Free Custom «Securing the Cyber Environment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Securing the Cyber Environment» Essay Paper

The internet has become a leading tool in the manner which modern communication is carried out. This trend was unimaginable in just over two decades ago when the technology was still in its formative stages. Now it has use almost in every place we turn as a result of widespread sensitization of its uses as well as the lives it has changed for those who have incorporated into their daily routines. This has made messaging easy through the emails, created business platforms from where to sell goods and services, watch news or read news papers, obtain movies and music and the most recent addition the social network (Carl 34).

Though there are good things that have accrued from internet usage the system is not been left without its down sides. For instance, in the cyber environment as it has evolved to become, there are many loopholes that people with ill intentions use to wreck havoc. This people have come to be referred to as cyber criminals and they are involved in cyber criminality (Seth 67).

Improving the Cyber Environment

The cyber environment is in constant change every time there is a breakthrough in something. In the early 1990s there was the formation of the World Wide Web which ushered in the use of websites that stored encrypted data of all forms that was used as a source of information (Seth 44). The same system was used by cyber criminals who could hack into the systems to either attack more unsuspecting users of make the website inaccessible for selfish reasons. Whatever the case it was purposed that the cyber environment had to be made clean. This led to the creation of internet security with quality added to the manner encryption was done (Carl 40).

Though the protective measures have been put in place, there are other measures that should be taken to totally limit the criminals from trying harder to corrupt the current measures. In the process of doing this, the government and other stakeholders have decided to treat this wayward acts just like any other criminal activities. Because just like the law applies to those that go against protocol so does the cyber criminals go against protocol of its operation and therefore should be treated to the same measures (Seth 78).

Criminal acts that are involved in the internet include the loss of privacy by intrusion, phishing which is a form of internet fraud and malicious attacks through the use of viruses and worms. Other than encryption, the use of firewalls has been quite helpful in preventing the attacks from interconnected networks. The firewall can be quite efficient because it prevents the any form of packets from entering or going out of the system. Moreover, use of ant-viruses has been effectively applied though they have limitations hence the need to make any form of malware attack criminal in the bid to make the cyber environment safe (Seth 110).

Measures That Should be taken to Stop Cyber Criminals

Depending on the type of attack, various security measures can be taken to cyber criminals. The motive behind the action that is meant to cause harm should be classified to certain categories as per the laws of the land. Children have not been spared the sex predators that are intent on luring young ones into their fantasy dens (Seth 88). This can be stopped from causing the problems society faces by applying the same law that it takes on cases that involve normal sex offenders. Proactive measures should also be taken by parents and other stakeholders who are aware of the extent to which the laws of the land can be applied. Thus the simple thing to do is to monitor the websites that a child access and make follow-ups if the messages contained therein are suspicious (Carl 54-55).

Tracking down of cyber criminals has been quite hectic in the recent past as these people tend to use superior encryption codes than the trackers. This has brought the use of the fast flux proxies into the fore as criminals tend to use them more to avoid being tracked. However, considerable progress has been done at ensuring that the attackers are caught even way before they implement their plan. For instance, in the United States, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section has gone further into the tracking process of the attackers through layers of encryptions until they find them. This means that the use of IP addresses notwithstanding, the investigators have gone a step further into placing electronic tracers that determine the position of the criminal in real time (Seth 123).

The penalties that are placed on those cyber criminals should be more than just monetary compensation. This means that more heavy punishments should be used to help make the venture less lucrative and appealing. Though the challenge still remains, there should be proactive measures put in place such that the moment someone is caught he or she faces the harshest laws that limit the mobility of others. For example, in the use of social networks there should be constant monitoring in order to avoid cyber harassment that normally involves students. Since cyber crime takes many forms, it requires that the best form of protection can only emanate from the users. This means being ultra-careful in noticing any form of attack or avoid websites that look suspicious (Carl 70).

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The spread of the internet has come up with more challenges that appertain to security of users. Identity theft, virus attacks, phishing and sexual predators has made the cyber attacks more variable hence the need to be vigilant in whatever the technology presents. Careful scrutiny of material contained therein should be done to ensure that the first and surest security measure starts with the user. These measures should involve the government which has the role of mobilizing resources that can go into the fight against cyber attack (Seth 148).



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