Free Custom «Essential Components of Selection Qualified Personnel» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Essential Components of Selection Qualified Personnel» Essay Paper

The essential components include the following;

-                   Deal directly with customers either by telephone, electronically or face to face

-                   Respond promptly to customer inquiries

-                   Handle and resolve customer complaints

-                   Obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle inquiries and complaints

-                   Perform customer verifications

-                   Process orders, forms, applications and requests

-                   Direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource

-                   Manage customers' accounts

-                   Keep records of customer interactions and transactions

-                   Record details of inquiries, comments and complaints

-                   Record details of actions taken

-                   Manage administration

-                   Communicate and coordinate with internal departments

-                   Follow up on customer interactions

Key Competencies

-                   Interpersonal skills

-                   Communication skills - verbal and written

-                   Listening skills

-                   Problem analysis and problem-solving

-                   Attention to detail and accuracy

-                   Data collection and ordering

-                   Customer service orientation

-                   Adaptability

-                   Initiative

-                   Stress tolerance



Risking in the business is very important. Otherwise, risk should be well calculated to ensure that any business idea that the management will be involved in is ‘smart’. It is through taking of a risk that the business is able to come up with innovations on how to improve their service delivery. With involvement of risk in the hospitality business, the management is able to introduce other services that were not there initially. Through this, the business becomes diversified in the service and products delivery. For example, a hospitality business may risk their resources in introduction of accommodation services that was initially not there. This may at last be a very good supplementary service as their customers will be offered all services under one roof.

Through the aspect of taking risk, the management is also able to plan well for risk management. This will be done through different deviations that have been encountered in the process of taking risk therefore, ensuring that the business is safe.


Focus in business is very important especially in this extraordinary competitive economy where one is required to have a freedom to concentrate in making unique business aspects. Through this skill, one is able to focus on daily basis on further enhancing the business to meet the ever-tightening standards. This requires a great focus of present and the future of the business goals.

Once position

‘If it is going to be, it is up to me’ notion sometimes is tricky. The reason being that there are different aspect and factors that one has to accomplish to solely forge ahead in the business or in the work position. One may have the will to advance ahead in achieving once dream in career position; however, several vital hurdles must be crossed to ensure that this is achieved.

Self motivation

Although motivation from other people is equally important in once live in building altitude and outlook, it might not be applicable to all the people especially to those who would like to be their own. Self motivation goes a mile away where no management can be able to take you. Self motivation ensures that one is capable of acquiring greater thing in live contrary to the motivation that is provided by management in live.

Through self motivation, one is capable of acquiring skills on how to deal with challenges that might come on once way. It especially serves as inspiration in the time of hard times. The inner motivation cannot be given through the motivation that is offered by the management.

Leadership principle as depicted in the video “The Art of Aikido”.

The most central principle, and in my opinion the most useful in application, is that of "full powered presence." The words alone provide a crystal clear description of the state of the personal mastery of the warrior. Full powered presence "looks like" and requires the following attitude, behaviors and skills

According to the video, one has to be physically relaxed. This offers a neutral stance where one is offered stance energy without tension. The other principle is being focused and taking a deep breath whenever solving any problem. This will help in ensuring that once mind set is clear and offers the best moment to offer solutions. Being mentally alert is another paramount leadership skill. This will help to ensure that one internalize any detail that has been put in place during the work place. It is very important to be open and attentive according to the video. This will offer one to be unattached to the outcomes. Emotionally, a leader should be well balanced as he/she take personal responsibility for once action as has been shown on the video “The Art of Aikido”. As a leader, one is supposed to be aware of what is happening around the organization and being in a position to explain any situation fully.

Conflict resolution

Following the above process means that those involved should simplify the conflict and put across the joint decision that needs to be made. Through this, it will be possible to shorten this discussion that may lead to problems being not solved. This is because the act of moving around as people makes endless conflict discussion may lead to unsolved cases.

