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Although Emails are a vital tool for communication in today’s technological world, they expose users to security problems and viruses. Emails can infect one’s computer with viruses. This is especially if one receives email attachments. Even though email attachments provide an easy way to upload documents, they can also contain binary attachments such as executable files. Such attachments can pose a threat to computers since may contain Trojans and worms which can instantly infect a computer when they are opened by an unsuspecting user. Some emails are scams and they can lead to major security issues if read and instructions followed by unsuspecting users. Most email scams have a similar format and so it is easy to identify them. These emails could have hidden redirects. Some of the most common email scams are Nigerian email con and internet bank com.

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There are several ways to mitigate the risks posed by emails. The best way is to use a strong and reliable antivirus which can be able to scan outgoing and incoming emails. A good example of this kind of antivirus is the Norton antivirus. This antivirus scans emails and it then cleans the infected files by removing the attachments which are infected and preserving those which are harmless. It is important for one to constantly update his or her antivirus so that it can be able to detect the latest virus which could be sent through email attachments. Another way could be by configuring emails using Microsoft outlook in a way that email attachments which are dangerous are blocked or saved (Xnews, “Email attachments and risks”).

Another way to mitigate the risks is by disabling the hidden file name extensions if one is using a windows based computer. This is because some of the e-mail attachments may be sent as executables meaning that they have a hidden extension such as .Ink or .shs. A virus can get into a computer in form of an email attachment with two extension. Another way is by been keener on filenames. People should also not open email attachments which seem suspicious such as funny video files or any type of executable files. Email attachments from unknown senders or senders that can not be trusted should not be opened especially if they are zip files since they can easily avoid detection by the antivirus. People should also disable macros in Microsoft office programs as some people send Microsoft office documents as attachments with a virus either deliberately or otherwise (Xnews, “Email attachments and risks”). 

Free Essay Sample «E-mails»


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