Free Custom «Online Relationships» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Online Relationships» Essay Paper

The world will live in today has totally revolutionalized into one little space where we can communicate with people who are several miles away from us in a very easy way. The traditional methods of relating which required physical touch and presence so as to happen is slowly being replaced by online relationships. In this case an individual needs to have a computer and internet so as to converse and date with someone who is hundred miles away from him or her. Just like the internet has revolutionalized the office today, personal relationships are also taking a different dimension. Statistics show that more and more people are slowly being absorbed into this new culture. In 2008, about 34 million users of the internet were present in America. Statistics indicated that the figure was expected to double in 2010 and indeed, figures indicate that it will clock this new figure.

It is often very hard to start and maintain a relationship where both parties live far away from one another. It is even worse when both of these individuals are so busy to get time in which they can share and have fun. Many people have been chained by activities or worst still many spend most of their time browsing and obtaining information about several aspects over the internet. Many have resorted to online relationships because they feel that they have all the time in which they can chat with their partners and develop an intimate relationship. Those who believe that love is only present when two people come close to another have been proved wrong in this case. Love cuts across boundaries and in fact many have dated and even married through the internet.

So many people have feared following this new trend of online relationships because they do not foresee the future forthcoming. Many anti online relationship folks ask themselves questions like ‘will it work’ and ‘how will the whole thing happen?’ Many people have dated and formed relationships over the internet and formed intimate relationships. Others have also dated over the internet only to wound up their soul mates. Even though there are several hardships which are attached to online relationships, those who believe in these online relationships often find these hardships as strengths (Golding 92). This is true because those for the idea believe that through online relationships, they are able to understand their soul mates better and understand how they act like.

In every relationship, it very vital that a person’s mannerisms are obtained at firsthand, the rest of the edge of the relationship will blossom through other conversations like through the email or through the phone. Many other features need also to be included in a relationship so as to make it blossom, even if the relationships was miles away (Owen 72). One advantage which is attached to forming online relationships is that it may perfectly fit into ones persona and lifestyle. If work schedules could be making you temporarily too busy for a full fledged relationship, but you are still looking to grow up in a vibrant relationship, then online relationships may be meant for you! Most interestingly, online relationships develop into a point where individuals often feel close to another regardless of the physical distance. When someone has felt the power of this relationship, then it becomes so hard to let go. These people get hooked to the supernatural power and make a romantic move out of it!

Online relationships can easily be natured just because communication, which is a vital tool in relationship, is constantly present. Communication is a very vital tool in bridging the gap in a relationship. People often wish to tell their loved ones how they feel about them and often share very intimate words with them. The idea in a relationship is talking and talking more and more. When talking is intense, the relationship just sinks and creates roots which can never be broken. Golding asserts that communication is a very powerful tool which facilitates things between people to thrive very easily and thus create a strong connection between these two people (Golding 93). When people come close to each other they share their fears, hobbies, political and philosophical views or even what they encounter in their work place. The most powerful tools which are utilized while doing this are the chat rooms or the instant messenger program.

The internet gives the most favorable platform where communication can take place. This explains why online relationships often thrive very well. In cyber space, people can easily share movies, personal pictures and storied through the chat room. Any topic can be discussed so as to keep the communication moving. One’s voice is the best shield to catch the sensuality in another person. When you want to make the best out of an online friend, involve yourself in a sexy phone chat or rather share some knee jerking sensual fantasies. It is believed that no instant messenger can create an alternative for one’s voice which has been heard over the internet. In fact the rise of the voice chatting technology has created much more fun for online buddies.

A webcam is very suitable when handling online relationships. This method involves streaming images of oneself while chatting on the PC. This therefore livens up the whole conversation and drives the point under discussion to sink further into the partner, who is able to see the expressions while are conveyed. The current trend of camera technology allows one to take movies for ten minutes, take pictures of a pet, a local grocery and a favourite joint. When these are sent to a loved one, they can imagine how the scenario looks like and therefore make the whole conversation sensual (Golding 84). This is because participating in an act while makes one feel like he is part of the environment, makes such a conversation to be effective and productive.

An online relationship is also possible when partners participate in online games. This is because online games tend to make the people relating to spend quality time with one another and therefore develop a rapport. Online games can range from board games to paint chats (a form of chat whereby a person draws pictures in a blank space on a window by just utilizing the mouse, and during this time talking to the person in a smaller window that is below). The role playing game, which is also common today, has taken online relationships to greater heights. This technique, which is often regarded as RPG, makes acts in a way that it makes the characters in the computer to resemble that person if he so wishes to do so. Through this people can be manipulate by doing such things as killing monsters or even getting married in a ceremony which is attended by so many people (Pagewise, 2002).

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Spark, dedication and a much closer maintenance and care, are very essential elements for a relationship to thrive. For a person to easily involve himself in any online relationship, he or she needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. They need to be careful in how they enter into a relationship because rushing into it can cause problems which will happen either on the start or in future. The most important thing about online relationships is coming up with ways in which to compensate for the time which is spent. One has to be very creative as well as being careful because in many cases online relationships often end up in faking or relationships which are built in lies.

In conclusion, it’s very critical to realize that not all people can be able to sustain online relationships. Kristen asserts that “Online relationships are not always meant for all people although the trend is slowly rising up in al parts of the world. One thing that hasn't changed though is that there are no secrets or guarantees for success. Online connections call for attention from all parties because they are very unique in nature. Most of those who are determined and would wish to follow online relationships regardless of where they lead, often find out that it is a process which often takes much of their time and resources”.



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