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Finding winning position

It is important to find out the win position of other parties. This involves listening, without judging or arguing against the other parties' views. Declaring your own win position so that other parties understand what you need and accepting others' win positions and not arguing with others' win positions.
 Otherwise this can be difficult as most people rely on their point of view. However, emotions can make one be prone to compromising alternative during a conflict situation. Therefore, in an extreme case, it is paramount to ensure that the argument of both parties is agreed upon before making the summary of the whole conflict. It will be much easier to find a solution if everyone understands what everyone else needs from the situation. Through handling this stage properly, it will ensure that handling of any conflict is based on real differences and not misperceptions.

Brainstorm ideas

This is the generation of creative ideas to meet the desires all the parties. According to Classic brainstorm rules ideas should be generated without evaluating them. At this stage ideas should not be disagreed upon. These ideas should be evaluated to see if any meet the win criteria of both parties. The process will ensure that a positive approach of making proposals meeting both win positions. Otherwise without taking a positive approach through suggesting solutions rather than criticizing others' views, the conflict can lead to endless arguments. However, if the evaluation that has been done does not meet the criteria of both parties, one is required to declare how you might be prepared to compromise your win position. To ensure that the conflict is well handled with full participation of the group, other parties should be requested to declare how they might also be prepared to compromise.

The ideas are to be reevaluated to ensure that they meet the new, compromise positions. If this stage is reached without any concrete ideas that meet the compromised win-win position, a third party person should be consulted to make a resolution.  Third part may be an independent senior manager whom is capable of making an executive decision to ensure that conflict is solved. At this stage now, the conflict will have gone to a place where ion of the party has to lose for the conflict to be solved.

Conflict Resolution Ideas

Due to the changing nature of the business that happens so rapidly nowadays, it requires that people to have strong leadership skills to ensure that complex conflicts are handle with a lot of effectiveness, efficiency as well as flexibility.

One of the conflict resolution ideas that can be used in the guest encounter in the hospitality industry is through going with a flow in resolving the conflict. Through the use of this principle, one is able to go forward under any circumstance of the conflict to ensure that the solution is gotten. If an obstacle is met in the course of conflict resolution, yield using the force of the obstacle as energy is harnessed from that obstacle to one advantage. This will ensure that the energy gotten from the obstacle is used to successfully conquer the conflict.

In addition, it is required to build one to create powerful identity as a leader in the conflict resolution scenario in the hospitality industry. In this principle, one will be aware of physical weakness that may make him fall off balance incase the conflict causes stress. Through this, one is able to regain mental balance at any time that this happens during the resolution.

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It is very vital to listen during this time at the projection of others without detaching from once views. Through this process of listening, unproductive argument that may deter solution to be arrived at is turned to productive dialogue to ensure that final results are gotten


360o Degree Feedback Program

360o Degree Feedback Program is a method and a tool that ensures that all the employees have been provided with an opportunity to receive feedback from his or her supervisor and four to eight peers. These peers may be his/her coworker, staff and customers. Most of the 360 degrees tools are pickled by each individual during a self assessment. It helps an employee to know and understand how his effectiveness as an employee, coworker or a staff member is viewed by others. It offers a platform which offers a feedback based on behaviors that can be seen by other employees.

Use of 360o Degree Feedback Program in customer service delivery

360o Degree Feedback Program is so much flexible platform that can collect feedback from customers. It does produce a reliable data much easily than any other means. This is done through formation of inventory about the customers’ expectation and services. This is where perception of the internal and external customers is collected. The perception includes procurement, engineering, accounting and shipping. This information that is gotten from this point is used to address interaction skills, technical knowledge and customer service attitude.

