Free Custom «The Technology of World» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Technology of World» Essay Paper

In the technology world, there has been considerable progress especially in line with computers. Each day there are new developments in the computer world starting with the components of the computer and the cost. Every new development will have an effect on the cost of computers, and it is therefore noteworthy that as users, we understand everything about these new components. Examples of these components of a computer are USB, hardware, software, and many more.


This paper aims at coming up with information about Mac and PC cost in relation to computers. In addition, it seeks to give more information on some components of a computer, which includes USB, hardware, and software.

Literature Review

Information on the cost of MAC and PC comes from different researches in the computer field. Taking, for example, a researcher gathers information on the effect of cost on the PC and MAC and the impacts they will have on the users. MAC refers to the short name for Media Access Control, which can be either a layer or an address. Media Access Control address refers to a hardware address that uniquely makes out each node of a network. An address refers to token or name that recognizes a network component or a location of data that are commonly presented on a disk or in the main memory. On the other hand, a PC is a term that refers personal computers. A personal computer is a microcomputer intended for utilization by one-person at a time. Personal computers are what most people make use of at home and at work. A distinctive, personal computer includes a monitor, system unit, mouse, and a keyboard (Spivey 73).

Before the personal computers came to be the design for computers was for many users and only companies could afford these computers. Through technology advances in the 1980’s personal computers came to the market where by an individual could use and own a computer. Traditionally the term PC is used to explain an IBM- compatible PC in contrast to an Apple Mac. The difference is both cultural and technical and harkens back to the before time of personal computers for apple and IBM were the two competitors. In addition, the modern PCs have internet connection together with ports for linking peripheral appliances like digital cameras, scanners, printers, external hard drives, speakers, and other constituents (Jones 118).


In research, information can be from primary or secondary sources. Primary sources of information entail first hand information obtained using interviews, questionnaires, and observation. Secondary information is from books, electronic database, and magazines among other records. In this paper, most of the information is from books and magazines.

Results and Discussions

We now focus attention on MAC and PC cost. The term cost refers to the amount one has to give up or pay in order to get something. In the business field, it is usually a monetary valuation of material, effort, resources, risks taken, time and utilities consumed, and opportunity foregone in the creation and delivery of a service or good. In other words, cost refers to the total time, money, and resources correlated with an acquisition or activity. Therefore, what is the MAC and PC cost?

MAC and PC cost refers to the total amount of time, money and resources in connection to their acquisition. The cost of these two –PC and MAC has been a contentious issue with people arguing which one is more expensive or not expensive. These arguments usually revolve around some difficult facts and some persistent myths. It is evident that most people consider Macs more expensive than PCs. When looking at the cost of the two, we put into consideration the initial purchase cost, software purchases, and ongoing support costs. These will add up to the total cost of Macs and PCs. The initial cost of refers to the cost incurred while acquiring the Mac or PC which includes the purchasing and configuring the machines. When purchasing a Mac it comes loaded and, therefore, does not require any customizations to it. All that is essential is increasing the hard drive and purchasing i work. When it comes to PCs, the initial purchase cost tends to be high, as it requires buying of new soft ware’s and a license to continue using the software (Spivey 88).

The cost of PCs and Macs will include that of software, which will increase the efficiency of the machines. Software is a broad term for categorized collections of computer information and instructions often broken into two principal groupings. One of the groupings is system software that gives the fundamental non-task-specific purposes of the computer, and the other is application software, which the users employ to complete tasks. The system software is in charge for integrating, controlling and managing the individual hardware constituents of a computer system. This is so that the users and other software can see it as a functional unit without having to be distressed with low-level aspects like transmitting data from memory to disk. The application software may comprise of a single program e.g. image viewer, and its duty is to accomplish tasks other than just running the computer system. From the above, it is evident that the cost of software for PCs and MACs are an essential one. The two require and make use of different software which cost differently and in turn this will cause a difference in the cost of the two machines.

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Another notable element in the cost of Macs and PCs is the time one will spend maintaining the windows machine to keep it operating smoothly. This varies in the two machines and it are clear that time does not have a price tag on it. In addition to the above elements of cost, one cannot forget to mention the hardware, which adds to the cost of Macs, and PCs. Hardware is a wide-ranging term that refers to all the physical parts of a computer, as differentiated from the data it holds or functions. The hardware receives instructions from the software on how to accomplish tasks. The major examples of hardware on a typical computer are motherboard, power supply, storage controllers, graphic controllers, the hard disk, and interface controllers (Parker 91).

Another notable hardware is the USB.

Universal Serial Bus abbreviated as USB is a standard link for many, diverse, kinds of devices. In general, it refers to the variety of cables, connectors, and ports used to link these many types of exterior appliances to computers. These external appliances include printers, flash drives, external drives, and scanners. This hardware varies in type and nature in relation to PCs and Macs.


The cost of Macs and PCs is a wide subject that covers all the elements present in these two machines. The difference present in the cost of the two machines comes about in the components that make up the machine which include software and hardware. When talking of cost of PCs and Macs the user has to put into consideration the hardware and software. In addition, the cost of the two machines means the initial cost, the cost of maintaining it and the cost of other support constituents of the computer. Therefore, the cost of the PCs and Macs are broad and does not mean the monetary valuation only.



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