Free Custom «Wireless Communication» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Wireless Communication» Essay Paper

Through the years, technology has grown and grown. As time passes by, it needs to meet the changing times and circumstances of a certain period. It is an everlasting growing of a plant, just like a beanstalk. As compared to a beanstalk, one will say that a kind of technology has been successful if it was really talked about and used bye everyone. Eventually, all will be very amazed on how technology grows faster everyday.

The most evident growing technology is in communication. From letters to emails, and now from telephones to cellphones, we have been blessed by a very outrageous inventions and trends when it comes to communication. Examples of this will be computers, which turned to be laptops or tablets now.

Luckily, even walky-talkies have also changed. The new trends on wireless communication have been better. Just this February 14, 2011, Stanford researchers have created the all new wireless communication device. The normal radios used to have codes like “over” have just been improved. Now, users can even talk as if they are talking in telephones or probably cellphones. The line of communication is one way that the sender sends messages which is later received by the receiver. This new trend in wireless communication is clearly a blast of the ever-growing and ever-changing technology of today.

Many books are also published regarding wireless technology communications. Luckily, the youth of today are fortunate to discover thing with regard to wireless communication due to many resources where they can find the developments in wireless communication. Many improvements will still be coming when it comes to books regarding wireless communication.

Another example will be the LTE technology which is mobile communication standard. This is expected to be finalized this year. This has been a great wireless communication technology trend because it introduced the 4G network in wireless communication. This LTE means Long Term Evolution. It implies the use of a fast working network that would make wireless communication easier and faster.

Another latest wireless communication trend is WiMax or Worldwide Ineroperability for Microwave Access, which makes internet connections faster especially in geographical areas. It is a part of the 4th Generation campaign on wireless communication. It can be used in computers at home and in mobile phones. It makes mobile internet surfing faster and affordable.

“Textbooks say you can’t do it.” This was actually said by a Stanford researcher. Impossible is out of the way when it comes to technology. As time goes by, all of us will be waiting for future changes in technology especially those with regard to communication. This demands time and research. Efforts shall be appreciated for our great researchers and inventors. Technology will always be subject to change.



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