Free Custom «The Dangers of Cell Phones» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Dangers of Cell Phones» Essay Paper

Since the development of the cell phones, there is a debate concerning their impact on psychological and physical conditions of a person. The majority of researchers come to conclusion that cell-phones hide many dangers often neglected by manufactures and end users. Mobile telephony has all rights to be regarded as a commonplace of a new technology. This is especially true when to talk about the wireless technology that has been spread around the world. Antenna is a base station that is engaged in relaying information with radiofrequency (RF) signals. The signals are transmitted to over 1.4 million base stations. The major part of these stations is present around the world. Thesis Physical risks and dangers are a direct result of radiofrequency signals which have a negative impact on human tissues and can lead to such diseases as cancer and tremors.

On the one hand, cell phone devices can help people to accomplish many important things. One of the things that are traditionally allowed by wireless networks is a chance to get a high-speed internet access to the services. At present the areas of cell phone services are constantly increasing. Cell phone devices have become a commodity that is frequently used in homes, offices, and numerous public areas. The overall variation of the system largely depends on the effect of numerous rather important factors. The most important factor is the proximity of antenna to the surrounding environment. The overall exposure is lower when to compare it to RF exposures. Many of these exposures are received from radio or television broadcast transmitters (Gralla 87). These exposures serve to be a reason of a great concern about possible health consequences. The major part of the consequences is produced by the effect of wireless technologies on the RF fields. The above mentioned fact has resulted in numerous outcomes. One of the possible outcomes is a chance to review the scientific evidence on the health effects (Gow and Smith 43).

A common concern about cell phone base station and local wireless network antennas is closely related to the possible long-term health effects that whole-body exposure to the RF signals. Many of these signals are related to health effect that is being retrieved from RF fields. Many of these fields are identified in the course of scientific reviews. The major research implication is that the part of these reviews is closely related to an increase in body temperature (Lean n.d.). The major part of these facilities is characterized by a very high field intensity that is found only in certain industrial facilities. One of these facilities is RF heaters. As for the level of exposure from base stations and wireless networks this level can be characterized as relatively low as compared to the other wireless networks stations level. As for the temperature increase, this increase is not so high as to be able to badly affect human health (Gow and Smith 87).

The strength of cell phone fields can be characterized as rather great in comparison with the other fields. According to the recent research results, this distance is projected to diminish quickly with distance. The same thing can be told about the access to near base station antennas. Traditionally this access is restricted to cell phone signals. In the majority of cases, these signals may show the tendency to exceed international exposure limits. The results of the recent surveys show just an opposite outcome. The results of the survey indicate that cell phone exposures from base stations and wireless technologies can be regarded as a thing that has all rights to be publicly accessible in all areas. These areas include schools and hospitals (Gralla 87).

The major part of the cell phone devices shows the tendency to use analogue signals. The same thing can be told about modern wireless telecommunications. According to recent research, modern wireless telecommunications show the tendency to use digital transmissions. Detailed reviews that have been conducted during the recent times help to reveal many interesting peculiarities of the radio station effect on the surrounding. The recent research that has been conducted in the state revealed many hazards that are posed before the humanity (Lean n.d.). Increase in cancer cases that comes as a result of the effect of the cell phone base station has become one of the most frequently discussed topics of the present time. Media or anecdotal reports of cancer clusters that frequently occur around mobile phone base stations largely contributed to the overall effect that has been brought by the whole issue. When to discuss the issue on geographical level one can see that cancers are unevenly distributed among any population. When to take account that the cancer cases has been gathered from the whole state one can see that that possible cancer clusters might have occurred near base stations. Cancer cases that have been reported in the area often serve to be a recollection of different types of cancer. This kind of cancer is reported to have no common characteristics of its own. It means that the combination of the above mentioned characteristics are unlikely to be regarded as a common cause of cancer (Gow and Smith 88).

In sum, cell phone devices are not safe as many manufactures and end users think. Health effects investigation belongs to one of the most widely investigated topics. The idea is very important since it helped people to investigate general health effects. The major difficulty can be inspected in the process of distinguishing possible health effects that are brought by RF exposure.



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