell. He is the main character and the narrator of the story. This apocalyptic vision is written according to his point of view. Another important element is the presence of the shade of Virgil who acts as a guide through the pilgrimage. Later on, a time comes when Dante is unable to continue with the journey in the forest due to the stream of water. A lady appears on the other side of stream; this singing lady is eady to explain him the movement of the Earth. At this time, there are other numerous unanswered questions that ought to be dealt with. She tells him, “…for I've come ready to give sufficient answer to your every question.”

Virgil later vanishes when Beatrice appears. She works as a guide that explains Dante what his heart desires to know. Beatrice plays an important role in reprimanding him for not doing what he ought to have done. This is a journey that helps Dante discover the path to salvation. It is evident that the use of guardians plays an important role in the apocalyptic vision. They help Dante fulfill the pilgrimage mission in the vision. There are other saints that also appear to give guidance to salvation (Purgatorio XXX).

Another important element portrayed in this vision is the separation of the soul from the body. It is evident that the aim of Dante’s pilgrimage journey is to establish what happens to the soul after death. This is the reason why he takes a walk through the hell, purgatory, and paradise. In this apocalyptic vision, a lot is exposed on who are candidates for hell, purgatory, and paradise. It becomes very evident that the kind of life that one lives in the body determiines where eternity is spent. The elements of love, lust, and envy are shown as the biggest impediment to getting into paradise. At the point when Beatrice appears, Virgil who is termed as the representative of the non-Christians disappears. This happens to show Dante that he ought to get rid of non-Christian way of life in order to reach heaven. Virgil is a guide who has no understanding of where paradise is. This is why Beatrice comes in.

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The last section of the apocalyptic vision culminates in a cleansing process for Dante. This is an important element that defines a vision literature. A group of seven ladies and Beatrice embarks on a journey that culminates into a ritual that eventually allows him ascend to paradise. The ritual is done to help him recollect on the good things. The cleansing process entails immersing Dante in the stream and making him drink its water. He says, “…I came away remade…” this shows his purification and readiness to ascend to paradise (Purgatorio XXXIII).

All the mentioned elements play a key role in determining the direction of Dante’s apocalyptic vision. It is a journey that eventually leads to the self-discovery and the discovery of the way to heaven.


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