Free Custom «?Canterbury Tales?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?Canterbury Tales?» Essay Paper

The main six components of chivalry used in the Knight’s tales are well predominant all across the articles. Based on the essay of the “Canterbury Tales”, the first most evident component of chivalry is prowess. Prowess component of chivalry is used to refer to the battle subduction ability. One of the core characters of Knight was to subdue victory in whichever war he was involved in. He is shown to be an experienced military career trainee in the holy war. Based on his past records, Knight successfully participated in fifteen mortal battles. The tales further support the prowess component of chivalry by exposing victories in the crusades organized by Knight.

The second component of chivalry expounded on in the tales is “truth”. According to the elaborated meaning of the truth chivalry component, there are various aspects covered in the Knight’s tales. The most immediate evidence of this component of chivalry is manifest in the hierarchical set-up depicted in the tales. According to the strategies of taking oaths in the tales, all the characters are well reflected to respect the protocols. Based on hierarchy, the above most being is God followed by other reputable beings downwards. Another evidence of the truth component of chivalry is evident in the offering of sacrifices.

Another component of chivalry portrayed in the Knight’s tales is honor. According to the standard definition given in the tales, any form of courtesy shown to the less disadvantaged group of people in the society qualifies to be honor. From the tales, the most immediate evidence of honor is shown by Knight himself. Throughout the tales, he comes out to show kindness as well as understanding to all people he came into contact with. Whenever he was, his main drive was to do well to all people on his way. In respect to his character, honor component is well evident in the tale articles.

Freedom is yet another well elaborated chivalry component covered by the tales. From the given definitions, freedom can be defined as the spirit of giving gifts to the needy as well as showing generosity. From citations from the articles, Plowman shows the art of generosity in all sectors. Firstly, he pays all the church taxes followed by doing well to people depending on their needs. Freedom is also evident in the tales as portrayed by the Parson. He is referred to be very religious is all his church undertakings as well as being good to his fellow human beings. The Parson shows his goodness by offering free gifts to the needy throughout the tales coverage. Freedom is therefore well depicted in the Knight’s tales.

The next component of chivalry shown is courtesy. Courtesy is the art of showing goodness to all the people in the vicinity. The tales provide various cases of courtesy shown by different characters in various ways. Firstly, the good acts of the Parson in showing generosity when handling the needy are of great assurance and evidence of courtesy..

The last component of chivalry experienced in the tales is glory. The most significance attributed to glory comprises of fame as well as good personal reputation. Based on the tales, various characters are expounded on to portray good character. Due to their good character, they won fame in the entire tales. These comprise of Knight and Miller.



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