Social Change Versus Legal Change

Free Essay Sample «Social Change Versus Legal Change»

Technology is dynamic, and as it changes it creates loopholes for crime. Moreover, various problems crop up, which call for either drafting of new legislations or amending the existing ones. This is done to eliminate as well as reduce the problems encountered as the technology changes. Currently, there has been a substantial change in the technology, which has encouraged antisocial behavior to increase. To challenge the criminal acts that rise from changes in technology, there is a need to initiate new laws or amend the existing ones.

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      The existing digital privacy law needs an overhaul to accommodate the changing technology. Under the existing laws, the government grants protection of the digital information that is stored both in local personal and business computers. Thanks to the current technology, new forms of storage have been innovated, which includes storing information in the cloud. The electronic communication privacy act of 1986 does not accommodate information stored in the cloud since the act came into action before the internet was popular. Henceforth, to ensure protection of information in the cloud, this law needs to be amended. According to Gelles (2010), the information that is being stored in the internet by individuals and businesses is very sensitive and therefore, it new law that will safeguard such information will be crucial.

      In addition, due to the increase of sexually explicit content in the cyberspace, new legislations that will control such materials should be embraced. Although child pornography and sexually explicit content is prohibited in the current legislation, technology has made it possible for such content to reach the children. Most important, much information that is released to the cyber space is not controlled, and this has encouraged explicit material to be placed in the internet. Laws that will control the material that is accessible through the internet to protect the youngsters therefore need to be enacted.

Free Essay Sample «Social Change Versus Legal Change»


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