Free Essay Sample «ENG202 Phase 3 DB»

Free Essay Sample «ENG202 Phase 3 DB»

With the advent of modernization, cars have become one of the machines that almost every individual or family must have. With this phenomenon, it then becomes imperative that the owners find ways in which they can maintain these treasured possession. This in turn requires the owners to have access to manuals so as to maintain the serviceability of their cars. Although there are many car manuals some stand out above the rest.

One of the few examples is the popular mechanics manual that assists car owners in maintaining the conditions of their vehicles. This manual has over the past century been one of the leading manuals in assisting car owners in maintaining their cars to the required standards in order to keep them up and running. The manual has all the information that a car owner requires to enhance the durability of both the car body as well as the car engine (Calvetti, Calrbone & Dimare, 2005).

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Another informative and detailed manual “The complete idiot’s guide to car care and repair” is also considered a must have for any car enthusiast. The manual has a detailed step by step illustration which acts as an aid to car owners about the common car repairs and maintenance procedures to keep the car on its “feet” (Ramsey, 2002).

Although these two types of manuals may include the same concept of car maintenance and care, the latter is more comprehensive. The latter manual has detailed descriptions and its author goes out of his way to include detailed colored illustrations which are omitted in the first manual. True to its title, the ( idiot’s manual…)  tries to take the perspective of an inexperienced car owner “idiot” in giving detailed descriptions of how to go about maintaining the car. Critics and fans alike have argued the fact that even though the popular mechanics manual may be more comprehensive and analytical than the idiot’s manual there is need to give the popular manual an approach that satisfies both ends of the divide: those who have knowledge of car concepts and those who don’t. The two manuals are however a must have for any car owner who delights in keeping their car’s in a good condition.


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