Free Custom «Changing Behaviour; Weight Loss» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Changing Behaviour; Weight Loss» Essay Paper


I want to get back in shape 


To lose weight by 20 pounds in I month 

Triggers of weight gaining

There are several factors that contribute to weight gaining. There are those factors that are generally out of my control. These include my Body Metabolism Rate (BMR). The other factors are within my control and they are the ones that can be manipulated in order to achieve the desired body shape. These factors include:

a)      My eating patterns,

I find myself most of the time eating irregularly at odd times of the day. Instead of sticking to a balanced diet that comes at set meal times, I find myself eating food whenever I get to a cafeteria in college since I hardly have time to sit down to a nice meal during classes.

Another bother is that most of the foods I eat are fast foods that contain a lot of empty calories such as hamburgers and hotdogs. These foods contain a lot of energy that I hardly use and therefore due to my high BMR they end up being converted into fats in the body. 

b)      Exercise,

I do not have a regular and planned exercise schedule. My everyday plan is basically a pattern that involves waking up to study, then preparing to go to college and the rest of the day is classes till I go back home in the evening extremely tired. The lack of a set time for exercise is one of my triggers to gaining weight.

c)      Academic classes,

My day is decorated with classes after classes and small in between brakes. The schedule does not spare me time for other things during the day. Since I sit through all the lectures my day is practically an indoor one without rigorous physical activities. The breaks I have I spend the time in the school library doing research or further reading. 

d)      Commuting to school,

Everyday I commute to school or I get dropped off and therefore I hardly walk considerable distances. I find this a routine that is almost too hard to let go because of the comfort and convenience of the means to college. In another instance when faced with the choice of ascending or descending floors in storey building I find myself using the elevator instead of using the staircase. 

e)      Friends who don’t work out.

I have friends who do not spare time to work out at the gym. Whenever we have free time we spend it in places that do allow for rigorous physical activities. We hardly talk about activities that could build us in terms of exercise and body fitness or even diet. We accompany each other to fast food joints during breaks for the same food stuffs everyday. 

Co-stimulating Triggers

There are objects that I associate with certain habits and I therefore end up indulging myself even when I could have avoided or taken an alternative choice.

Whenever I pass by any of the college cafeterias during small breaks, the smell of freshly baking or frying fast foods attract me to have a bite.

I associate staircases and walk parks with getting tired so I use the excuses of getting late or not having the privilege of small time leisure walking.

I also associate breaks with the opportunity to take bites at the cafeteria. 

Ways of Changing the Negative Habits

There are several options at my disposal now that I have analyzed the gist of bad habits. Starting with eating habits I will have a fixed meal times. I have no problem with breakfast and supper but pinning a time for lunch is the problem that makes me result to quick fixes between class breaks. I plan on making arrangements for packed lunch. I will also avoid fast foods that are not balanced diet.

Regarding exercises I will adjust my waking up so that instead of waking up at 5:00 am I get to do so at 4:30 am. I will use the first thirty minutes of my early morning to jog and lift some weights before showering and studying.

I will chose on the days that are not so intense with classes especially during the morning hours and occasionally just walk to college since our apartment is only thirty minutes of walk away from college.

I will also endeavor to strike a balance between my classes and recreational activities. I will consider redistributing my units in a way that allows me a balanced daily schedule. This means that I have to consult with the faculty on course units.

I will join the jogging club in our college so that I may get motivated. It can be discouraging to do all these exercises alone and since I don’t wish to drop out even after I shake off the twenty pounds, I want to continue in the group to maintain a relative range of body fitness. 

Positive Reinforces

Once I start on the fitness program I know that I will habitually adapt to a new way of living and in two weeks time I will not have to worry about the new routine since I will be already reconditioned to do so.

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At the end of the one month period will treat myself to a three-day vacation to celebrate my progress. I will buy myself a designed polo shirt with the words “I made it” choreographed artistically to remind myself of the importance and rewarding success of this activity. 

Negative Reinforces

The fear of health complications due to unchecked body weight and obesity is also a motivation to stay on the track of body fitness. I know that high cholesterol levels and blood sugar presuppose heart complications and is a much higher price to pay compared to a small-budget and routine exercise. 

Mild Punishments

In case I wake up late or I get reluctant in exercises, I will deny myself the opportunity to go out at the end of the week or my special hour of watching movies. Since these are personal indulges I will enlist the help of my mother to stay with my credit card so that I don’t break conditions I have set if I don’t fulfill my goal. 

Observational Learning or Modeling

I will purchase DVDs on healthy and balanced eating habits, breaking habitual indulgences, regular exercise programs and exercise kits. I will also seek the membership of jogging clubs and fitness centers where I can be coached on best practice. I will work out my diary in order to afford time to visit professionals whose guidance is paramount in achieving my goal. 

Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

There are several indicators to progress that I plan on using. These include: use of stop watches and heartbeat rhythm calculators while exercising. I will also use weight measurement equipments to track my weight after every one week and record the weight on a chart as well. I will evaluate the progress by drawing conclusions and deductions on the resulting data. 

Evaluation after Application – A 3-week period

  Initial Rating Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four


(In pounds)

160 158.1 155.4 153.2  

Heart rate

(beats per minute -bpm)

Resting Heart Rate = 120 bpm 191 bpm 191 bpm 192 bmp  

Body Mass Index

Weight over Height


Constant Height (5’6)

= 25.8



= 25.5



= 25.1



= 24.7



So far the program has been working. The chart indicates a consistent relative weight loss and constant body mass.

The statistics prove that the plan is already working.

I have also noticed that I may not achieve the 20 pound weight shake off since the period is small compared to the current trend. I plan on extending the period to last another one more month and stick to the schedule.

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The exercise sessions have been invigorating and the stiffness of body and body joints that I used to feel is gone. I feel lighter and more agile. The modification of my daily routine has also brought with it a creative new self and I find my studies more lively and my relationship with people has also improved. Now I can find more time for personal reflection and my friends are joining me even for early morning jogging.

I plan on reshuffling activities so that the program is more flexible and less cumbersome. The intensity of the program is meant to achieve the first primary weight loss but afterwards I will adjust some of the activities so that my new goal will be to maintain my weight within a certain minimum continuum.



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