Free Custom «Hash Encryption (Using IPsec)» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hash Encryption (Using IPsec)» Essay Paper

According to Newman (2003) “Hashing is not encryption, but actually a result from an algorithm” (p. 273). He continues to explain that data, a key, and algorithm are combined, and a fixed outcome is produced (p. 273). Hashing varies from encryption in that, it assumes any amount of data and forms fixed length hash showing a checksum for the data. Newman () also says that Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is not really a protocol, as the name appears to suggest, rather it is a framework of many protocols and mechanism working together to produce a secure connection between two peers (p. 276).

IPSec is a protocol suite for protecting internet protocol (Ip) statements by validating and encrypting IP packet or data stream. As snedaker (2004) argue that windows server 2003 provide end-to end security of your data stream using encryption, digital signature, and hashing algorithm (782). According to Shinder, Shinder, and Grasdal (2003) says security should be put into consideration, to protect network so that it is not susceptible to unauthorized monitoring and access (p. 257).

Generally as Hausman, Barrett, and Weiss (2003) explains IPSec supports the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol, which manages the standard used to specify separate key protocols to be used during data encryption (p. 79). This means it can be very difficult for key to access information within the network. “IKE functions within the internet security Association and key management protocol, which define the payloads used to exchange key and authentication data appended to each packet” (p. 79).


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