The Effect of Technology in our Society

Free Essay Sample «The Effect of Technology in our Society»

The effect of technology in our society continues to amaze everyone. Technology has improved everyday as man seeks ways of improving their lifestyle. But there is a raging debate on the role of man in the ever increasing technological world. In the past warfare was won by the number of troops one had, but today warfare is won by the amount of technology employed. This is a representation of how technology is replacing various roles that were previously being conducted by man. Is man now useless and it is time for technology to take over?

From the time of industrial revolution, society has continued to depend everyday more and more on technology. It has today reached a point that technology has affected us so much that we no longer think before acting.  Especially computers are affecting our lives in almost all ways, the reading culture of reading books but we now search for the information and read scanty information of a given topic.  We lose patience easily if we do not achieve what we want immediately. This has been because of the effect on technology, we become angry if someone does not receive our calls. We expect responses on emails to be immediate and are not willing to wait.  Technology is clear proof man will soon be redundant, as there has been a huge job loss due to technology unless he employs some measures to curb this.

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In the quest for better lives for people, technology has become handy as it has assisted in improvement of people’s lifestyles. Better improvement of technology to agriculture, has led to better farming methods and plenty of food for the ever increasing human population. Through better technology in transport and communication, travel has been made quick and safe and we can now communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. These are indicators of the importance of technology and how it works together with man.

It is my belief that technology will never make man redundant; it is a positive tool that makes the live of man better. Without technology life would not be as it is today, although it might have some negative effects on man, but technology in overall has made man a better with improved way of life. Therefore there is no competition between technology and man as technology works for people.

Free Essay Sample «The Effect of Technology in our Society»


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