Free Custom «Introduction to the Design » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Introduction to the Design » Essay Paper

Professional presentation has three basic laws that guide the process according Doumont. In the first law, Doumont notes different types of audiences and urges a presenter to adapt, control what is in a presenter’s power, and finally calls for full concentration. The second law takes cognizance of the importance of maximizing on signal-to-noise ratio. In essence, signal-to-noise ratio is a model that ensures, what a presenter communicates from a presenter’s end reaches the audience’s end without hitches.

Filtrating the noise out or compensating for it aim at balancing noise since, “in communication, nothing is neutral,”. The third law requires that a professional presenter to compensate for the loss of information resulting from noise in which, effective redundancy abounds. Finally, to ensure that a presenter follows all the three laws of professional presentation, the author urges the application of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Robotics. By relating the Zeroth Laws, Doumont sums that a presenter should have a defined purpose in making a professional presentation.

Device of choice, iPhone 4

When Apple rolled out the iPhone 4 they made a stunning statement, “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone,”. This product is outstanding because of a number of features. First, there is no any other phone with display features as the iPhone 4. It has the smallest pixels invisible by normal eye, which makes it have clarity of the highest order. “Pixel density is 360 pixels per inch and 960-by-640 backlit LCD, (iPhone 4 Apps Developer, 2010). This brings sharp contrast viewable from all angles.

Secondly, the Smartphone combines multi-touch displays with its software and by fingers, one can tap and double-tap, dash, or move slides to access anything on the phone. In addition, it has A4 processor whose power efficiency allows a user to carry out multifaceted tasks without affecting life of the battery. The processor allows multi-tasking where a user can have face time calls while at the same time perform video editing.

The other features include high gaming ability via its gyro and accelerometer features. This allows users to game at maximum 3D attitude and have ability to accelerate and control rotation rate. Microphones and speakers are at two points, the bottom and the top where the latter is for video features and the former is for voice calls. The phone has noise reduction sensors, designed to minimize background noise eminent while making calls. Finally, iPhone 4 has 5 mega-pixel camera for taking photos.

Since the iPhone 4 Smartphone is a recent product, exploration into design faults are still lacking. However, in the new future when complete exploration will take effect, the defects of the iPhone 4 will discredit its superiority. A likely start will be monitoring the battery life of the phone since the features of the phone are complex.  


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