My Favorite Mechanically Engineered Device

Free Essay Sample «My Favorite Mechanically Engineered Device»

A computer is my favorite mechanically engineered device. This is because of its numerous features that make it user friendly and supports multi-tasking. It has various applications that favor the user depending on the task and requires to be accomplished. The existence of modem connection port enables internet connectivity and hence enables one to engage in online activities such as advertisements of various industrial products or other areas of interest. Large storage capacity makes it favorable for storage of information that can be retrieved at ones convenience and make necessary adjustment if need be.

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            The ability of one to use the computer to play games makes the application just attractive to me. One can engage in games during the free time as a way of relieving stress. The presence of drives enables one to watch movies and listen to music as well as storage of these for future use. The compatibility of a computer with other mechanical and electronic devices makes it preferable in offices as well as industrial sectors. The feature that may be used is the use of car-trackers that monitors the property of a company. The presence of an electronic calculator makes the complex calculation easier within a very short time. Bulk storage of records can be done and their updates done at owners convenience.

            The ability of one to use the computer as a communication device makes it an attractive and preferable device for passing information to others with ease. This includes use of electronic mails which delivers messages very fast. The social networking supported by internet connection, enables one to interact with friends and family members despite their distances of their residence. The computer provides an opportunity for one to undertake various tasks at once something that is not possible without it.  This is enabled by the presence of features for minimizing various documents and running them at the same time. The work typed by use of the keyboard can be confirmed to be the one required since it appears on the screen of the monitor. In addition, the information typed can be corrected before storage. All this can take place as you continue to listen to music a factor that enhances concentration.  

Free Essay Sample «My Favorite Mechanically Engineered Device»


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