Free Custom «The Website» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Website» Essay Paper

The website................... is mainly designed to act as the main link between the professionals at GHD and the global clients. This is with an overall aim of assisting the global society realize its potential as well as create a lasting value through innovative and sustainable solutions. Both the company and its clients benefit through the use of the websites a situation which can be termed as being very beneficial to both parties. The company is able to outline its performance and credibility to a wide range of clients which comes at a time that more and more people have access to technological advances. The company through the website is also able to measure its success something which is done through the responses that are forwarded to the company through the website.

The purpose of the website to the clients on the other hand is that the clients have access to the list of services being offered by the company which ranges from architecture, communication services, electrical engineering, constructional management, contaminated assessments, hydrocarbon assessments, hydrogeology, geotechnical, geology, innovations, instrumentation and control, integrated water management, interior design, landscape architecture, mineral handling, land development, mining engineering, project management among a list of many other services offered by the company.

The intended audience of the websites is any person, a group of persons or corporate group who is at any one time in demand of the company’s services. This is as a result of the fact that most of the services offered by the company are life recurrent in the sense that they form almost an active part of human life. Take for example land development, the process has become almost an entire integral part of human life due to the changing patterns of weather and unexpected climatically conditions. This implies that there will never be a time that the company will lack both existing and potential clients. Mainly, potential clients form an integral part of any business success and expansion which is one of the main reason why through the website, GHD includes in detail vital information regarding the company’s previous performance and future targets. This information is very helpful when it comes to the client’s choice and preference.

Regardless the nature of the website, there is the standard information that each is required to provide. In this case, hhtp:// needs to address the first and foremost issue that comes up in most websites that is the privacy policy. The fact is that most people are either unwilling or reluctant to provide private information through the internet due to security reasons. “Most of the reasons narrow down to the fact that most people are not sure of the confidentiality of the information they provide if at all they are required to”(Bennet & Raab, 2003). According to the National Privacy Principles, any collection, use and handling of personal information form individuals should be done with utmost protection from unauthorized access. This is the main reason why websites are required to provide privacy policies so that the clients feel confident about the management of personal information.

Next, the website needs to outline information about the company involved whereby in this case the company is GHD. Some of the information required on the website about the company is regarding the overall performance of the company involved not forgetting important detail such as the location and the contact addresses of the company. The fact remains that this is the most important information that the clients will need in an occurrence of a demand in the company’s services. The location or multiple locations of the company involved should be provided in an attempt to guide the clients about the services being offered and the geographical locations where that are applicable. In this regard, the physical location and the contact address remain as the most important pieces of information that the website should provide because without this, there is limited communication and contact between the company and its clients.

The audience has multiple benefits that come as a result of the website ....... This is because by accessing the website, the audience has access to the services being offered by GHD as well as other initiatives being undertaken by the company. In addition, the company offers career opportunities not only to its clients but to promising members in the society. The mission statement of GHD is clients, people, performance.

This in a larger context can be interpreted as narrowing down to giving back to the society by quality service delivery and corporate social responsibility. With this regards, the audience benefits from the information given form the websites since the same information can be used to communicate any employment opportunities being offered, new services being introduced by the company as well as some of the initiatives being undertaken by the company as part of the corporate social responsibility platform.

It is of great concern that many people still feel insecure with regards to online transactions with the company. This is as a result of the website’s privacy policy dictating that private information maybe outsourced to a third party. According to the private policy, third parties are not allowed to use this information for purposes other than for which the information will be disclosed. However convincing this might sound to both existing and potential clients, there is no enough guarantee that private information will be protected form misuse. For example in the website’s privacy policy, the company may disclose personal information to organizations related to them in countries outside Australia. If this happens, there is concern that the protection of personal information diminishes.

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“GHD is one of the worlds leading network of professionals such as engineers, environmental scientists as well as architects who offer their services in the global markets with respect to their area of expertise such as water, energy and resource, transportation and environment”. Initially, GHD was founded in 1928 and has been in existence since then being an active driving force since its inception. Over the years, the company has successfully linked top global professionals with their clients which is one of the key factors that drives the success of the company as well as making the world a better place.

In conclusion, the website in itself is sustaining and is of great benefits to clients both existing and potential. Considering the recent developments in fields of technology, online advertising has taken a new turn and has experienced massive growth over the years. This is one of the main reasons why most companies are turning to online advertising such as through websites. hhtp:// acts as a link between the company GHD and its clients who are scattered globally. The ease of communication through the websites ensures a steady flow of information that is both beneficial to the company and to the clients. The company is able to measure its growth performance through the amount of response it gets from the website. On the other hand, clients can access new developments within the internal operations of the company as well as new services being delivered. Judging from this, I find this websites very effective in addressing its key mandate that is to act as a link between the company and the clients as well as serve as a platform for interaction and sharing of ideas between the company and the clients.


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