Free Custom «Video Sharing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Video Sharing» Essay Paper

When video sharing was started

The art of developing online videos is basically sharing and reusing the digital videos and this trend has been growing in popularity each day since its inception because it is the most effective tool for gaining visibility and accessing additional links (Mizoguchi, Dillenbourg & Zhu 2006, p. 390). The launch of YouTube in February 2005 by three former employees of PayPal marked the beginning of video sharing. Before then there were very few methods available for sharing videos online. Examples of other video sharing sites include; Second Life, Viddler, Vimeo, sevenload, Zideo among others.

The purpose of video sharing

Video sharing has been described as the fastest and the easiest tool for establishing ones social media portfolio because all one is required to do is to locate and identify the best representation of the company and upload the videos into the video sharing sites (Safko & Brake 2009, p.251). The online video sharing has come with a lot of benefits especially to the online marketers, entrepreneurs and advertising professionals because one does not have to use a lot of resources and time in creating online videos or in hiring actors or owning cameras instead one can now upload videos using just a few dollars.

Many marketing departments are currently actively involved in advertising their products and services using Internet especially on Facebook and YouTube which is a video sharing site has been selling video ads on its site to may companies so that they can advertise. Other corporate marketing departments have been sites such as Second Life to carry out marketing research (Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds 2009, p.412). The video sharing has created a common place for people to exchange ideas on new products and services especially for entrepreneurs and business people. Many people especially the marketers have benefitted from video sharing and have given them tremendous return on investment of their time.

The video sharing has necessitated marketing of products by manufacturers and entrepreneurs thus complimenting their traditional modes of advertisement most of which could not reach out to the clients as video sharing has done. The videos stored in the servers can be watched even from mobile devices and other websites and this has enabled people to share videos with their even when they are far apart (Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds 2009).

The video sharing has enabled artists and musicians to market their work by allowing people to download music and other information for free or at an affordable fee. The video sharing has also changed the way of learning in most learning institutions because the teacher does not necessarily have to go to class but can upload the lecture materials and provide the students with the link to the video and read from there. The job hunters have also been using sites such as YouTube to post their resume and as a result video sharing has translated into job opportunities in the offline world (Schepp & Schepp 2009, p.29).


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