Free Custom «Improvement in Information Retrieval Techniques» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Improvement in Information Retrieval Techniques» Essay Paper

Q. 1. Ways in which improvements in information retrieval techniques support business searches for relevant intelligence in large volumes of textual documents.

Improvement in information retrieval techniques such as Text Mining support business searches. This automated process enables one to analyze unstructured, natural language text so as to discover information and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to retrieve. Text Mining is achieved through modular Information Extraction (IE) that is based on the DIAL language (Feldman, Regev & Gorodetsky, 2008). DIAL enables users to implement IE solutions based on a common Natural Language Processing (NLP) infrastructure.

Q. 2. Identify at least two considerations for designing the database table structure. What essential skills or knowledge does a database administrator bring to the development phase of the SDLC?

Designing of database table structure requires the input of Database Administrators (DBA). Besides, it is important to considerfrontloading a DBA design review into the cycle of database development. DBAs bring essential skills to the development phase of SDLC. These include their competent skills in database design. The skills of a DBA are needed to review and modify the database design. This enables it to handle the production workload and the access requirements of data.

Q. 3. How botnets pose security hazards to personal computers. Two ways of reducing the hazards

Cyber criminals hijack computers and immediately change them into bots. These are then used in sending spam into the personal computers (Salomon, 2010). The spam that is sent to the inbox is thus an example of how the cyber criminals relay infections through the infected computers of members of the public. The public health model to computer security can be applied to deal with the hazards. This approach would ensure that compromised computers have limited or total lack of access to the internet connection.

Q. 4. What are the key characteristics of the Internet that must be examined and regulated to ensure noncompetitive use of Internet services? Why would you agree or disagree with Jordan’s view

Discriminatory pricing for internet access must be regulated in order to promote fair competition between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) . Besides, net neutrality should be regulated so as to enhance equal competition and protect the consumers. I agree with Jordan’s view on the need to regulate internet pricing. This will promote net neutrality and internet users would be entitled to internet access without discrimination based on source, destination, or ownership of internet traffic.



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