Free Custom «Technology and Its Effects on Communication» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Technology and Its Effects on Communication» Essay Paper

Technology is a system of information processing that is changing continually with an objective of offering better means of living. Over the last decade, there has been a great deal of research in the sector of computer-mediated communication. A number of possible benefits of computer-mediated communication such as the reversal of gender and racial imbalance, increased interaction, and the offering of non-hierarchical communication atmospheres have been explored. Means through which the paradigm shift towards conversational model of learning can be realized have been viewed to be provided by the new information and communication technologies. Therefore, this paper is aimed at exploring briefly some of the technology’s effects on communication.

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            To start with, there is an increase interaction in the manner that individuals have shifted from face-to-face meeting or communication. Instead, video confeencing has been adopted by both individuals and business organizations. When putting into consideration that technology is more convenient, individuals have and expect constant access to the internet. Communication is almost instant when messaging through e-mails and social networking sites on the internet (Kayne, 154). Furthermore, email has presented itself as a free, fast and suitable method of sending and receiving messages hence replacing ancient mail in the process.

            Secondly, keeping in touch with one another has been made relatively easy and convenient with the use of internet. With the use of packet switching referred to as Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP) - one of the latest development in communication that is a contemptible and quicker network- communication has become less inflexible and less inclined to be conventional to ancient principles and rules (Thomas, 9).

   &nbbsp;        Lastly, a revolutionary change in the means through which we converse with each other has been brought about by technology. According to Thomas (16), various technological devices such as the computers, hand phones, and television have come and established themselves in our daily lives as we goes through the information era. As a result, this has affected interpersonal communication in quite a number of ways- both positively and negatively.

            In summary, as far as we are highly connected in the modern globalized world, we are ironically highly isolated from our families and friends due to these new technologies from the information era. Communication has been eased and improved significantly than ever before but consequently, our lives have become more impersonal. Technology has actually made marvelous effect on the society and interpersonal communication.


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