Free Custom «MS Word» Essay Paper

Free Custom «MS Word» Essay Paper

The world of computing has given rise to the development of numerous documents that differ from another. One of such document is the compound document. This type of document is often used to refer to any file that that has been created by a word processing program such as Microsoft Word (Botto, 2003). In many cases, a compound document may bring together different document types and other media together. Microsoft Corporation has been seen as using this strategy to build its own Microsoft office solution where all documents and media are brought together in a single environment.

The popularity of the Microsoft office has been hinged on the benefit’s that people have continued to derive on the ability of the office suite in building compound documents. The advantage of having to use compound documents is often realized in the use of different media or data that can be sourced from one document to another. As confirmed by Bott and Leonhard (2001), the use of compound document allows a computer user to use an excel file in a Microsoft word program promoting the transfer and sharing of resources between different program.

According to Beskeen et al (2009) object linking and embedding denotes a technology that can be utilized in to produce user-documents that are more modular. The introduction of the object linking and embedding was done by Microsoft Corporation and through it; users can for instance have tables of excel data in other document such as a word document. With the use of object linking embedding users could be able to access other small program that could interact with big programs and provide access to functions that would traditionally not be available for use with the bigger programs. While many users do appreciate the drag and drop feature found in many of the programs especially the Microsoft office suite, few people may know that this is possible because object linking and embedding functionality. As a result of object linking and embedding, computer user cannot only produce compound or modular documents.

The basic idea that shaped the development of the object linking and embedding was the need to make the use of computer easy and simple. Before the development of object linking and embedding, computer users had to move files from one program to another converting the documents each time had to use the files in other program. This process was long and made the use of computers tedious. However, the use of object linking and embedding has made it possible for computer users to work seamlessly between programs and at the same time use their files without changing them as required before. With the object linking and embedding, Microsoft managed to create a suite of computer programs that could work as a family. Through the use of object linking and embedding, programs could now allow for files to be shared without the need for processing or conversion.

There are many forms of compound documents that people often work with in computers. An excel sheet linked to a word document is an example of a compound document. This is because the type of document brings together different files together in a manner that allows for their manipulation. Furthermore, the use of linking of an excel document and word document is only possible through the use of object linking and embedding which is an enabling technology for the creation of compound document s within the Microsoft office environment.

A wen page is another form of compound since it allows for different forms of media to be placed in the same page. For instance, a web page may contain text, graphics, video files, java applets and other media like sound all in a single page. Whereas this form of compound document was not popular in the beginning, advancement of web development technologies allowed for the establishment of web pages as simple yet powerful compound document.



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