Free Custom «Less Lethal Weapons » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Less Lethal Weapons » Essay Paper

There has been a growing increase in the use of technology of less lethal weapons  among nations in the recent past. This is a technology that takes into consideration the life of a criminal with the aim of disablling a criminal and warranting an arrest by law enforcers and limiting the harming of their life. It minimizes the use of live bullets and uses other live-friendly gadgets to catch lawbreakers. These technologies have been taken to be innovative ways to substitute the conventional non-firearms weapons like martial arts and other bodily force techniques. Fingerprint system on the other hand is a system that has the ability to deduce latent fingerprints against largest criminal fingerprint repository in the world (Dempsey & Forst, 472). This system enables law-enforcing agencies like the FBI to make a cross-examination and a further identification of a suspect thereby providing a solution a variety of crimes.

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The methods employed in the less lethal weapons of curbing crime have both advantages and disadvantages. The use of chemical irritant sprays for instance contains chemicals like cyanide teargas, which can be sprayed from a distance. This is advantages because it disorients the criminals providing ample time for the officers to arrest them harmlessly. This type of aerosol is however dangerous because a long-lasting effect on the health of the victim like uncontrollable coughing, and loss of coordination (Dempsey & Forst, 477).

Other less lethal technologies includes the use of vehicle tracking system with the help of radio frequency and global positioning system. This method is advantageous because less harm is done on the perceived criminal (Newton & French, 243). Additionally, a criminal may be seen from far and other appropriate methods may be employed. This method is however expensive and may require many funds to have an effective working system. The use of fingerprinting technology is merited because it facilitates easy identification of an individual with past criminal record. However, some of the methods used in fingerprinting are tedious and require specialists. Additionally, the method may involve the use of chemicals as silver nitrate, laser, and iodine fuming, which may have side effects to the person, administered (Dempsey & Forst, 480).


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