Free Custom «I-Phone Company» Essay Paper

Free Custom «I-Phone Company» Essay Paper

Marketing is a term used in business it refers to the act whereby an organization strives further to improve its sales through the promotion of its commodities. This is achieved through market research and distribution of goods and services to consumers followed by advertising to the consumers. Marketing involves the process of producing goods and services that are designed to meet a target consumer need. Moreover, it involves the pricing, distribution and promotion of an organization’s product. Therefore, marketing focuses on the needs of consumers and the means to satisfy them. In this advert, all the above necessities have been met, as an extensive study has been done to make sure the Iphones meet the desire customer requirements and needs.

Moreover, the iphone company in this case intends to come up with a phone that will suit the working class. This is the targeted consumer they are the top cream of the world and the phone meet their needs. For example, the iphone 4s have a large memory of 64 gb that allows storage of large files and documents. It acts like a pocket computer; also it allows for fast internet connection as many of the working class follows most things over the internet.

Marketing communication can also be called Integrated Marketing Communications or MarCom. Marketing communication is the language used by the organization through the media to communicate with a target market. A cereal company for instance uses cartoons to market its product. This is the most efficient mode of communication with its market, which in this case is children (Lowrey, 2007). This is because, most children will want to emulate their cartoon heroes and end up persuading their parents to purchase that cereal for them. This is marketing communication. In this case, the iphone advert mainly targets the working class, people with different needs and tasks. Therefore, the most suitable way to advertise will be through the internet as many of the working class people can access the internet and will be easily reached.

When creating marketing copy it is vital to remember that the main aim is to communicate information about the company and its products and services. The "advertising proposal" can act as an outline here, making sure that the advertising fits the general advertising objectives. Many companies make use of an idea or a motto as the focus of such efforts, stressing key qualities of the business's products or services in the progression. When scripting the copy, express words have shown to be the most successful. The hypothesis here is that the less the audience has to deduce, or untangle the information, the easier the information will be to understand, read, and attracted. So for a promoter trying to get awareness in a world filled with marketing images, it is only sensible to try this message in an eye blink route to the peoples knowledge it for a sales slogan or even a product name.

Advertising is a tool used in market communication. It is used to persuade an audience to purchase a certain product or use their services. Advertisements are never free, and they cost organizations large sums of money. Therefore, the sponsors of the advertisement should ensure that the information the advertisement contains is accurate and informative to the audience. A persuasive advertisement should be brief to minimize cost, it should contain the brand name of a product or service and finally it should explain to the audience the benefit of the commodity they are offering as compared to other similar products but of different brands. Advertisements reach their intended audience through the media. Communication media refer to the way by which the advertising message gets broadcasted to the customer. These include television stations, radio stations, posters, internet, magazines, Bill boards put up on main streets in the country and other mobile technological communication devices. This ensures the information reaches as many people as possible. In this case, the iphone advert is done posted through the internet. This is the easiest way yet the most effective as it will attain or in other words reach a high percentage of the intended customer or client. This is because most of the targeted clients are working and have access to internet frequently.

An advertising message is guided by the "marketing or copy policy," which is a blend of the marketing goals, copy, skill, and invention values. This blend is best comprehended after analyzing the buyers' intentions, recognizing the product theory, and selecting the media. At this point, the marketing message can be aimed to attain exceptionally precise objectives. In this case, the iphone features should come in handy.

The new iPhone mounts Apple’s featured dual core A5 system-on-a-chip for blistering performance. Siri voice recognition, is an intelligent assistant for soud detector, brings the voice recognition feature on iPhone 4S that had been much awaited. Other intriguing features in the iphones include iCloud cloud service, 64GB iPhone 4S, 8-megapixel camera, 1080p video playback and capture, Improved antennas among others.

Most business specialists advocate that advertisers use small paragraphs, lists, and appealing designs and graphics to disintegrate and complement the text and make the text both visually attractive and easy to comprehend. Remember, a commercial has to capture the reader's thought fast.


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