Free Custom «Emerging Technologies in Health Care» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Emerging Technologies in Health Care» Essay Paper

Technological development is one of the major developments which have taken place in the healthcare services. Technological development in the field of healthcare is the major strategy that will lead to successful, safe, efficient and environmental friendly treatments (RFID Journal).

According to RFID Journal, the combination of various technologies will be very helpful in the deliverance of the medical system. Some of these technologies include wireless networks, instrument connectivity and the radio frequency identification. These developments will lay a very efficient infrastructure that will help in the reformation of the health care services.

According to Biohealthmatics, some of the emerging technologies that is going to be very significant to the health sector includes Security Technologies XML, Telemedicine, Continuous Speech Recognition ,Mobile and Wireless Computing and Thin Client/Server Technology (TCST).

XLM means extensive markup language. This is an organization whose main goals is to maximize the utilization of the internet.XLM has significantly contributed to the efficiency in the health care industry as it provides a platform for the exchange of information. HL7 standard is the main version that is used in the health care industry (Biohealthmatics).

Telemedicine is another technological development that has taken place the health industry. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication in the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic medical information between the patient and the doctor without necessarily travelling (Biohealthmatics). This development has helped in reducing travelling costs since patients are able to receive treatment wherever they are despite of the differences in geographical locations between the patient and the doctors.

Thin client server technology has also seen the health industry very far. According to Isaca, Client server technology is network architecture in which each computer or process on the network is either a server or a client (270).This type of technology is very important to the health sector as it does not break down easily.

The ability to connect with the people with similar problems ids one of the main part that the technology has played (Leading Edge Forum 8).The famous search engine in collaboration with some of the social networking web sites like the face book has provided a very significant form of interaction. The program has helped people from all over the world to share useful health behavior information.

It has been feared that some of the emerging technologies may have a negative impact on the health care industry (Dee and Mastrian 398). For instance, a new form of technology may create more problems than the problems they are meant to solve.

Another challenge that faces the health care industry in its effort to embrace the emerging technologies is the resistance by the older generation, health care generation (RFID Journal). Despite of the achievements that the health care industry has achieved through the technological development, some of the conservative health care providers have been a stumbling block. Most of them are very pessimistic and are not ready to embrace these changes. Most of them are very influential in the health care industry. Their critics therefore slow down the rate of technological development.

Another challenge that faces the health care industry is lack of adequate funding. Health care technology is expensive and requires very huge amount of money to install. However, the governments and other responsible parties are not ready to raise enough funds to support these activities adequately.

This discussion has indicated that technological development has a very significant role in the health care sector. However, this technology is expensive and requires a regular funding. Therefore, there is a need for the parties concerned to provide enough funds accelerate the rate of technological development in the health industry.



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