Free Custom «Windows 7 vs Vista» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Windows 7 vs Vista» Essay Paper

In the past decade, Microsoft has been changing the OS for better, the evolution from windows XP to be a great achievement. At first, Microsoft went on some advancement to revolutionalize and to have a better operating system that has features that are more desirable and user friendly. The changes from windows xp to vista give a great step in the working, simplifying the working of the windows operating systems. These changes are base on the underlying security features and the desktop features. Many of the changes that are in the operating systems are because of hands-on experience on the programming of the OS and the need to generate new features that are user friendly. Based on the features of the operating system the usage and the operating features, Microsoft made some improvements on the windows but other features were not taken care thus the differences between the operating systems exist. Despite the fact that windows 7 is a rehash of vista it has a number of given differences that in terms of security, appearance, operating procedures, and improved features.

Comparison between Windows 7 and vista

The functioning features of the two operating systems, as much as they are all user friendly, they have major differences or else regarded as different advancements. The difference between the two based on a number of factors, which includes security, appearance, working properties of the operating, navigation features, management of printers, cameras, and other devices, compatibility with many computer-operating features. The major features that are in windows 7 that are not in windows vista includes increased speed, presence of non-essential programs, stability, devices and printers, and a cleaner, less cluttered interface.

Different features

A cleaner, less cluttered interface

Comparing the two windows 7 has better appearance on the eyes as compared to vista. Therefore, taking the example on the system tray and the taskbar, the system tray seems reworked and this in turn makes the desktop to appear better looking. Since the system tray is easy to clean up, it does not necessarily have show the 30 icons across the lower part of the screen instead, it helps the user to manage the customization of the features.

Devices and printers section

The graphical appearance of the windows 7 looks to have newer features that have better display for what is connected to your computer. These features are friendlier to the user it even shows the computer status, that is, it shows also if your computer is connected to the network. By default, under the control panel pane the devices that are linked to the windows are accessible, and from these it have the connection of the devices as required by the user. This feature is necessary to find the devices that are available to your computer without the need to connect using cryptic names or descriptions of the devices. This is major additional feature that the programming of vista lacks thus making windows 7 a better operating system and user friendly for these specific feature.


The starting gate present in windows 7 is greater as compared to that in vista, the stability of windows 7 is greater as compared to vista since used to crash the computer and cause the system to hang and behave in a sluggish manner. Using windows 7 gives the user more confidence and more trust when installing the OS in the computer knowing that the OS will just work, though some user may complain of complexity in the operating system. The main issue that may arise from the use of windows 7 is compatibility to work with some old type computers that have compatibility problems with OS (Wei-Meng, Lee 2009, Pp 78-79).

Increased speed

The introduction of windows 7 did not need any software acceleration software to enable it run smoothly. Therefore, if the hardware is added in the system OS this does not mean that the computer runs slowly, it in fact runs at faster speed than vista. Comparing the booting speeds of the two operating systems, when I use windows 7 I noticed that it has a faster booting compared to the speed of vista OS. In addition the two operating systems are more sophisticated in using, but in essence the working windows vista on some computers that run the windows xp can run windows 7 with ease than windows vista. Although this practice is not recommended to use windows 7 or vista on a computer that can run only run on windows xp.

Fewer non-essential programs

The introduction of windows 7 came with reduce non-essential windows programs that the user hardly uses them. Some of these programs used to make computer become slower and therefore windows 7 came with reduced features that most of the computer users never bothered to use. The programs that windows 7 exclude are available at the Microsoft website and therefore if one plans to use the program can access then freely from the Microsoft website freely.

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Most of the complaints that the users had about windows vista are essentially on the security issues. In essence, windows vista did not offer a number of essential security enhancements over windows 7, therefore Microsoft checked on these underlying security issue about vista therefore upgrading to windows 7 that had more security enhancements to help the computer protection. 

These differences does not make windows vista useless but, to my opinion windows 7 has more friendlier features that are compatible with most of the computer software’s. In addition the appearance of windows 7 has less programs that were essentially not used in the windows vista thus this qualifies windows 7 has having more better features.


Basically, windows 7 is a rehash of windows vista and therefore most the vista features are displayed in windows 7 and this is a clear indication that windows 7 resulted as a need to correct some issue that were presently  in windows vista. Considering the advanced security protection of vista being inferior to that provided by windows 7 makes the two operating systems work almost alike only the minor differences that makes the two appear different (Milliam, Panek, & Wentworth, Tylor 2010, p 120). Windows 7 being a mare rehash of vista appears to have achieved the need for Microsoft to get the improvement of vista to better OS. The only major difference between the two the features but operation speeds and newer feature. However, the functions of the two are the same, and there appear to be no differences in the functioning features of the two. The other feature that compares the two operating system is the way they function in different series test and through testing, the OS that has a higher speed is the best.



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