iPhone 4S

Free Essay Sample «iPhone 4S»

It is evident that the emergence of new technologies has drastically changed the lifestyles of millions peoples’ across the globe. This growth can be attributed to unrelenting effort by the technological companies to invest in area of research and development among other notable contributors, such as market competition. One of the companies that have been in the front line to enhance innovation in area of technology is the Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is the leading manufacturer and seller of personal computers, computer software and consumer electronics globally. The firm is well known for revolutionary products, such as Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPods, iPads, Mac OS X operating systems and iTunes among others (USA Today, 2011). It is based on the above facts that this paper will critically evaluate the features and significance of the iPhone 4S to a different category of customers globally.

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The iPhone 4S that was launched on October 2011, is one of the touch screen slate Smartphone from Apple Inc. It is a fifth generation iPhone, thus making it possible for the device to combine mobile phone, internet client as well as 89mm (3.5-inch) touch screen iPod together. The phone retained the outside design of the iPhone, though it hosts vast range of improved oftware updates and hardware specifications. The integrated hardware and software changes, enormously supports the introduction of the new user functions and interface by Apple. This include the talking assistance and voice recognizing known as Siri, iCloud (Cloud-sourced data), personal computer independence, and improved camera system among other notable features. Currently, the product is available in more than 100 carriers in at least 70 countries, including Verizon, AT&T, C Spire and Sprint customers in the United States.

As indicated above, iPhone 4S possesses revolutionary features, which have been useful to different customers across the globe. As indicated by Fernandes (2011), one of the exciting features possessed by iPhone 4S is the fact that it runs on the latest software, iOS 5. This is the latest computer operating software, introduced by Apple Inc. in 2011, thus enabling the phone to spot more than 190 features as compared to the earlier versions, such as the iPhone 4. The features include Twitter integration, iCloud and iMessage application, used in communicating between the iOS devices. The iCloud enables users to easily manage and host content like calendars, music, documents, music, apps and photos among others. As a result, it becomes effortless for customers to mannage their content as the feature can be accessed anywhere across the globe.

The other feature of iPhone 4 Sports is the powerful A5 Chip. The device has a dual core A5 chip, thus making iPhone 4 Sports an extremely powerful processor to run on any iPhone.  Fernandes (2011) argues that the two main cores in A5 are the contemptible deliver and a flawless performance, due to its ability to process graphics. With the vast power of the A5, the phone is extremely quick and responsive, when one is launching apps, gaming, browsing the web or just doing anything else. Other notable features include camera that has a resolution of eight megapixels and Siri (USA Today, 2011).

It is now clear that iPhone 4S is one of the revolutionary product to be manufactured by Apple Inc. With all these features, it has become easy for the consumers to download applications from the Apple stores, take and upload photos and browse the internet. Despite its high retail prices, the iPhone 4S has gained vast popularity, especially from the young generations, where majority of them are heavy consumers of internet. In conclusion, Apple Inc. should intensively market this product, especially in developing countries, where iPhone 4S might be more essential (USA Today, 2011).

Free Essay Sample «iPhone 4S»


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