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360 degree feedback program a self assessment to an employee

Through 360 degree feedback program, employees are able to assess their strength and weakness and to offer contribution to their insight into the aspects of their work that requires professional development. This is done through getting feedback from their coworkers, staff members and other fellow employees. The feedback that is offered provides insight on skills and behaviors that is desired in the organization to ensure that the employee is capable of accomplishing the mission, vision and goals as he/she live the values

Assessment of an employee’s supervisor in relationship with the employee

The supervisor o the rater who have been chosen to assess the employ is offered ample time to interact routinely with the employee. This offers him/her a good platform to receive feedback that is used in the assessment of the employee. It also ensures that he/she relates well with the employee due to several meetings that make them understand each other.

How feedback is obtained.

The program offers a multi-rate and multi source feedback system. This help in obtaining comprehensive feedback about a certain employee. Through it, a group of eight people to twelve are made to fill a confidential online feedback form. This form has some questions that cover a wide scope of workplace competencies. Therefore, these questions are measured on rating scale where the form may also offer a provision where that rater offers written comment. The employee will also have his place to offer his rating with the same questions. 

360 degrees feedback program as improvement tool

360 degrees feedback program is not a very good idea to be used in making improvements in the areas motioned. The reason is that, using of the organization people who are related to measure once performance may create insincerity and mistrust. Another mistake is that it mostly focuses on employee behaviors and not basic skills. It also requires intensive communication ion how it work which may be misinterpreted by some employees giving poor feedback.

Essential components of what is considered to be “Emotional and/or Social intelligence.”

According to Daniel Goleman he offers the following essential component that is self-awareness, emotional self management, empathy and social awareness, and social skills or managing relationships.  The second two of which are the empathy and social skill components make up social intelligence.

Self-awareness: This component is essential in working effectively in a group or to serve as a leader. This is because it help participant to learn and understand personal leadership styles and how self-knowledge can improve group consciousness.

Emotional self management:  this can be defined as agreement between self and other leadership ratings. It helps in the aspects of emotional intelligence in the leadership.

Empathy and social awareness: this is sharing of others social consciousness through having capacity for awareness, understanding, and sensitivity of once experiences by imagining the same sensations of those experiencing them. This is important in leadership as it offers a good path to guidance towards offering the required remedy.

Social skills or managing relationships: This is any skill that ensures interaction and communication with others. Through social rules, relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways that can be used in the leadership scenario.

Improving Food and Beverage department

Once the food and beverage department is going at a loss and the beverage price seems to be high, something must be wrong somewhere. It means that the allocated fund is not well planed for thus using them for unnecessary budget or else the hotel is not offering the right services o their customers.
The first place should be looked to be departmental revenue management. This will help in offering the required information on how offered resources are used. This is through asking for a summary of how the resources have been used.

The second place to be checked is the quality of the service offered and the tradition of the customers. The quality of the food served can be checked through the ingredients and the skills that they have been prepared with. Also, the employee’s skills are very important. Customers’ tradition is checked through their preferences through either getting feedback of the service offered to then online or through setting a suggestion box.

Customer turnover of the hotel should be known at different seasons to ensure that the amount of food prepared do not go to waste. This is through checking the tradition of the hotel through records.

The amount of energy that is used in the service delivery should be ascertained. Energy lost during the process should be checked through checking the ideal power rating and calculating the amount that should be used for certain duration. This loss should consequently be minimized.

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Physical risk that has been associated by the equipment should be minimized to ensure that the hotel, do not learn at a loss. The amount money that may have been paid to employees who have been injured during their functions may be more making the department learn at a loss. This can be done through checking the number of employees who have attended the hospital for a certain period from this department and providing safety measures. Equipment used in the cooking should also be checked their status. The rate of their breakdown should be ascertained. Maintenance of these equipments should be well planned to minimize their regular breakdown.

 Menu prices should also be revised. This is done through evaluating the cost of each food during preparation and service rendered to it. Then, a balance can be struck to ensure that all the prices are logic and at per with the target customers economic status.

The employees are supposed to be briefed on these issues. They should also be offered priority to give their suggestion on what can be done. To ensure that they offer the best services that will eventually lead to a profitable business, incentives can be introduced to motivate them.



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